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Good day

i hope and trust you are well.

I saw a response to the question about "1914" by the Prophet, mind commenting? I think as Jehovah's Witnesses (including your Governing Body) you have forgotten the fundamental principle in understanding the scriptures. In order to understand the scriptures correctly one needs two things: a) Pray to Jehovah for his holy spirit and b) the bible itself (what i mean is that you must let the bible interpret itself, scripture for scripture)

The GB has fooled many of you guys in believing the lies they publish and it is really sad if you ask me.

Well back to the reason of me writing to you. Is 1914 scriptural?and what is the significance of the year, did Jesus begin his reign then as the GB has lead many to believe?

Let me tell you what i think as per the bible (i will use the bible as i expand and not go beyond the things written)

Gen 3:15 Jehovah tells us of the woman and her seed and the emnity that He will put between the serpent and his seed.

Galations 4:24 -31 The apostle Paul tells us of two women and that the woman above Sarah, is their mother (sons of the promise). He further tells us that the two women represent covenants (how are angels, heavenly organisation or wifelike organisation a covenant - that is beyond me)

Rev 2:26, 27 John tells us that those who conquer (prove faithful) will be given authority and rule with iron scepter (do keep this verse in mind, i think it is a very important piece in this puzzle)

Rev 12 John sees a woman, pregnant woman in heaven. Is she the angels above? Jehovah's wifelike organization? Refer back to Galatians 4:24 (these women are to be viewed figuratively and as covenants)

And look!!! in verse 5 she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron (remember the scripture i asked you to keep in mind? Rev 2: 26, 27) and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

After reviewing all of that, where does Jesus being brought fought by this woman originate from? Bible or man?

I pray to our heavenly father that the veil on your eyes, that is blinding you can be removed (2 Cor 4:4)

Thank you

Hi Modise,

Thank you for your interest and concerns. I am very happy and firm in my lov for my heavenly father Jehovah. As one of his witnesses I am very well educated about his word the Bible, so there is n veil over my eyes.

Best Regards,

Pam B

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