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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Jones,
Long time no talk to.  I was on the web-site the other day & reached out to Sis T...she said many things that were not nice but I'm learning that you can't find a nice witness on this web-site only ones loaded for bear. I had concerns since I was a student & didn't want to air them at the hall because if you don't agree with the org., you're out.. That is how I got on this site. Anyway, I'm still a study...still not sure if I CAN DEDICATE MY LIFE TO GOD..because being a witness you are somewhat like a nun..married to God..every thing you do is doing it for God. Becoming a witness you eat & sleep Jehovah. I don't want to join if I'm not whole hearted like the friends are. They sure give you alot to do but in the same breath they say..BALANCE IS IMPORTANT...I guess if you do all they require, you go home so tired if you are single you don't have no time to think about a mate, & if you married..hope you can get time for your spouse, your children & your job. Anyway...I have written to many on this site..& I say again, I presently go the the hall on a regular basis so I know what is said from the stage, either at the hall or assemblies..if these are faithful Witnesses on the site and/or is it okay with the Org that they are on such a site representing the Org.?
Because the Org has said repeatedly not to be on such sites and has in fact given their own web sites as the only approved places to be. No matter who I ask they skirt around the subject. One expert I asked said that why would I give out this website instead of the website, & the only reason that I thought to give it out was because to expand the friends ministry if this web-site was approved...Hours know...because I know the territories are getting overworked so this could be another way to search out others who may be interested & would like to know what being a witness is like. So the expert really lit into me, but again, I guess that's how some of the witnesses are on here. They are always loaded for bear. I am so happy I never met any witnesses like them otherwise...I won't comment...So my question to if they are not supposed to be on this web-site why are they signed up here, when the WTBTS has so many "wonderful and upbuilding" sites on their internet already.  
Hope to hear from you...I saw on this site where someone noticed how rude one of the experts were to me. Wow, didn't even think anyone noticed. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.



ANSWER: Greetings D,

Just a few comments and then I will get directly to your questions. Being a Christian, just a Christian, is not a chore. Neither does it cause one to "go home so tired" from endless activities as you describe. Did not Jesus say "28Come to me, all ​YOU​ who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh ​YOU.29Take my yoke upon ​YOU​ and learn from me, for I am mild‐tempered and lowly in heart, and ​YOU​ will find refreshment for ​YOUR​ souls.30For my yoke is kindly and my load is light.” Oh how wonderful!

An yet, the WTBTS religion has taken the place of the Scribes and Pharisees in Jesus' day, having "seated themselves in the seat of Moses.3Therefore all the things they tell ​YOU, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds, for they say but do not perform.4They bind up heavy loads and put them upon the shoulders of men, but they themselves are not willing to budge them with their finger.5All the works they do they do to be viewed by men. [Matthew 23]

The apostle Paul worked tirelessly against Phariseeism and this business of requiring certain activities. He wrote a whole book in the Bible AGAINST the regulations of supposed Christian leaders and FOR walking walking by faith. Notice in Galatians 5...1For such freedom Christ set us free. Therefore stand fast, and do not let yourselves be confined again in a yoke of slavery.5For our part we by spirit are eagerly waiting for the hoped‐for righteousness as a result of faith.6For as regards Christ Jesus neither circumcision is of any value nor is uncircumcision, but faith operating through love [is].

Now then, to your specific question. Faithful Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT supposed to be reading or posting on worldly sites such as this one. Even as an unbaptized student you know that the WT Society "has said repeatedly not to be on such sites and has in fact given their own web sites as the only approved places to be."

Jehovah's Witnesses on here are not following the Society's explicit counsel. By this I do mean Brother Rando, Brenda Martin, Benyamin Grünbaum, Bro DW, and Sister T . They are therefore being disloyal to the organization. They are demonstrating a willfulness to be unfaithful in the least and therefore a willingness to be unfaithful in much. These are the high-minded ones with a smug opinion of themselves that think they know better than even the Faithful and Discreet Slave. They see themselves as above counsel from the very organization that they claim such zeal for.

Sincerely, Robert Jones

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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Jones,
Thank you so much for your reply...I love your explanation of Chore...I didn't think that being a Christian was so burdensome. Now, not to knock folks who want to be busy in the ministry but, how can one balance their life if they reading, writing, meditating..& so on...then all in the same breath..get some rest. Every meeting is what more can one do...Most of of are just plain tired...As a matter of fact the talk we had last night was, Do you sacrifice enough for the Kingdom ? The speaker, got up there at almost 8:45pm to say this...When the meeting is's about 9:30pm...all most of us can do is go home & fall out. Then for those who can make it..9AM today to meet for field service...I know you know the treadmill lifestyle..I think it's in Psalms where God says, there is a time for laughing, crying, working, me that means that THERE IS A TIME FOR ALL & EVEN REST. Some folks have tell you the truth, I don't know how they do it...but if you look at most witnesses they are tired, they claim to be tired of this system but I think they are just plain tired...Tired from guilt not being able to do all that is suggested from the stage. You know what I was thinking, don't remember where in the bible it's mentioned but even the fields rested after 7 yrs. to let the soil rest & re-energize itself, just like the slaves, after I think it's 7 yrs. they have to be I was thinking what about the territories we work...Shouldn't they be given a rest,not to say, 7 yrs. because the witnesses would not know what to do with their idle time..umm..another thought maybe some of them have to be on that Christian treadmill otherwise, who knows what kind of WORLDLY STUFF THEY WOULD GET INTO..but you can dry out a territory as well, give it sometime to re-populate. Anyway just a thought..
Thank You so much for answering my question directly, even if you let me know I should not be here...& I know that...NOW...& NOW, also the others you mentioned, NOW KNOW THAT..THEY TOO ARE NOT BEING FAITHFUL TO THE SOCIETY. Also, others who read this if they choose to now know that witnesses TRUE FOLLOWERS OF THE ORG. are not supposed to be on any non-witness site. A thought, maybe the society, sent the witnesses here to answer questions & can be as rude as they want to be, & so the Society can air their views through them because the Society doesn't want to ruin their spotless reputation. I am glad you straightened it all out...Let's see what developes from this dialogue, maybe something maybe nothing...This is really all I wanted to get to the meat & potatoes...This also shows the rest of the site, what the real deal is...& maybe who they email, is not a FAITHFUL WITNESS..Talk about sheep in wolves clothing...they are Wolves in wolves clothing..Nothing wrong with being bold about your faith...Who was more bold than Paul, but didn't Paul also say, I became a Jew when I was with the Jews, I was a Jew, basically he was a Spiritual Chameleon, but he never compromised his position of his message. He always addressed anyone with respect no matter what they were dishing out to far as I know he never lost his cool. Before Jehovah got a hold of him, he was a mess, & just as convicted to kill Christians then became just as convicted to deliver THE WORD. I'm not sure if we'll be speaking again, since I'm not supposed to be on here...I love your profile & have followed your replies for a long time now...You get to the point & your replies are exactly what I hear from the hall...No attitude..just THE TRUTH OF WHO THEY ARE & WHAT THEY DO. I will keep checking the site to see if anyone reads our talk...until then...Wish you well...& maybe we'll talk again.



Hi again Dee,

I rather doubt that the WT Society sent Witnesses here to answer questions and to be as rude as they want to be, and so the Society can air their views through them. But what do I know? Maybe some are here at the WTBTS direction.

Thank you for your thoughtful words. I do try to get to point of the question without going on and on until the reader falls asleep. :)

Now then, for all who are not supposed to be on this worldly site exposing themselves to potentially apostate propaganda, here is where you should go at once:

Sincerely, Robert Jones

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