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Jehovah`s Witness/DW and his false statements also....


As I did with Sister T, I addressed DW directly about his false statements that I write him "behind the scenes", attempting to start trouble.

Now, a statement like that is easy to make, because when its "behind the scenes" out of the public's eye, then he doesn't have to prove it.  Basically, just say it is happening, and then its my word against his.  Which actually, since my word is better than his, that isn't a huge problem either.  

But wait, actually, he COULD prove it...He could simply change my "Private" trouble-making question to "Public", and therefore, validate his claim that I am doing that.  But he didn't.  Wonder why?  I must be because deep down, DW really likes me and would never want to do anything to make me look bad....sure, that's it.

Nah, I think everyone knows that if such were occuring, DW would have made it "Public".  This is simply another one of his lame attempts to imply to the public that I am "attacking" and causing problems, without actually showing any evidence of it.

Seems strange to me that he wouldn't just post it.  So I wrote him, and requested that he post any and all "Private" writings that I have sent him.  He tries to tell people that he just "rejects" my writings...Well, that's true.  Because they expose his falsehood.  But who honestly thinks he would reject them, if he could post them and make me look like a trouble-maker?

Oh, and I noticed his questioner wrote him again with another lie, as well.  Claiming that Derrick wouldn't answer the question.  Not true, questioner.  What I said is in print...I don't answer DW's questions.  You muster the courage to send it to me, and I'll be happy to address it.

Everyone sees who is scared here.  My offer stands...and you keep running back to DW.  Its you guys who would rather sit in room by yourselves and attack me, than to have a real Scriptural discussion.

Send your question to me....Go under Derrick Holland, click on "Ask A Question", place your question in the box provided, type in the anti-spam code, and press "Send your question".  

Its really that easy.  What are you scared of?

Now, below is my address to DW last night, about his falsehood that I am causing trouble "behind the scenes".  As I told him, if I have ever written him in "Private", it would have been for something like asking him to set straight a lie, or something to that effect.  I challenged him to make any and all "Private" writings "Public".

Wonder why he declined to answer?  He must really like me after all.


Good evening, DW. I just wanted to touch base with you, regarding your answer to the anonymous "John 2:19" questioner. You know, they guy I asked you to pass a message to, that he should write his questions to me, instead of hiding behind you? Yeah, him.

Anyway, I only got around to actually reading your reply to him today, and I must say that I am disappointed that you used the opportunity to continue to tell your "whoppers" (untruths) to the board. You did so on a couple of counts...

The most important one, first...

YOU: "You know Derrick is fortunate that people like me, Rando and Ben are real christian's and not bullies,because we could bully him all over this board!!. I could bully him relentlessly if I had his attitude but instead I laugh at him or ignore him. You know the amount of times he's written to me trying to cause trouble but I just reject him. This is all just adding to what people see about him in public. His Satanic tactics are exposed but more goes on behind the scenes in private that people don't see!!"

This is false, and you know full well it is false. First off, if you were a real Christian, you would not tell lies like this, and other ones as well.

But since you now want to claim that I write you in private, causing trouble, I would like to request that you publish exactly what you are talking about. My few writings to you lately, have been public. You are the one that rejects them, but they are not sent private. And if I ever did write you in private, it would have been in an attempt to get you to set something straight that you weren't honest about, or something along those lines.

You are deliberately trying to give the readers the false impression that I have written you "behind the scenes" causing trouble, and people "don't see it".

Well, that's a lie. First, you need to quit insulting the intelligence of the readers here. They all see your venom, and your hatred for me. I am sure the readers understand that, had I written you in "Private" trying to start trouble, you would make it "Public", just as you did with another questioner the other day.

So, why didn't you make it public, then? In fact, I would like to ask you right now, to please feel free to make any and all of my writings to you "Public", for the readers to see. I have said nothing I would mind them seeing, so let's see if you are telling another lie here.

You claim I am causing trouble behind the scenes. That, along with your millionth repetition of my so-called character attacks. Yet, you are unable to post a single example. How many of our readers actually believe that you wouldn't have made my trouble-making "public", if indeed I had written you "Private" questions trying to start trouble?

So, why do you continue to spread falsehoods and misrepresentations? I think we all know why.

Now, another falsehood was this....

YOU: "You know he never answers questions like this ,that are put to him .You watch him, he talks and talks making out he's answered but really there's no answer there at all!! It's just a lot about nothing."

Actually, I have not claimed to have answered this questioner. I have answered this particular question in the past, but not to this questioner. I have purposely NOT answered him, because as I told you before, and as you just falsely stated, the question was not "put to me". It was sent to you. I don't bother with questions that the person doesn't even have the courage to send to me.

Your other falsehood....

YOU: "Derrick Holland is attempting to Bully T but he wont get away with it. T can handle herself ,but we support her anyway cause she's our little Sis!!"

Actually, I was merely answering T's attempted slander of us. Of course, you know that. Try all you want, it is quite clear who started this, and who finished it.

A word of advice...If this is the extent of your "mauling", then you might as well give it up. So far, we have seen nothing but tantrums and lies coming from you.

Have a good day, DW. Still praying for you, and hoping that you acknowledge your need for Christ, and come to Him alone for your salvation.

HIS REJECTION:  I'm sorry, but this is a spam question.

Expert: Bro DW


Oh, and to Mr. DW's anonymous John 2:19 questioner....You should know that I already messaged Kevin on Thursday after I sent his reply, to give you the week-end to muster the courage to send the question yourself.  You see, I thought you might fail to have the courage, and then try to make it look as if you had stumped me.  I was way ahead of you.  

I told Kevin that I wanted to first challenge you to send it, to see if you were afraid to send it yourself.  We now have our are.

So, I told Kevin Thursday evening that if you wouldn't send it by the week-end, to send it back to me, and I will happily answer it.  Just so you'll know.  

You proved my suspicions exactly...You're anonymous (although I could about guess who you are), and you don't have the courage to send me the question yourself.  You must not have much confidence that it is a strong "stumper" question after all.  Otherwise, why do you hide?  

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