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Hello Robert,Christian greetings.I have now asked a couple of questions to all axperts brenda and elbert.Elbert has not answered and brenda sent I do not talk to apostates.In both cases my questions were not displayed.I am now sending them to you in the hope that you may answer them.Please note that when I ask the questions they are directed at the respective Jehovah's witnesses not your good self.
Question- Hello Brenda(now elbert)-Christian greetings.My question is who can we trust? as a Jehovah's witness of some ? odd years you of course believe that you h.q./governing      body are keeping you in the truth.That they are honest and sincere Christian elders looking after their flock, and you trust them .As do thousands /millions of your faith throughout the world.So are they teaching you/giving you,the truth ?
Question No 1 - During the communist regimes clamp down on your organisation in the iron curtain countries and with no contact with your brooklyn organisation Jehovah's witnesses in romania,russia etc continued to follow the faith that has been given to them as once delivered to the saints.With the fall of the communist regime they re gained contact with the parent group only to find that the very teaching that they had been beaten and imprisioned for that the higher authorities were Jehovah God and His annointed son the Lord Jesus had been changed to being those of the civil authorities.Using your literature books / watchtower magazine they still continues with the older faith(they are in their thousands and are a legal religion registered Jehovah's witnesses)and they believe that your group are apostate.
My first question is - why dont you ?
My second question- After calling the united nations evil etc etc the beast " it turns out that your brooklyn organisation secretly joined and was a ngo member for 10 years.It is very easy to download  the letters from the u.n. and your organisation.They state that they only did this for a library pass, but the u.n. say that you didn't have to join to access the library.The watchtower deny this and say that it was a pre requisit to gain library access.Even if they are/were telling the truth ( which my research does not bare out ) they still joined the u.n. " the beast " as they called it for so many years .This is duplicity.
So my question is - Why are you still following their teaching(note- the u.n. farce is another reason why the romanian Jehovah's witnesses think that your leaders are apostate.
        Do you not think that salvation must be an individual thing not group.I also have faith in Jehovah God and His annointed Son.
Yours in the ransom, phil.  Acts 3 v 21.
So Robert perhap's you can say and display what yours answers are to my questions.The other experts have so far refused to.
Yours in Christ, phil

Greetings Phil,

You raise some interesting questions, and questions of the type that Jehovah's Witnesses have been warned not to entertain. JWs in general are not aware of what you are talking about. Why? Because they are warned not to read or listen to any information about themselves from "worldly" sources, anyone not the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society determines what JWs know and they determine the spin or slant that any information contains. Now then, I will attempt to answer your questions as JWs believe. These are not my beliefs, but I know them to be JW beliefs.

You asked: are they teaching the truth? The faithful JW believes absolutely. There is no truth outside of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah and the WT Society are inseparable. They are almost one in the same.

Question 1: Brothers who were beaten and imprisoned behind the Communist iron curtain and then later learned that "new light" had come from the Slave Class while they were separated from the Organization were expected to immediately accept all new understandings, including the identity of the Superior Authorities. Those who accepted the "new light" are viewed as fine faithful brothers. The very many who did not accept the new light are viewed as the haughty arrogant ones, ones with a prideful heart who are being sifted out of Jehovah's Organization. JWs view these Russian brothers as the apostates for not "keeping step with current truth."

Question 2: Why still follow the WT Society after it was found out that the WT Society joined the UN as a Nongovernmental Organization for 10 years while calling the UN the Wild Beast of Revelation and Satan's instrument during the last days. The WT Society joined the UN as an NGO not because they now support the UN. No. They joined in order to gain a more favorable status with countries that restrict the preaching work. Being on the UN charter of NGO's recognizes JWs as a long-established religion and separates them from fringe upstart religions. This also puts the JW organization in a position to benefit monetarily from humanitarian programs through the UN. Now that this joining has become known, JWs view opposing reasonings as nothing more than apostate propaganda that stirs up controversy and offers nothing positive.

Salvation? Jehovah has always worked with his people as a group, as an organized people. The Israelites, Noah's family, the disciples, and older men in Jerusalem. We should expect the same today. So yes, salvation comes by association with the organization that Jehovah has identified as His chosen people.

Does this help? R Jones

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1. How the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is stuctured, how it operates, and how it exercises control over its members. 2. What Jehovah's Witnesses believe, why, and who determines doctrine.

It is a waste of time to argue with Jehovah's Witnesses or to present lists of scriptural proofs to show where they are in error. Jehovah's Witnesses listen only the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and immediately accept changes that come through the pages of The Watchtower magazine.


I survived 1975. For 32 years, from 1968 to 2000, I embraced and promoted everything coming through Jehovah's sole channel of communication, the "Faithful and Discreet Slave." I accepted doctrinal changes as "new light", meat in due season, from the Slave Class.

Was an elder the last 13 years, WT Study Conductor, Congregation Secretary, Book Study Conductor, and occasional Pioneer. Never "irregular" or "inactive" as the labels go. I have not been reproved or disfellowshipped. I no longer attend meetings or practice the religion. I have not started smoking, drinking, gambling, using drugs, or had any sort of emotional breakdown. How silly.

I am not a servant of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave", the WTBTS, or any other man-made organization. I hope to explain, not defend, the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses. I believe in universal truths such as kindness, humility, charity, and love. I do not believe that God selected a special group, the Jews or CT Russell followers for example, to receive a special message or blessing. I do not believe that one religion has it all right and therfore other religions are wrong. I believe it is a delusion for one group of humans to claim that "God chose us and therefore God did not choose you." I consider spirituality to be a personal endeavor that each person must discover for themselves.

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