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QUESTION: Hi Derrick,
The witnesses on this site are making time to hand in at the end of the, if you keep debating with them, time adds up. Just agree with them & they'll have to make their time up another way...& No they don't tell the Elders how they have so much time via worldly web-site. That's why they call me names & so forth because they want me to debate with them so I can prove to them I am & they can keep it going, but I'm not the one..Let them continue their rudeness...Jehovah will set it all straight in time of this I am sure. If I thought I could do some time on this site I would but I know I would have to tell the Elders & ask if it's ok. Anyway, I just wanted to get that out there. Why do you think they say stuff about you that isn't make you angry..viola, they now have time...


ANSWER: Hello Dee, I hope you are having a good day.

I understand what you are saying about the "time" thing, but to be honest, that is neither here nor there to me.  The whole concept of reporting time is a man-made concept anyway, and has no basis whatsoever in the Scriptures.  If they have no problem lying and slandering people, and counting that as "time" spent in Jehovah's service, then I am quite glad that I am not in their shoes when it comes time to give an account before Him.

I guess the concept escapes me, of doing something that Jehovah condemns in His Word so many times, and then actually doing it anyway, and counting it as "time" spent for Him.  Somebody is in for a shock one day.

Dee, I admire the fact that you are taking this all in stride.  And no, they do not have the power to make me angry.  Actually, I find their antics entertaining.  Rando posted his lies while I was "on vacation", and perhaps he thought I wouldn't catch it...who knows?  At any rate, I checked the board on my wife's phone when I was gone, and saw his lies and slander of you.  When I got home, I decided to burn him on it.  He has done this before, and I have always exposed him...Didn't see why this time should be any different.  He tried to slander you for no good reason whatsoever, except that you still think for yourself, and you have shown them that they do not control you nor tell you who you can write, or not write.  That is a hard thing for them to accept.

Actually, the truth is, they really picked a bad time to start this stuff, because I am off work for the entire week, and have plenty of time on my hands to address them.  And with the nasty weather we are having here, I am simply stuck in the house bored out of my mind, so I figure...."why not call Rando out on his blatant lies?"

You ask..."Why do you think they say stuff about you that isn't make you angry..viola, they now have time..."

I think that may very well be part of it, but I also think it is their mentality.  This has been going on for quite some time.  I also think they fear the truth that is being told by the non-JWs here, and they are trying their best to silence it.  And if they cannot silence it, they want to discredit its source.  I think that is what is really behind this.  They cannot answer with Scripture, so they lie, and then claim that they are being lied about.  Its ridiculous, and numerous people are noticing it.

You know, it occured to me several weeks ago when you wrote to me, that I should have some sort of proof where you were from.  That's how predictable Rando is.  I have seen him try that little game so many times before, that I figured he would try it with you.  He had already made the mistake of telling everyone where I live, so I just figured if he tried to claim you were actually me, I could nail him.  Instead, he accused you of being someone else who used to be here on the board, but Rando also knew that person was from Florida.  So, he made a HUGE mistake by slandering you in that manner, because he didn't realize I was way ahead of him.  Rando isn't very hard to out-smart.  

You had already stated you were from the New York City vicinity, otherwise, I would not shown in that pic where you were from.  But you had already stated it, so I knew I could verify the truthfulness of what you said, by posting that picture.  Now, since your statement in that regard was shown to be truthful, that puts the burden of proof squarely on Rando, to prove his claims that you are not being truthful about who you claim to be.

And as always, Rando was just blowing hot air.  He provides no proof of anything...He merely wanted to slander you.  Whether he is counting time or not, it is still good that readers of this board see his under-handed mannerisms, dishonesty, and overall unchristian conduct.   

Besides, Rando didn't even write to me directly, for obvious reason....Are you saying he can actually count his time on here, by writing to HIMSELF, and posting slander about you?  He's not even debating a Bible topic.  That is incredible.

As always, it is good to hear from you, Dee.  I am sorry that Rando (who, by the way, claims to have a Heavenly hope), lied about you.  But I am happy that I was able to thoroughly expose him for it.

Hope to hear from you again, and have a great evening.


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QUESTION: Hi Derrick,
I think you are right about their mentality. They like to debate & argue. No matter what a person may ask. They jump all over them. I think most folks that come to this site can see that, now. They can slander me all they want, but Jehovah is merciful & forgiving. That is why we will not be judged by no humans...Thank goodness.  Yes, I'm from the Big Apple. Thanks for sticking up for me. I would fire back at them, but that wouldn't change them or things. They are who they are. But many witnesses are on this site & they read even though they are Private, they see another way to make watch out for some more experts..LOL...
Hope the weather gets better it's crazy in NYC. No meeting tonight & I had a bunch of comments...oh well, back to the lab...LOL...


