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The first one is ,I have read that your real name is not what you use,if true why and secondly ,you go door to door uninvited on private property ,what would you do if I physically removed you off my property?

That is correct Sir my real name is not what I'm using,as to why,I was removed from taking questions because of low ratings ,a conspiracy to get me removed was to grade me low and the result would be removal.So under an assumed name I no longer take ratings or take comments.

I have no problem with whats said as to my real identity,I dont think its important as to who I'am ,you know of me all you need to know so for the purpose of this discussion I'm Benyamin Grünbaum.

As to your other question,we dont go on private property in our ministry,if we see a sign noting as such we just take the address and contact by letter writing.

I think the real purpose of your second question was in regards to turning the other cheek as you mentioned putting your hands on me to throw me off your porch.

So what you want to know is what would I do if you came out as a result of my knocking on your door and you got violent.

My answer is nothing,if you came out and threw me off to the ground I would just get up brush off the dirt and move on,now if you followed me while I'm not on your property and continued the attack I would not run because that might provoke you to chase me,I would assume you mean to do great bodily harm to me and as I have said in the past on a similar question of this nature I'm the wrong brother to attack,I spent several years in China before becoming a true minister and learned the art of self defense and I can seriously hurt someone trying to harm me.You have the right to protect your property but not the right to attack me and throw me off your property and as I said I would not retaliate ,others could be watching this and it would send a wrong message so I would take your beating,but you dont have the right to attack me on city property and I have the right to protect myself,if you were just verbal then I would move quickly to the car group to leave but if you are bent on doing me harm I'm not going to just let you just brutally attack me.Depending on the situation I could pin you down until the police arrive to hurting you,you could have a weapon or a number of different things that could result in you winding up in the hospital.

Yes ,this would look bad as householders would be watching but we are told in something like this is to leave and not return evil for evil but if you came after me to do harm I have the right to defend myself and if you ended up hurt that was the choice you made,not all brothers are weak to the point that someone like you can just attack and think you can get away with it.

I pursue peace when its possible but as I said I would be the wrong brother to attack.My first thoughts would be to represent my message of peace and why I'm there in the first place,but I'm not going to let anyone just run over me,turning the other cheek has the thoughts of you just slapping me or a punch,even then I would not do anything but try to get away.In this case you would be trying to do great harm and thats a different story,in Israel if someone broke into their space no bloodguilt would occur if they were killed.

People like you think because we are a peaceful people that you can just come into my home and have your way and I'm suppose to just lay down and let you stomp and kick me to death.

My advice to you Sir is to get attacking one of the brothers out your head,that brother you attack could be me!

Benyamin Grünbaum

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