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Jehovah`s Witness/Can a Jehovah;s witness buy a lottery ticket


QUESTION: Just wondered if you are allowed to play the lottery?

ANSWER: If a JW minister is desirous of buying a ticket ,he/she is free to.
Jehovah's Witnesses are not given to greed like the vast majority who think nothing is wrong with gambling but Jehovah has said in scripture that in our times people will be lovers of money:

GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995#
People will be selfish and love money

So if a witness get in a line like all the rest to hope to get rich his relationship with God is severed and will in time be exposed and removed from the congregation.

A witness has to worship in spirit and truth which means how they act in secret when no human is watching,to think he can get in line like all the rest and then go to our meetings as if he's a holy man he is fooling himself.

English Standard Version #©2001)
nor thieves, nor the greedy   nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

So to answer you questions:

"Can a Jehovah;s witness buy a lottery ticket"

Yes,if he stupid enough to ignore our teachings

"Just wondered if you are allowed to play the lottery?"

A brother has free will to do as he wishes.

Your question should have been

Can a JW be in good standing and play the lottery


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QUESTION: So let me see if I understand,if a witness buy a lottery ticket he can be excommunicated.

Sir thats not what I'm saying,gambling is grounds for being put out Gods visible organization and buying just one lottery ticket in a moment of weakness is serous enough to be counciled by the elders.We would not of course know about this unless he confessed,if he has a position in the congregation he would be removed from any privileges but not necessarily removed from the congregation.He could be reproved publicly ,or privately or he could indeed be disfellowshipped.

This same brother on the other hand doesn't confess this to the elders and continue to gamble without anyone in the congregation knowing about it will be then exposed by angels who keep Gods congregation clean from low life brothers.

He may go one day to buy a ticket as usual and I might be right behind him to buy fuel and see him with lottery tickets,it would be clear he had no intentions of confessing his gross sins as he made a practice of gambling.

Or he may have lottery tickets in his suit pocket and forget they were there and get up on the platform to give a talk and with an emphatic gesture fling all his tickets on the stage,all in the front where everyone can see they are lottery tickets.

The angels who are there can expose in many ways and have that kind of power, I've seen it myself.

All left to do for that brother who has been exposed is pick up his tickets and with his head down in shame leave the Kingdom hall.

Jehovah's house of worship is only for his true followers and imposters will be exposed sooner or later,if they are a fornicator ,drug addict ,smoking cigarettes or whatever they will be discovered.

Prophet/Prince Grünbaum

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