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Jehovah`s Witness/Excellent explanation on the "temple" question.


Hi Bro. Nacilla,

Excellent explanation on the "I will rebuid my temple" question.

How amazing Jehovah God educates his people!

Keep up the good work "kapatid".

BTW - how are the brothers doing there in the Philippines?

Please forward my agape to my brothers/sisters in your congregation. I belong to a congregation here in Sacramento, California.


    Hello Bro. Eddie

         Thank you for your kind words kapatid. Hope you're well and your family. Anyway, my congregation is here at PASAY CITY and all the brothers/sisters here, they are all fine as well(you're always welcome here):-). And also please don't forget to forward my agape to the brothers and sisters there in your congregation. Nice knowing you brother. Keep up the fine fight as always.


Bro. Nacilla

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