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J"""""ehovah's Witnesses on here are not following the Society's explicit counsel. By this I do mean Brother Rando, Brenda Martin, Benyamin Grünbaum, Bro DW, and Sister T . They are therefore being disloyal to the organization. They are demonstrating a willfulness to be unfaithful in the least and therefore a willingness to be unfaithful in much. These are the high-minded ones with a smug opinion of themselves that think they know better than even the Faithful and Discreet Slave. They see themselves as above counsel from the very organization that they claim such zeal for.""""""

I tend to agree with his statement and of all the socall witnesses you are the most disloyal of them all,youre a devil.


It seems like all you're reduced to is a disgruntled and disillusioned little man.
You would rather listen to a brother who is in spiritual ruins than continue learning the truth.

Lets get a few facts straight ,this brother has been immobile and standing in one spot for decades while Jehovahs organization is on the move,he probably thinks we still have Watchtower and Awake subscriptions or charging for our literature,he knows nothing about the WTBTS at this late date.

Yes the internet is a concern to the WTBTS but not what he thinks,its affecting Watchtower growth, there is a correlation between countries with the lowest rates of Watchtower growth having the highest penetration of internet access.

One main reason is it allows for rapid dissemination of information and discussion of alternate points of view and sites like this with ones like brother Jones giving old and outdated information from the 90's and misinformation and half truths it has affected the WTBTS.

Another reason is the internet affect growth is that prior to effective indoctrination, a Bible student can now learn other sides of the story from apostates from sites like these,spiritual wolves
who outright lie about our teachings.

So the thinking has changed to the point that the pages of our magazines will be reduced, mainly because of the internet,printing takes time and the less we do the more we can engage in other things in service,most brothers in the WTBTS are full time ministers.

The FDS class understand the internet is providing a wealth of information that the brothers can utilize as they themselves have an approved site in addition to the main website.

The brothers can go to the internet now for such things as:

Past publications
Daily text
Future Watchtower publications 2013
Theocratic Ministry School.

And much more :

So yes his information was valid 20 years ago which is probably the last time he set foot in the Kingdom Hall,but now with so much to offer the brothers on the internet and millions will be online there is a need for true witnesses to counter act false brothers like brother Jones.

What then is the alternative,for spiritually sick brothers like brother Jones to give old outdated information on the WTBTS or strong brothers like myself Bro DW, Sister T,Bro K.J.P. Nacilla and Bro Rando to represent the society.

On the internet there are religious categories that has Jehovah's Witness ,who would better represent our beliefs ,a brother who tells unsuspecting new ones:

   "I survived 1975"

Only to be a spiritual casualty 30 years later and proclaim  "I have not been reproved or disfellowshipped. I no longer attend meetings or practice the religion. I have not started smoking, drinking, gambling, using drugs, or had any sort of emotional breakdown"

So by saying this he is still a quality brother I suppose,who no longer believe the brothers are the slave and who rejects the Churches of Christendom as false unless he has lost all sense and sit up in a Church on Sunday.

If not then he sits at home watching old re-runs of Gomer Pyle USMC on Sunday.

To show how sick spiritually brother Jones is he says:

I believe in universal truths such as kindness, humility, charity, and love. I do not believe that God selected a special group, the Jews or CT Russell followers for example, to receive a special message or blessing. I do not believe that one religion has it all right and therfore other religions are wrong. I believe it is a delusion for one group of humans to claim that "God chose us and therefore God did not choose you." I consider spirituality to be a personal endeavor that each person must discover for themselves.

This ex-elder tell us God didn't select Israel out of all the nations.

This is not what sites like these need to as he says:

"What Jehovah's Witnesses believe, why"

His NWT is probably one of the green copies that was out on the 70's and never seen our new song book ,his copy is the small purple one thats been outdated 50 years ago.

Thats my point to your question,not that you have enough sense to understand all I'm saying here,which I dont think you do,your hatred of me has blinded your reasoning and all you look for now is dirt to throw,youre stupid and dumb to send me this in the first place.Brother Jones dont want to face me.

No brother on this or any other site can go toe to toe with me spiritually and not get knocked out cold.

Prophet /Prince Grünbaum

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