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Hi Brother Grunbaum...........

As always I love your posts and pray that Jehovah bless us all in our efforts to glorify his name.  Regarding hunting, there is another consideration.  For those of us who have done the research for what is in the meat that is purchased from the grocer here in the U.S. and how it is processed is reason enough for wanting grass fed beef, wild deer meat, or wild hog.  It was Jehovah that gave us meat to eat (Gen 9:3,4).  So it really boils down to motive as you say.  Sport is not spiritual.

Just Another Consideration,
Your Sister TW

Hello Sister TW and welcome,as you said sport is not spiritual and a spiritual brother would not hunt just for the thrill of the kill.We have a large audience of readers to this site who has a family member thats a JW and I have noticed that our family who reject us as false prophets are the first you say if you dont what they want is to say "I thought you were a JW"
OR"and you supposed to be a witness"

If you do as they say you're a holy man if not you're a devil,We have millions of JWs and its possible some go hunting just for sport,or would think nothing of buying a lottery ticket thats why Jehovah is cleaning his own house first before he can rid the world of false religion.


Your brother Grünbaum

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