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Jehovah`s Witness/Why will the JWs not accept your challenge?


Hello Mr. Holland,

The JWs continue to claim you can not answer their questions, but scanning back through the forum history, I cant find any record of them actually asking YOU a question.

I will give you the chance to address the question they claim you will not answer. Maybe the person who asked the question  should have written.......hmmmmmm......maybe............YOU!

Instead they chose to write DW, wonder why?

Quoting DWs unnamed poster:.........

"John 2:19 - "In answer Jesus said to them: “Break down this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

Who resurrected Jesus' when he said at John 2:19 "in three days I will raise it up"?

Was it Jehovah God or Jesus Christ himself?

If Jesus resurrected himself then why does the Scripture say that his God and Father did it?

If Jehovah God did resurrect his son from the dead then what did Jesus mean by "in three days I will raise it up"?

What do you think Bro. DW - will he answer it now or do his hit n run satanic tactic again?"

......end quote.

Bro.DW, Daniel Selinski, Bro.Rando, Sister T......Mr.Holland has challenged you to write him directly many times. Instead, you write questions to each other. If you truly have the "truth", you should be able to defend your doctrines with scripture.

The silent readers are intelligent enough to see through the lies.

Maybe Daniel Selinski should ask his elder at Bethel to help him again, although it did not go so well last time. I guess the elder was not accustomed to having to defend the false doctrines with scripture.

1 Peter 3:15-16

15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

16 Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

Good afternoon, Kevin.  Good to hear from you today.

Let me first address the question you asked in your title..."Why will the JWs not accept your challenge?"

Simple...Because they know I will hold them to the Scripture, and expose their diversions for what they are.  They also know that I will repeatedly pressure THEM to show Scriptures which support their doctrine, which they do not have.  In addition, I will also turn their accusations of attack back on them, and simply and calmly show where they are the ones actually doing it.  When I repeatedly ask them to show examples and they continue to fail to do so, by contrast, I will simply show examples of them doing it.

They know this, and that is why they don't accept any challenge for a Scriptural discussion.  As I have said many times, and as they continue to prove daily, they have nothing but slander, lies, and attacks in their arsenal.

I mean, seriously, I have extended the invitation for any of them to show one character attack against them.  Do you honestly not think it would have posted by now, if they had one?  These people are delusional, and do not live in reality.  They do not deal in facts...they deal in fantasy.  Their only option is to repeat the same lie, write each other and tell the same lie, and assure each other that it is happening.

Case in point...Sister T made the comment that she knew it was only a matter of time before I "came after" her.  I guess it escapes her, that I was actually responding to HER attacks and HER statements against me and others, which she made BEFORE I ever wrote her.  Otherwise, had she not lied about the non-Witnesses in the first place, I would have had no reason to write her.  

See how they conveniently forget little details like that, and try to twist the truth to make the other person look like the villain?  They start the trouble, then cry when you show them up, and talk about what a rotten low-down creep you are for not just taking their attacks.  After all, they're the Witnesses....they have the right.

Sister T, you are trying to do with me, what you tried to do with Dee, and it simply isn't going to work....You start the insulting, then you try to claim the other person started it.  Now, I didn't come after came after me.  I simply exposed your statements for the falsehoods that they are, and addressed them.  I did not one time attack your character.  I believe I stated that I don't know you.  And just don't know me, either.  I responded to your comments, exactly as they were written.  No way I'm letting you or those who are just as deceived, turn that into an "attack".  If you don't want your false statements, and you slander addressed, then you shouldn't do it.  Its that simple.

Here Kevin, let me show you something interesting, and sort of fun....It will take awhile to go through them all, but I am enclosing a link on typical DEBATE FALLACIES that are commonly used, by people who are losing a debate.  The readers can go through this list, and see how many of these they see the JWs use on a daily basis in this forum.  It is literally astounding.

Once again, you bring up a good point about this "unnamed questioner".  

