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I understand the stance of blood transfusions but what about eating a meat that has blood on the plate is this acceptable to you.

When you say it has blood on the plate what are we talking ,drops from the meat or so much blood that your bread is soaked red and the brother is reduced to just sopping blood with his bread, its so much.I addressed this very subject sometime back,I said this then:

"God is not going to disqualify a devoted brother ,kingdom publisher and deny him entrance into his earthly Kingdom because he consumed a piece of meat with a few drops of blood on his plate,I mean we are borderline stupid here"

God said the meat has to be properly bled,how much is to little ,I mean the brothers are not out to check your plate with a ruler to measure the amount of blood on your plate Sir,meat cant be completely free of blood and thats a fact.On the other hand if a brother orders blood sausage he already knows it will be a lot of blood and that could be going too far with this,so much blood that as I said his bread is just soaked red with blood,blood dripping down his mouth ,blood all over his shirt and then I walk in and see something like this.We as witnesses should know what is acceptable and what would bother our conscience.

God’s law on blood, as given to the ones who survived the flood when they could start eating meat for the first time required that an animal be properly bled before being used for food. That requirement also applies to Jehovah's Witnesses when eating meat.

As I said earlier even the meat from properly bled animals may appear to be very red or may have red fluid on the surface. This is because bleeding does not remove every trace of blood from the animal mean the presence of a red fluid does not in itself make meat unsuitable for food just because some is on your plate,it would look stupid go ask the cook was the meat properly bled because I'm a Jw and red fluid is on my plate.

On the other hand there may be instances where he has reason to believe that an animal may not have been bled properly ,you still cant go around the establishment asking dumb questions.

He should apply what Paul said:

(Romans 14:23) 23 But if he has doubts, he is already condemned if he eats, because [he does] not [eat] out of faith. Indeed, everything that is not out of faith is sin.

Individually a witness must decide what to do. The consciences of some may move them to avoid anything about which they have serious questions or to make such inquiry as is needed to settle their consciences another brother could reason Where there is no substantial reason for me to think that blood is present or there is no definite way that I can determine it, I can with a clear conscience keep eating.

A witness needs to be reasonable on this,it is not as if every witness worldwide must study the labels and ingredients on all packaged food or should interrogate employees at restaurants or food stores.

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