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The Sanctuary has proportions = 2:1
4025 years from 4026 Tishri ---- 1 Tishri BC
2012,5 years ---> 2013 Nisan

2013 Nisan is the ending of the Abrahamic Covenant
1980 years from 33 BC (5,5 Times)

What do you think about it?

1. A “sanctuary” need not necessarily be a special building, for the one at Shechem referred to at Joshua 24:25, 26 may simply have been the site where Abraham had centuries earlier erected an altar. (Ge 12:6, 7)

2. However, frequently the expression “sanctuary” designates either the tabernacle (Ex 25:8, 9) or the temple at Jerusalem. (1Ch 28:10; 2Ch 36:17; Eze 24:21)

3. As applied to the tabernacle, “sanctuary” could mean the entire tent and its courtyard (Ex 25:8, 9; Le 21:12, 23), the furniture and utensils of the sanctuary (Nu 10:21; compare Nu 3:30, 31), or it could refer to the Most Holy (Le 16:16, 17, 20, 33).

4. When the Israelites were removed from the Promised Land into exile, they no longer had a material sanctuary. But Jehovah promised that he himself would, as it were, become “a sanctuary” for them.—Eze 11:16.

5. God’s dwelling place in the heavens is a sanctuary, or a holy place. It is in this heavenly sanctuary that the apostle John, in vision, saw the ark of the covenant after the blowing of the ‘seventh trumpet.’ (Re 11:15, 19)

6. Regarding the earthly courtyard of God’s great spiritual temple, the apostle John was told in vision: “Get up and measure the temple sanctuary of God and the altar and those worshiping in it. But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple sanctuary, cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for forty-two months.” (Re 11:1, 2)

The temple here referred to could NOT be the one at Jerusalem, for that structure had been destroyed nearly three decades earlier. Being earthly, the nations could only be “given” a courtyard that was likewise on earth. So it must represent a condition enjoyed by Jesus’ anointed followers while here on earth. Whereas it would be impossible for the nations to trample upon a location in the heavens, they could treat disgracefully those persons who had been begotten by God’s spirit to be his sons and who were in line to receive a heavenly inheritance with Christ. (Re 3:12)

7. The members of the Christian congregation, Christ’s body, constitute a temple, or sanctuary, that God inhabits by spirit.—1Co 3:17; Eph 2:21, 22; 1Pe 2:5, 9

*Which “sanctuary” were you referring to?*

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