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Jehovah`s Witness/Why did Protestants pick and choose which teachings to believe?


I asked this of another expert and he has not responded ,since this was your question I ask you ,I wondered about this when you posted it as you gave your explanation as to the reason.

Naturally, what is and is not truth regarding Christian religious traditions is wholly subjective unless the Bible indicates in some way that some particular teaching is false. Non-Protestants similarly pick and choose which teachings are true ones as your religion has done. The same with my beliefs which are different than yours and Catholic. You have the bible we as Mormons have another book.

My problem is who says what is right or wrong or true or false we all have the bible,is it not up to the interpretation of the believers.

Now I have an open mind I dont have to be loyal to my faith or accept yours as truth I'm simply asking questions.

You struck a nerve when I read Protestants picked and choose which  teachings to believe and to reject.

Now assuming God was not behind the Catholic Church it makes sense that none of its teachings were true.

No one would deny that God graced us with the costly but precious gift of free will. So by definition we all choose what to believe. Catholics choose to believe most Roman doctrine ,witnesses choose what to believe the same as us.

I accept your explanation that if it has falsehood in any form then all of its false.

Now here is my point,assuming all religion then both Protestant and Catholic was false how do you explain our leader  Joseph Smith getting 60 pounds solid gold plates in New York from heaven with truth since no religion was truth at that time ,Jehovah's Witnesses came in late 1800s we received our plates in 1830s.

So even if we are labled protestant or Chrsstendom we have these plates which produced the mormon book.

Hello Stewart ,I'm changing this to public ,I have nothing to hide and I want others to see how to refute such claims from scripture/

You say:

"we received our plates in 1830s"
"we have these plates which produced the mormon book"

Here we have an old man on a hill mind you, not a mountain in Israel or Jerusalem ,but a hill in upstate New York saying an angel provided gold plates,yeah right!I dont believe it for many reasons.

From scripture we are told that the spiritual gifts ceased long before the 1830s
so that contradicts this story,obviously before these plates were provided they were a protestant religion

The bible only mentions 2 names of angels Michael and Gabriel now we are to believe God has revealed another name ,the Angel Moroni,I dont buy it and to show its false your religion claim this Moroni character is the angel mentioned in Revelation 14:6

"having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth"

Mormons like all religions in Christendom dont preach the good news of the Kingdom

The bible says the gospel is of the Kingdom ,which is Jesus own words

Your book of mormon therefore is of the Devil,as far as a guy getting gold plates on a hill in upstate NY I cant say he didn't have gold plates ,he could have bought these and made it look like they were provided I dont know I was not there ,I can tell you this Sir with the utmost confidence  who ever provided these plates it was not from God and if a voice did wisper in his ear to the location of these plates that voice was the Devil.

God provided the bible why would we now need plates to transmit his divine will.

In the last book in Revelation we are told this:

King James Version
18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

What your religion has done is violated this passage by adding gold plates of which supposed to have further revelations from God in actually it replaces the bible because this new revelation has information not in the bible.

It speaks of salvation by grace and basically no obedience is needed ,you pretty much have license to commit gross sins because your salvation is earned by works which is not a biblical teaching,the only faith needed is the belief a guy on a hill got gold plates,man thats dumb.

You mimic witnesses by being visible in in public but its not organized,its more organized
Kaos,you skip over whole blocks and only stop supposelly where the spirit tells you to,you came to the wrong person with this because I have a friend involved with this and know something about your beliefs.

This is just another gutter form of worship invented by evil men too dumb spiritually to come up with this kind of lie of golden plates which by the way  had to be returned to the angel ,how convenient.

I dont believe it.

Prophet/Prince Grünbaum

Jehovah`s Witness

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