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Have you ever seen a Jehovah Witness being baptized into another church?

Why you crazies always come to me is my question,why dont you guys go to Richard or Brother Jones.

You say the"Spirit" is upon you,well that Spirit is Demonic ,yes you probably do feel something ,that is what the Churches of Christendom are based on ,emotion ,not truth.

Before I became a witness and was just studying I was telling all my friends I grew up with about Jehovah's truths and one of my friends who went to a Church of God in Christ was against what I was saying and we went around and around but because we were so close we both never took it personal and finally he said "if I go to the Kingdom Hall with you will you go to my Church" and like a fool I agreed.

After he attended the Kingdom hall with me he said "I didn't feel anything" he said the meeting had no emotion or made him feel good that it was dull.

So it was my turn,this was a black Church and the music was loud ,they had drums and everything and I just sat there as everyone was standing and the Church floor shook as they bounced up and down to the music and for a second it made me feel good even though I even back then didn't believe in Churches,it made me angry as I realized the song was about Jehovah's Witnesses how they wont be turned around,I couldn't understand how they would actually have a song like that, to actually be entitled dont let Jehovah's Witnesses turn you around.

I became so incensed that I took control of the meeting and walked up on the pulpit and the Preacher let me speak to the congregation,he said no,let the man speak if he wants too.

I began to read a scripture that contradicted what the song was saying that they dont sin anymore that they were perfect,I actually had everyone turn to 1 John 1:8

"If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us."

Back then I couldn't find scriptures without a list of topics booklet that the witnesses had,so after reading they were not without sin I looked at another topic and before I could find that scripture the little booklet flew out my hand and disappeared and here I was up on the stage not knowing how to scriptures without that topic booklet and the whole congregation laughed me off the pulpit and as I was leaving I heard the preacher say to beware of false prophets.

My friend said in the car did you feel anything?

So thats my point ,all they have is emotion,to make you feel good,there is no truth so they need something,black preachers came from the south who just learned to read or some couldn't read at all but could preach and make ones feel good,no truth was spoken, just feeling the spirit back then,the same as now.

Demons inhabit the Churches of Christendom and thats the Spirit you feel,you say mockingly that you were a witness ,I cant say I dont believe you ,but I can say this ,you more than likely
have family that took you to the meetings as a young person, you never were called by Jehovah since you already were introduced to the truth by a relative and may have been baptized.You never made the truth your own.

You are not hurting me by your thread, you are in the end lost,you dont believe that now as you think you are saved but you will come to a full knowledge of the truth as Christendom Churches are destroyed by Jehovah who is God and who is against Christendom.

Prophet/Prince Benyamin Grünbaum

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