You asked...."The JWs continue to claim you can not answer their questions, but scanning back through the forum history, I cant find any record of them actually asking YOU a question."

REPLY:  You know, its a funny either...LOL!  

Even the title of the "unnamed questioner"'s post to DW, was "John 2:19 - THE QUESTION THAT DERRICK HOLLAND CAN'T ANSWER".  This only shows the warped mentality these people suffer from.  This dude hasn't even SENT me a question, and then he falsely tells the world I can't answer it.  Actually, I don't find anywhere that I have rejected a question on this Scripture.  So, I must conclude that this person is trying to be misleading by claiming he has asked a question that I cannot answer.

Oh, but wait...I think I have it figured out.  This is the same dude that keeps sending the question to DW, "by mistake", I'm sure....:)  

Yes, I have to admit that I had a good laugh this morning when I saw where this guy has written DW at least 3 times that I know of, asking a question TO me, but not having the courage to actually send it to me.  Also humorous, was that this same person who is apparently afraid to send his question TO me, is in the same writing, talking about "a pathetic display of cowardice."

I can't think of anything much more cowardly than hiding behind another expert, and directing a question to me, but sending it to him.

Then the questioner asks...."What do you think Bro. DW - will he answer it now or do his hit n run satanic tactic again?"

REPLY:  LOL!  Run from what??  You haven't even sent me anything.  Amazing.

Actually, QUESTIONER, I contacted DW this morning and asked him to pass on a message to you.  Did he?  He rejected my question without comment.  Here, see for yourself....

I wrote....Hello, DW. I hope you are well today.

"Just a quick note...You can pass on a message to your questioner that I will be happy to address his question, when he decides to write it to me. I don't normally do questions that are asked to me, while hiding behind another expert. If he wishes to write me his question, I will be happy to address. You can let him know that, if you would. Thanks.

Still praying for you, DW."

DW's reply was....

"I'm sorry, I can't help with that."

Expert: Bro DW

There you go, Mr. Questioner.  Let me help you with something here.  If you have a question for ME to answer, you can send it TO ME.  At times I see something in another answer that I comment on, but that is at my discretion.  Most of what the other experts post, I simply don't bother with.  But I will tell you what I will NOT do...I will NOT sit down every evening, read through the answers from the other experts, to see if there is a question directed at me that I am supposed to answer.  Not gonna happen.  You want an answer from me?  You know how to write me.  As I told DW, I will be happy to answer your question when you man up and ask me.  But as long as you are hiding behind DW, you can forget it.

Kevin, you wrote...."I will give you the chance to address the question they claim you will not answer. Maybe the person who asked the question  should have written.......hmmmmmm......maybe............YOU!"

REPLY:  Yeah, you WOULD think so, wouldn't you?  I mean, that is sort of a no-brainer.  

You wrote...."Instead they chose to write DW, wonder why?"

REPLY:  One word...fear.  They would rather ask the question with the familiarity of another JW, who will massage their shoulders and tell them what a great question it was, and then sit back and pump their fists in victory at how ole Derrick Holland couldn't answer it, forgetting all the while that they didn't even have the guts to WRITE and ASK Derrick

He wrote DW because DW isn't going to blow the question out of the water with the Scriptures.

These guys are quite the entertainers.

Kevin, I appreciate your giving me the chance to address this question, but I'm just thinking that I would like to see if this questioner will actually write it to me himself, once he reads this.  If he does, then props to him...I will answer him.  If he doesn't, then his own words of "pathetic cowardice" will become apparent.  

I mean, its not like I've never been asked and answered this question before, or am stumped by it.

So, let's give him a day or two, and see what he does.  If he won't write it to me, then let him whine to DW, and let them assure each other that I'm stumped.  It will look ridiculous, but hey, they haven't cared about that up to this point.

Oh, and Kevin, did you notice that they continue to prove my predictions correct with every post.  I said days ago that they would NOT be able to show one example of any character attack against Sister T, or anyone else.  I also said they would keep repeating it incessantly, as if saying it enough times will make it the truth.  They are like tape recorders.  

