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Wazzup Derrick

Can you give some information why mostly of the world's scholars, Historians,archaeologists, encyclopedias, bible commentaries,(except JW) said that 586/587 b.c.e. is the date and not the 607 b.c.e.?

JW's are the only ones I guess(just as I though)who believed that the date was 607 b.c.e. not 586/587 b.c.e. and they have their explanations. So can you also give me some information to why it's 586/587 b.c.e. since you are not a JW? Please don't reject this "FACT QUESTION" Thank you.

Just a truth seeker

Hello Omokinde, how are you?

First Sir, let me say that I do not reject legitimate questions, so I am not sure why you thought I would do so.  Your question was written politely, and I would not simply reject it on any other basis.

Now that being said, I will tell you that this is a topic that I normally do not deal with, as it is somewhat outside of the area of expertise that I am here for.  My primary emphasis is on JW doctrine, and how it compares to the Scriptures.  I realize this idea of 607 is part of their doctrinal structure, but I simply have not studied the history and chronology of this enough to give you the answer that your question deserves.  I focus primarily on other JW teachings, which play a part in our relationship with Christ, the nature of God, our hope for the future, or the Person of Jesus Christ.  I don't really do a great deal of history questions such as this, except for dealing with the history of the Watchtower Society and its beginnings, former teachings, etc.

As far as I know, JWs are the only ones who hold to 607 as the date for the fall of Jerusalem.  There may possibly be some other groups as well, but I am aware of none.  I know that JW's try to make it a battle of whether you agree with secular history (ALL of which disagrees with their date), and the teachings of Scripture.  I also know that many Bible-believing researchers also reject the 607 date, so it is not quite that cut-and-dried.  For one, I too believe that we should accept the Scriptures over any secular history (if they disagree, that is), just as I accept the Bible over secular scientists who tell us that we are a product of evolution.  But I don't think rejecting the Society's date necessarily makes you a Bible-rejecter.  They tend to take this approach if you deny ANY of their teachings.

Again, I am not studied enough on this particular area to presume to attack the arguments for, or against the various dates.  

I know that a former JW by the name of Carl Olaf Jonsson did some very extensive research on this topic, and his findings eventually resulted in his disfellowshipping from the JW religion.  You might want to check out his research, and his letters to the Governing Body, outlining his findings.

I have found another link that goes into much more detail on this topic, and also harmonizes the BIBLICAL prophecy of a 70 year desolation, with the historically correct belief that Jerusalem fell around 587.

There is yet another flaw in the JW's arrival at the date of 1914, for the non-literal, invisible "coming" of Christ, that has nothing to do with when Jerusalem fell.....First, the coming of Christ will be physical and not invisible, and second, the 7 times of Daniel 4 were events that took place in Nebuchadnezzar's life, and there is no Biblical warrant whatsoever for making them into prophetic "years", making each day into a year (2,520 days becomes 2,520 years), in order to arrive at 1914.

I thank you for taking the time to write, and I apologize for not being more help.  This is simply an area that I have not researched enough to feel that I could give you a good answer for.  I know that many Bible-beliving historians who have studied this, reject the WT's 607 date, and it isn't because they don't believe the Bible....its because they have found flaws in the Society's chronology.

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