ANSWER: You are certainly welcome, Dee.  The fact that we may have some differences in our beliefs, does not mean that you should not be treated with respect as a human being, and I am certainly glad to stick up for you when I see the likes of Rando slandering you, and calling your character into question for no good reason.  

The reason people like that have to attack other people's character, is because of their own lack of it.  I feel pity for people like that.  Not hate, as you were told by another JW expert...but pity.  It is a sad life to be that miserable on the inside.

I appreciate the fact that you do not display bitterness or hate for those whom you may not agree with doctrinally. are one of the GOOD and kind people at the Kingdom Hall, and these people lash out against you for it, and try to defame your character because you don't agree with their hatefulness.  That is really something to think about.

And you're right, of course, that firing back at them doesn't change them.  I guess I do it, because I'm just not going to be slandered by people who lie themselves, and if I can help it, I'm not going to let them get away with slandering others either.  That shouldn't even be an issue in a forum where everyone claims to be a Christian, even if there are differences of beliefs.  

But they have been given the Scriptures on lying and slander, and what they do with those, is on them.

I will certainly keep my eye open for some "experts"  Take care, Dee.  Have a nice evening there in the Big Apple.  

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QUESTION: Good AM Derrick,
One thing I can say about me & the Hall. I am different. They don't know how to fix me. I'm friendly outgoing & even tempered..Now, I'm not saying I don't have any issues, because believe me I got'em. One of them is learning to say NO. I'm working on it. But it's hard because, well let's just leave it there. My study conductor says everyone wants to come on my study, or go out in the ministry with me.  I am a pretty happy person most of the time. When I'm not...I keep to myself, I don't feel I should subject folks to my moods, & the reason I'm like that is because I've been subjected to folks bad moods or saying something offensive & it doesn't feel good, so I try not to do it...Let me say again..TRY. I ended up with the witnesses because I wanted to learn what the bible said for myself. I got tired of people giving me their interpretation of what it says. Now that I've learned to read the scripture, I'm doing well..When something that the witnesses say doesn't line up with the Bible, I remember the words of God, who are you going to listen to Me or Man. I always opt to listen to God, even if it's not comfortable. To really think about it, it's not the places of worship that turn folks away from God it's the people inside. Nobody can beat up a person more than a Christian, you ain't been beat up properly less you been beat up by a Christian. I feel you can go into any place of worship & disagree with one thing or another, it just depends on where you feel you want to be. I love the friends at the hall. All of them have issues, but I try not to focus on that...I'm there to serve God/Jehovah (if indeed that is his name) but one thing for sure if we get resurrected, we'll surely find out. Imagine if we are all wrong..Think about this...first there were at least 600 commandments, then brought down to 10, then Christ gave us 2..Love God with all your soul & Love each other...Could it be just that simple...we couldn't do the 600, we couldn't even do the 10, so God said...Ok Ok, just give them 2...& let's see if they can do that. Derrick, we can't even do that. Too busy trying to be right & pointing out errors in others instead of looking at ourselves...To me it's about the LOVE of each other & watching out for our brothers & sisters, because when you come to think of it, we are all related because of Adam & Eve. Remember the song? "He ain't heavy, he's my brother". Well folks say yep, he is my brother but sometimes...HE'S HEAVY..if we all reached back & picked up one person we would all move forward. I'm an X Hippie, so I come from the world of LOVE..Flowers & visions of sugar plums dancing in my head...LOL...I will not reply to any of the rude crew, because that is what Satan wants...The Bible says, Feed your enemies...I'm not going to give them any food for thought...Talk on you soon.


Good morning, Dee.  So very sorry about not getting back to you yesterday.  My wife has been down with the flu bug, and she so generously decided to share it with me.  Felt okay up until about lunchtime, and it was downhill from there.  I guess if I have to be sick, it might as well be when I'm off work for the week.  

Well, you are to be commended for wanting to learn the Scriptures.  That should certainly be the desire of each and every one of know God's Word and adhere to its teachings.  It is when we begin doing that, that we eventually become more conformed to His image, and begin to have the strenght to say "no" to whatever issues or temptations that we may face in our individual lives.  Believe me, you are not alone in that...every single person made of flesh, has something that they struggle with.  