Let's see, I have seen in the past 3 days....One, two, three, four JWs claim that I have "attacked" poor Sister T.  Coincidentally, I have seen one, two, three, four JWs fail to show exactly where this "attack" occured.  Here is about how the conversation is going, just as I predicted....

DW:  "Derrick Holland is up to his Satanic character attacks again"

ME:  "Okay DW, could you show us one"

DW:  "Well uh (cough, cough, choke), you are attacking her and we all know it"

ME:  "Well, can you post an example?"

DW:  "You do it CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!"

ME;  "Okay, then can you show one example?"

DW:  "Shut up, false prophet!!"

ME:  "I have listed some statements from you guys where you are attacking my character"

DW:  "You're weeping and gnashing your teeth!  We don't HAVE to tell the truth, because we are "the truth"!!"

SISTER T CHIMES IN:  "Just because you say you aren't, means nothing.  We know you are.  And you believe in Santa Claus, too."

ME:  "Actually, Sister T, here are a list of attacks you have made.  Now, can you show me one instance where I have attacked your character"?

SISTER T: "I'm not going to hunt it, but I know you have, regardless of what you say."

RANDO (through another expert's profile, of course):  "Derrick, who died for your sins, Jesus or the hypostatic union?"

ME:  "Rando, write to me directly, and I will be happy to answer your questions."

Basically, this is how it has gone.  Just as I said, once these people were refuted Scripturally and also shown the love of Christ in the process, their reaction was predictable...Attack, attack, and attack some more, mixed in with a good does of falshoods, and then turn it around and say Derrick is doing the attacking.

What we have seen is a lot of talk and false accusations, but not ONE single statement from me that is an attack on anyone's character.  Just like I said would happen.

Nice try, Guys.  But you're actually just proving my point.

Now, it might be useful to the readers, to understand the JW-ese language.  There are a couple of terms that need defining, and also, to show how and when they are employed.  This will make understanding the JW's thinking much easier.  Just a few short terms, and their contexts.

Situation #1-  When a JW posts public lies and slander about you, and you address their attacks by asking them to provide evidence for it, reminding them that they are not SUPPOSED to lie, this is known as....

"Gnashing your teeth"

Situation #2-  When you refute a JW's false doctrine with Scripture, and show the fallacy of Watchtower reasoning, this is known as....

"A Satanic tactic"

Situation #3-  When you point out the WT's history of failed prophecies, you are told how stupid you are, because one cannot be a false prophet unless they have actually claimed "thus saith Jehovah", or claimed inspiration.  However, when a non-Witness doesn't claim inspiration, nor says "thus saith Jehovah", they are affectionately known as....

"False prophet", or alternately, "Vile thing"

Situation #4-  When you are slandered by a JW, and you address their false statement against you, by demanding that they back up their statement with an actual quote from you, this is known as....

"A character attack"

Basically, a character attack is not really a character attack when they do it to you, but you are guilty of it if you dare respond, whether you attack them or not.

Stupid non-JW...Don't you know it is perfectly fine for a JW to lie about you, since they are of the opinion that you shouldn't be here anyway?  Don't you know that Jehovah God is going to give them a free pass for lying, since you are on the outside of "the truth", and are doomed to become manure anyway?  How DARE you point out that their attacks against you are false...they are defending their Organization!!  Don't you understand that?  You would DARE to ask them for evidence for something they say about you, that is not true?  Hey, so what if they fib a little...they are defending "the truth" here.  Everybody knows you defend the truth, with lies.  Makes perfect sense.

Now, that paragraph might seem odd, but that is PRECISELY the mentality that these people operate under.

Thanks for writing, Kevin.  I would be happy to answer this question, but let's just see if this questioner (hmm, wonder who it just might be...:D), will have the courage to write it to me.

You wrote...."The silent readers are intelligent enough to see through the lies."

REPLY:  I agree.  

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