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QUESTION: Hello Sir, I read the Q & A regarding the purchasing of a lottery ticket, and I found your answer understandable. I believe you were saying there is no specific rule prohibiting it, its just morally unacceptable. I totally get it. I have a brother who is now a Jehovah Witness and an avid hunter (always has been)and he and his JW chums hunt every year. He goes alone, he goes with his 12 yr old son, and he and his buddies go on weekend getaways to hunt. He really likes to hunt. He has stated to me on several occasions that Jw's do not participate in violence (I served in the military years ago and he still mocks me for it) One time, at my home, he made a big ordeal yanking his son from a video game that he did not approve of (his son was watching my 18 yr old play)). Growing weary of his "holier than thou attitude" I questioned him on his gun collection and how he enjoys slaughtering innocent animals for fun. He gave me his stupid blank look that he so often gives when asked about his religious hypocrisy (there have been other numerous examples of this)I love my brother, but he is not the smartest guy (never has been) and most times our family just bites our tongue when he makes his idiotic comments boasting about what he as a Witness would never do. My wife was told later by his wife that hunting is allowed as long as you eat the meat????? This is 2012, people do not need to hunt their food. IMO, if you are hunting today its because you enjoy it as a sport. Just wondering what your thoughts are? Thank you.

ANSWER: Such excitement as you have mentioned goes hand in hand with wanton disregard for animal life. So while it is not wrong to hunt or fish (when the kill or catch will be used by someone for food or another fitting purpose), it would be improper to do so if a Christian had a spirit of just getting a thrill out of the chase, the kill, or a trophy.

Now your brother who I dont know is probably a low hour publisher with no responsibilities in the congregation.

We have had council on why true Christians do not carry or keep guns for use against humans or protection or to avoid having them on display and readily accessible like what you mention here.
Now with this being said ,the scriptures does not speak against this, so there is no need to judge others as to whether they enjoy such things or he must be a hypocrite because if thats the case Jesus and his followers were in the wrong because they fished and must have hunted for food as well.

A BROTHER who in good conscience chooses to go hunting or fishing should have his priorities in order. For example, if a hunting or fishing season was to open at a time when congregation meetings were scheduled, what would he do,SOUND LIKE TO ME YOUR BROTHER WOULD CHOOSE TO GO HUNTING INSTEAD OF MAKING THE MEETING.

Thats why I said he is probably a low hour publisher with no responsibilities in the congregation.

A brother who is active in the congregation like me dont have time for hunting or fishing I'm too busy with congregational responsibilities than to be out walking in the woods carrying a gun.

Now we have brothers all over the world where meat might not be readily available and they need to hunt for food so we cant say they should not be walking out in the woods with a gun.

So the bottom line is our position on the Bible, we need have a balanced view, neither fanatically opposing all killing of animals, nor wantonly hunting them for sport.

Prophet/Prince Grünbaum

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate it. It sounds like you do not really approve of killing animals either. The reason you give for it being allowed sound pretty much like what his wife was saying. If you eat it, its ok. I don't think it is, because in todays world it is not necessary to go out and kill for your meals. To consume what you hunted sounds like an excuse to me. With my brother, he just plain loves the sport of it. He own guns, bows and arrows, knives, and bb and pellet guns. And yet, he criticizes me for being in the Navy. I have never owned or operated a weapon of any kind. I have never and could never kill a harmless animal (for sport or anything else)My adult son does play war games on his Xbox, but they are animated. His son who is 12 actually kills with his weapon, yet, in his eyes, I am the bad guy! I have never engaged in any type of violence in my life. Its frustrating to our family that he can think this way. We just chalk most of his behavior up to not being the "sharpest tool in the shed". Anyhow, thanks for listening.

No I'm not going up state hunting for sport or otherwise,but we can never say never,it could come a time where no markets will be opened we never know how the end will unfold,where I now say I would never go up state hunting I might be up there before everyone else if conditions get that bad.

What I mentioned before is in some countries food is scarce and that might be the only way a brother can provide for his family.

Print my response for your brother to read ,we all need reminders from time to time

Take care of yourself  Brian

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