I hope you don't let THEM "fix" you, Dee.  If they do, then they will be in control of your thinking capacities, just like we see on this forum.  Let God and His Word, the Bible, do the "fixing".  I have found in my life, that His Word is all sufficient.

1 Timothy 3:15-17-  "And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.  

All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:  

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works."

According to passage above, we see that the Scriptures ALONE can show us the way of salvation, through faith in Jesus Christ.  That is the message of every born again Christian in this forum, Dee.  And that is the message that these people fight so vehemently against, and rail and gnash their teeth against those who preach this message of Christ alone.  We don't hate these people...we love them.  Yes, we hate their lies, their deceitfulness, their slander, and their works of darkness.  But we want THEM to be saved through Christ alone.  The Scriptures nowhere mention that a religious organization is required to be saved, nor to learn the Scriptures.  A heart that is truly seeking for God, and goes to His Word, will find Him.  

The passage also shows us that it is SCRIPTURE, not WT literature, Baptist literature, or any other literature, that is inspired of God.  I remember you saying before that you believe it all comes down to the Bible as the final authority.  You are absolutely spot on, on that one.  Please always keep that in the forefront.  One of the reasons we see such slander against you, is because you have dared to say that you have found things in JW doctrine that doesn't line up with the Word.  And deep down, I think you know yourself that this religion does not allow you to dissent, or understand things differently.  

In addition, this passage also shows us something else that the JWs here do not want pointed out...Verse 17 says that by the Word of God, the Bible, the child of God has ALL they need to please God.  We are "thoroughly furnished", lacking nothing that is necessary.  No denomination, nor any Organization, plays into the equation.

I found this statement of yours interesting...."I ended up with the witnesses because I wanted to learn what the bible said for myself. I got tired of people giving me their interpretation of what it says."

I agree that there is too much of that going on.  But don't you also think the JWs do this, as much as anybody else does?  Maybe even more than most?  I guess the thing I have noticed that troubles me the most, is that they often have unique interpretations of passages (the faithful and discreet slave, blood transfusions, etc.) that no one else arrives at, but then presume to judge a person's entire Christianity based on whether that person accepts or rejects the interpretation.

I also agree that you haven't been beat up, until it has been done to you by a Christian.  I can honestly say that I have experienced that very thing in my own life, by those I considered my friends.  But I say that, to say this....Those people have nothing to do with my relationship with my Creator.  If they did, I would have been out a long time ago.  But my God has been too good to me, and too close to me during my lowest points, and I can never quit on Him.  So, I study the Scriptures, pray, and attend a Bible-believing church not for anyone else, but for my own spiritual walk.  People and friends may come and go, but God never changes, and neither does His Word.

As for the commandments, I think you have a point.  I also believe that Jesus taught us that all the other commandments, hinge on these two.  Think about it...If we love God supremely, and love our fellow man, we will not:

1.  Steal from them

2.  Commit adultery with their spouse

3.  Commit murder against them  

4.  Bear false witness against them.

And speaking of bearing false witness, I think we have just seen why this is done towards you, me, and others here....a lack of keeping those 2 basic commandments.  The people doing the lying and slander may CLAIM to love God, but they dishonor Him by their disobedience to Him.

But you brought out another excellent point that I think is worth commenting on.  You mentioned how we can't keep the commandments of God.  That is so very true.  That is the point of the Gospel message...we are sinners by nature.  We have broken God's laws at every turn, and we stand guilty before Him.  But in His love and mercy towards us, He provided a way of escape for us.  By sending His only begotten Son to earth to take our place on the cross, and shed His blood, where our blood should have been, and paid the penalty for us, that we should have been paying.  That is what salvation, and forgiveness, and a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about.

I admire your resolve to not retaliate against the rude people, professing to be followers of God.  They are clearly seen by their own works.  Because their continued slander of you is uncalled for.  Like I say, I have gotten it from them for years, so it has no effect on me at all.  I simply call them out and expose them when they cross the line, and they scream all the more.  Rando is licking his wounds from the total embarrassment he has just received, but he will be back, since he feels safety with DW and Sister T around.  Not sure why, because they just do the same stuff he does.  

Anyway, I really enjoy talking with you Dee.  I am sorry to not have responded sooner, but I have been quite sick.  Feeling a little better now, that I am full of medication.  I hope I didn't type anything crazy....LOL.  I'd better go back and proofread before I hit "send".

Have a wonderful night, Dee.  Take care.


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