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Hope you are well, can you please advise me here: How is Matt 24:8 supposed to read? Labour pains or pangs of distress because the NWT renders the verse differently to other translations.

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    You said, how is Matthew 24:8 supposed to read. Well, I must say that in the original Greek, the word rendered “pangs of distress” in the(NWT), literally means “pangs of birth.”(Kingdom Interlinear ) However, the rendition of the NWT, it explain the clearer thought of it. So since Jesus was not talking of a LITERAL future pregnant women, therefore, what is wrong with being specific? So nothing has changed or whatsoever in the NWT rendition. This only suggests that like birth pangs, the world’s problems will increase in frequency, intensity, and duration, climaxing in the great tribulation.

    4 World War I marked the beginning of the last days. Jesus said that this and other events would be “a beginning of pangs of distress.” (Matthew 24:8) That proved true, as World War II was even more deadly, some 50,000,000 soldiers and civilians losing their lives. In this 20th century, well over 100,000,000 people have been killed in wars, more than four times as many as in the previous 400 years put together! What an enormous condemnation of human rule!---Source: dg part 9 pp. 19-22
How We Know We Are in “the Last Days”

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