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Hi Bro. Spears, My question is,great men are usually remembered for what they did. So WHY,do many remember Jesus for his birth??? P.s. "as a witness to all the nations." Matt 24:14 Thank you.

       Jesus was truly the Greatest Man who ever Lived , But a lot of People Fail to Realize this and would rather keep the old tradition , Which by the way didnt take hold in the United States for quite some time after the Settlers arrived . People really are not interested in What Jesus did for them as is evident from the response we get at doors , Actually the Majority cant even give the reason Why Jesus came to the Earth to begin with .It is sad that all those Preachers are so ignorant of what the Bible actually says that they can not direct their congregation on much other than how to keep Materialism and Greed ,Jealousy and idol worship.
       No worldly Person realizes that Jesus is now seated at Jehovahs right hand as a mighty King Matthew 22:43 thru 45 He said to them: “How, then, is it that David by inspiration calls him ‘Lord,’ saying, 44 ‘Jehovah said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies beneath your feet”’? 45 If, therefore, David calls him ‘Lord,’ how is he his son?
       Right now Jesus is directing this Preaching Work .There are approximate 7.5 Million of us doing this work in 236 Lands, All preaching in unity . You know that we can go anywhere in the world and be Welcomed by our Brothers and Sister as we would by our closest Friend,Which they truly are.
        This is not within the mental grasp of most people . I wise we could convince them what the Bible Teaches but unfortunately we can not.

Regards , Elbert

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I have been a student of the Bible since 1974 and a witness for 18 Years.I do not wish to be considered an Expert in this category because I, like everyone else will never cease to learn.However answering questions is here is very enjoyable ,Even though some continue trying to discredit me and my Brothers and Sisters. May Jehovah continue to his lovibg support .


With many years of bible study as a foundation, I enjoy aswering any question that applies to the bible. I like intelligent questions that require sincere answers.I can not answer silly questions.

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