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Hi Bro Grunbaum

Here's a question

If you came on this board wanting to learn about the bible. Which side would you choose??

Here's your choices

1)Jehovah's witnesses
This is the side who all agree with what the Bible teaches,they all speak in unity and they all say "you know what this is how simple the truth is and we will spend hour after hour of our free time teaching you about it,in various way's in all weather's, without asking for anything in return, we can also prove beyond doubt that we have the truth"?

2)The apostate side

This is the side who can't even agree with each other on what the Bible teaches. They overcomplicate absolutely everything.They're so insecure in their beliefs that they resort to Satanic tactics and they say "we can't teach you anything you're on you own ,however if it makes you feel better we can tell you want to hear if you pay us money and we can't prove from our bible teachings that we have the truth in fact we can only teach you what antichrist can teach you, then after that we're not sure what to agree on,however we can make the baseless claim that we have "Holy spirit" dwelling in us"

It's a no brainer isn't it??

Agape my dear Brother

Bro DW


Bro DW,

Let me just say this,only his witnesses know who he is and all the rest will come to know who Jehovah is but it will not mean salvation.

Jehovah himself declared:

#Ezekiel 36:23# . . .the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah,. . .

How will they come to know him,they know who we are,well Pharaoh in Egypt didn't serve Jehovah and said he didn't know who he is:

#Exodus 5:2# . . .But Phar´aoh said: “Who is Jehovah, so that I should obey his voice to send Israel away? I do not know Jehovah at all. . .

He was forced to know who Jehovah was and all these other religions will be forced to know who he is as their religious beliefs will be in ruins by a spectacular modern day miracle.

Think how this will look to the world,all religious institutions  will be uprooted except Jehovah's witnesses.

Will they get the message then,yeah,it will be hordes or people in the streets walking to a Kingdom hall,gangs of ex-witnesses and those who are in active ,those who use to study,those who have studied off and on for many many years but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth will be among the gangs all in the streets ,the same thing being played out in every city and village every where.

Because they will then know who Jehovah is but it will be too late,walking to the Kingdom hall wont save them anymore than when the flood in Noah's day finally came it was Jehovah who shut the door,if he closes something no one can open it,salvation will be closed by Jehovah and it will be nothing they can do but be killed off.

There is only one choice and thats to follow the FDSC teachings into paradise by means of his visible organization the WTBTSONY all other choices fail and lead to eternal death.

Bro DW keep up the good work,you along will our new Sister T,Bro Rando,Bro Nacilla

Your Brother,no Prophet or Prince just a brother


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