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Jehovah`s Witness/Derrick Holland vs Benyamin Grünbaum


I have been reading a challenge from Rev Holland to you and since you claim to be a fighter why wont you accept ?

He says the topic is"""""""""""

1. Was Jesus' death a "sacrifice", even though His body resurrected from the dead?

2. What do the Scriptures teach happened to Jesus' body?

3. What was it that was "sacrificed"?

Now prove to me grunbalm you are what you say and maybe we will start back with that gal bible talk


Ill answer these questions and you can send them or how ever you want to do it.

He talks about what does the Scriptures teach happened to Jesus' body instead of what happened to sacrifices in the past,so lets look at sacrifices and that will answer what happened to the body of Jesus.

This is what Paul wrote under holy spirit about this subject:

#Hebrews 10:5-8# . . .‘Sacrifice and offering you did not want, but you prepared a body for me. 6 You did not approve of whole burnt offerings and sin [offering].’ 7 Then I said, ‘Look! I am come #in the roll of the book it is written about me# to do your will, O God.’” 8 After first saying: “You did not want nor did you approve of sacrifices and offerings and whole burnt offerings and sin [offering]”—[sacrifices] that are offered according to the Law. . .

We see here that a body was prepared as a sacrifice for a sin offering as earlier it clearly said:

#Hebrews 10:4# . . .for it is not possible for the blood of bulls and of goats to take sins away.

A prophet says:

#Micah 6:7# 7 Will Jehovah be pleased with thousands of rams, with tens of thousands of torrents of oil? Shall I give my firstborn son for my revolt, the fruitage of my belly for the sin of my soul. . .

So we see that God was willing to give his son as a sacrifice.
Now what was to happen in these sacrifices:

#Ezekiel 16:20# . . .And you would take your sons and your daughters whom you had borne to me, and you would sacrifice these to them to be devoured. . .

All sacrifices in the past were devoured.

The very first one mentioned was Abel :

#Genesis 4:2# . . .And Abel came to be a herder of sheep. . .

#Genesis 4:4# . . .But as for Abel, he too brought some firstlings of his flock, even their fatty pieces. . .

So we see that a sacrifice meant a loss ,in this case his best from his flock.

That is why, if a man in Israel slaughtered an animal for sacrifice and did not present it to Jehovah, it was as if he had committed murder:

#Leviticus 17:3-4# . . .“As for any man of the house of Israel who slaughters a bull or a young ram or a goat in the camp or who slaughters it outside the camp 4 and does not actually bring it to the entrance of the tent of meeting to present it as an offering to Jehovah before the tabernacle of Jehovah, bloodguilt will be counted to that man. He has shed blood, and that man must be cut off from among his people. . .

So again for a slaughtering to take place meant the victim was lost.

Althrough the OT we see that the thing sacrificed was always lost.

Now Jesus death has been referred to as a sacrificial death and its not a coindence he died on passover where a he lamb or goat was slaughtered, skinned, its interior parts cleansed and replaced, and it was roasted whole, with no bones broken.

(2 Chronicles 35:11) 11 And they proceeded to slaughter the passover victim. . .

Jesus died the same day of the jewish passover as a victim.

No where do we see in the OT when the body of the sacrificed remained.

John said:

(John 1:36) . . .and as he looked at Jesus walking he said: “See, the Lamb of God!”


(Acts 8:32) . . .“As a sheep he was brought to the slaughter. . .

(Revelation 5:12) . . .The Lamb that was slaughtered . . .

In the past it meant the thing slaughtered was lost and it has to apply to the body of Jesus.

Now with these thoughts in mind Jesus said:

(Matthew 26:26) . . .TAKE, eat. This means my body. . .

So to answer the question :

. "What do the Scriptures teach happened to Jesus' body?"

what did he mean by the words, “This is my body”?

Since Jesus was still alive in a perfect body when he spoke the words of that text, the bread that he offered to his followers could not have been his literal flesh. So it had to mean his entire body was offered as a ransom sacrifice to be lost not resurrected.

Was Jesus' death a "sacrifice", even though His body resurrected from the dead?

Based on the OT and what we know what it meant to sacrifice if he gave his fleshly body as a sacrifice according to the law for him to be resurrected with the same body he gave as a sacrifice
and sin offering it cant be a sacrificial death. The bread was his body that he himself said was to be offered for sin.

"What was it that was "sacrificed"

Jehovah's witnesses teach his body was sacrificed,I googled this subject and you can see the confusion non witnesses have as to actually what did he give for sin,if he didn't give his body then what did he give ,Adam lost his perfect body and it would take his equal to pay for what he lost.

One guy had a interesting thought:

"I am trying to present this from a skeptic point of view, so anyway. I've been thinking, what exactly did Jesus sacrifice? Jesus supposedly always knew he was going to die, and he also knew he was god. So really in the long run, yeah he suffered or whatever, but then he knew he would be in paradise. So in my opinion, he didn't sacrifice much. Giving up a not-so-good earthly life for an unending perfect life in paradise, at the cost of some torture and beatings does not sound like much of a sacrifice to me"

The teachings of the false Churches confuse people and most dont know our teachings they just know the ones they hear makes no sense to a thinking person.

Jesus said death is just sleep,so if I believe Christendom,he died rose again as if nothing ever happned,thats the bottom line here not  to mention how to explain him going to heaven and hell the same day.

In this doctrine what was to me sacrificed was 3 days of walking around and nothing more,instead he could have just been knocked out cold by one of the men there for 3 days
and came back as if nothing happened,he didn't really need to be killed in this doctrine just kncked out for three days for our sins its no different since he said himself death is just sleep.

(Matthew 9:24) . . .Jesus began to say: “Leave the place, for the little girl did not die, but she is sleeping. . .

Now she was dead as he was going to resurrect her from death, Jesus meant that the girl had not ceased forever to exist but would be as one awakened from her sleep.

So since it was Gods purpose to bring Jesus back he was just sleep 3 days and lost nothing as these false preachers teach he walked around with the same sacrifical body.When you look at it he didn't realy need to die then,if its as they are saying what purpose did him dying serve,he was to come right back 3 days later the very same person 4 days ago.

To teach he had no blood whatsoever and thats what he gave doesn't harmonize the final supper,if he just said drink this means my blood which will be poured out I could see the point.

What these idiots should have done is tore out the pages the part where he said take eat this means by body.

They left it there and say he just gave his blood and Church people never thought to wonder why just his blood was sacrificed when he mentioned his body in the same text.

This is why I say Church people are dumb spiritually,they sit there listening to this stuff and accept it as truth.

To show just how dumb the translaters thought of its readers, they could have blotted out the
entire text and had no last supper ,so no explanation would be needed about why just his blood and not his body.

But for hundreds of years this stuff was taught as truth,there wasn't any challenges to this
because this was all they had in terms of Christian beliefs.

Jehovah in due time removed a prophet from Christendom who like me rejected these teachings
and the truth is finally being taught ,its not truth to people like Derrick Holland because he is blinded by Satan to truth.

Prophet  Grünbaum  

Jehovah`s Witness

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