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what is hell fire and is it biblical?

The word “hell” is found in many Bible translations. In the same verses other translations read “the GRAVE,” “the world of the dead,” and so forth.

Other Bibles simply transliterate the original-language words; What are those words? The Hebrew she’ohl′ and its Greek equivalent hai′des, which refer to the common GRAVE of dead mankind.

The Greek ge′en·na (lake of fire) is often used by religions when trying to prove the wicked are tormented in a fire, when really the word gehenna is used as a SYMBOL of eternal destruction,not of torment.

Both in Christendom and in many non-Christian religions it is taught that hell is a place inhabited by demons and where the wicked, after death, are punished (and some believe that this is with torment).

The Bible teaches--Hell is the grave where both good & bad go; & Gehenna symbolizes everlasting death.

The dead cannot be "tormented" as the bible tells us "the dead are conscious of nothing at all" Ecc 9;5,10

If you would like a more indeph answer on the subject Im happy to help :¬)

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I have been one of Jehovah`s Witneses now for over 30 years, in those years I have brought up 4 children, teaching each of them the bible.Being one of Jehovah`s Witnesses has helped me cope with my Epilepsy and bring up a daughter with learning difficulties.I have conducted bible studies with people from nearly every denomination i.e. Muslim. Having used the bible all these years to answer peoples questions, I feel I am qualified to give any answer regarding Jehovah`s Witnesses and the bible.


My experience has been one of attending bible lectures 5 times a week,taking part in these lectures in front of an audience and being with thousands of J.W. at conventions where I have seen the bible at work in peoples lives.It is truly a miracle when you see thousands of people meeting together and not one policeman needed, and not even a piece of litter in sight.It is like another world.

Nearly 40 years as a Witness, is my "education" bringing up 4 children, dealing with Epilepsy, bringing up a disabled daughter.

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