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Mostly of the world's scholars, Historians,archaeologists, encyclopedias, bible commentaries say that 586/587 b.c.e. is the date BUT the Watchtower Society are the only ones who claim it is 607 b.c.e... How can you then convince all of the TRUTH-SEEKERS(who are really ignorant from the TRUTH) that it's really 607 b.c.e. and NOT 586/587 b.c.e.? When it's plain to see through research evidences from modern scholars, Historians,archaeologists, and etc. except J.W. that it's 586/587?? Do you have a very STRONG PROOF for that 607 b.c.e. from your society? Hope you'll not goin' to reject this "FACT" question!!! Thank you

ANSWER: 607 B.C.E is a major date in our doctrine so its critical for opposers to reject this date and I wouldn't expect anything less.

Unfortunately for them the bible itself proves the date is 607 ,The average working man who is a bible believer who is a Church goer will not have the time nor the intransitiveness to delve deep in to scripture thats what he pay his pastor for ,his paid shepherd is just as ignorant as he is spiritually but at least he doesn't have to work for a living he lives off the backs of the working poor.

This topic comes up quite often and I dont get into long boring drawn out explanations of what King was ruling and the date or certain other non factors,or When Did NebuChadnezzar’s Reign Begin how about JehoiAkim's Rule Egypt's Forty Year Desolation Daniel's Exile all play a part but it tends to complicate the truth.
,Satan likes to complicate this 607 with so-called evidences from scholars, Historians,archaeologists and anyone else he can get .

Its actually not that complicated ,in fact a 5th grader can solve the date as 607.

Its simply mathematics as to why the actual date is 607 and cant possibly be any other date

The scriptures say the Jews returned to Jerusalem after the fall of Babylon and returned in 537 BCE and strangely enough those who say the date is 586 agree the Jews returned in 537

Jeremiah 29:10 "For this is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to you people, and I will establish toward YOU my good word in bringing you back to this place.

They returned in 537 after 70 years,I will let you do the math to come up with your correct date of 586

Let me give your the formula as to when they left.

They returned in       537
They were gone          70 yrs


When you come up with 586 let me know how you did it.

PROPHET/PRINCE     Benyamin Grünbaum  

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QUESTION: Sorry sir,

I don't even know the answer that's why I'm asking..

All I know is that I'm ignorant from the truth, nonsense, dumb and just a plain truth seeker(who always seek truth but not gaining and LEARNING I guess) just so you know I'm really that stupid-hardheaded-slowlearner-guy.


OK,but you are watching videos that come up with another date and even invited me a prophet to watch [which I didn't by the way]so thats why I answered as such.

Ill answer then for you :

They returned in       537
They were gone          70 yrs

Prophet / Prince  Grünbaum

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