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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando and DW make feeble attempts to slander, but fall short again


DW and Rando have posted so many weak attempts as of late, to silence those who present the truth of the Scriptures, that there is simply no way to respond to all of them.  So I will simply point out a few of their attempts, and state once again that they have completely failed in their attempts to make the non-Witness experts here "liars".

It is one thing to throw an accusation like that around, and it is another thing to prove it.  DW and Rando certainly have offered no proof of anything that they have stated.

DW himself has made many false comments as of late, also.  In regards to the Expert named Richard, DW said the following:

DW:  “yet look at exactly what his ministry is he's just trying to undermine the WTBTS trying to make us look like liars and hypocrites a complete attempt at shipwrecking but offering nothing in replacement.”

Now, this is simply a lie from DW.  As Richard pointed out, the WT literature itself does that on its own.  The quotes are there, and they speak for themselves.  I have read several responses from the new expert Richard, and I take great exception to DW falsely claiming that he, as well as the other non-JWs, offer "nothing in replacement".  

I don't even have to ask Richard what he is offering as a "replacement" for belief in a man-made Organization, because the answer is obvious....He offers the same thing that ALL of the Christians in this forum offer, which is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  He offers Jesus as Mediator between man and the Father, with no human Organiztion playing any part in the equation.

Richard has also offered kindness, honesty, and compassion for his fellow human beings who write to him, while treating his questioners with RESPECT.  That is something people like DW and Rando could learn a lesson in.  I am yet to see a reply from him thus far, that is disrespectful to his questioner.  Can Rando, Sister T, or DW make that claim?

DW also wrote another ridiculous comment....

DW:  “He must be nearly as stupid as Derrick coming on this board and attempting to take us all on here.This is the worst place to start his Satanic nonsense. He can't have read my profile or seen the board for very long else he wouldn't have picked a fight with me.“

Well, this is simply another lie from DW.  First off, DW's profile is impressively unimpressive.  But he seems rather proud of it.  Whatever.

And he, like Rando, resorts to lying (against Biblical commands not to, I might add), because he has NOTHING to substantiate his false accusations towards us, and no Scriptural support for his own flawed doctrines.

Secondly, nobody "picked a fight" with DW.  DW picks the fights with his lies and slander.  I don't recall reading anything in Richard's comments, any of them for that matter, that can be construed as "picking a fight" with anybody.

So, where did DW come up with that nonsense?  Simple...He MADE IT UP, in an attempt to make the readers think that Richard is a trouble-maker, as he tries to slander ALL the non-JWs in this forum.

But I'll tell you what I will do, DW.  Let me be quite clear on this.  I think you are full of hot air, and you are nothing more than a big bluffer.  Furthermore, I don't think you could "maul" or "crush" a house fly, let alone me, Richard, Ben, or any other person in this forum.  I have read your writings, and I say that with all confidence.  A man who has Scriptural truth on his side, does not have to cheapen himself by lying and slander, as you have.

So here's the deal, DW.  As of right now, I am perfectly willing to stop the back and forth arguing, and CHALLENGE you to a discussion in this forum, on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I will present my case from Scripture, and you present yours.  I will offer a rebuttal to your points, and you can do the same to mine.  I will address each of the ridiculous attempts to argue with the words of Christ, advanced by you, Rando, and Sister T.  You will give answers to my points, with Scriptures which actually SAY what you believe.

You and I can correspond in Private until we agree on a format that we are both comfortable with.  Then, we make our discussion public.  You and I both agree to refrain from name-calling, and personal jabs at the other one.

Personally, I don't think you can do it, because that is all you have in your little arsenal.

Now, here is your chance to administer that "mauling" that you have been telling everyone that you would give.  Don't give me some stupid excuse about 2 questions you asked months ago, which you think give you an "out".  If you are going to "maul", then start "mauling".  Otherwise, you are shown to be all mouth.

Okay DW, the ball is in your court.  Just let me know when you want to get started.

I will now address Rando's foolish attempts to discredit me, in my response below.

I now wish to address 2 very weak attempts by Rando, to try and slander me, by falsely claiming that I lie and attack people instead of attacking their “message”.  In fact, these attempts posted just over a week ago, but due to being very busy and out of town for a few days, I am just now able to address them.

Actually, they don’t need much addressing, as they were so weak that they did nothing at all to prove any “lies” on my part, but merely proved the DESPERATION of the person writing the questions to DW to begin with.  

These were sent to DW in a vain attempt to discredit and prove me a liar, because I have continually challenged these people to produce one example of a lie, or a character attack where I simply go after the person themselves, instead of their message.  And so far, NOT ONE of them has been able to.  And they WILL NOT be able to.  All they can do is keep repeating themselves over and over again.

I am noticing that DW’s posts about me, ALL say the same thing time and time again.  Its like the man is a tape recorder, and somebody keeps hitting the “rewind” and “play” buttons over and over, playing back the same segment repeatedly.  In ANY reply about me from DW, we will see:

1.  Derrick uses “satanic attacks”
2.  Derrick lies, twists, and deceives
3.  Derrick attacks the messenger and not the message, because that is what apostates/opposes do
4.  Derrick does it all the time, because he just cannot help himself.

Yes, DW can only repeat the same nonsense over and over, just hoping somebody will believe it.  And then, in order to give his false comments more force, a couple of his JW friends and associates write to him, and say basically…”Yep, you’re right DW…We’ve seen mean ole’ Derrick doing it too”.

But when they are publicly called out and challenged, not ONE of them can ever show a real example.

However, there were 2 attempts to do so, just over a week ago.  They come from the following links……

Now, I believe that both of these were from Rando.  However, to be fair, the first one was not identified as being from Rando, but was written like a Rando-type question.  There is a possibility that some other JW may have written it, such as the anonymous John 2:19 questioner who is also too scared to write me with his questions, just like Rando is.  And that is ASSUMING that Rando and the anonymous questioner are not the same person, which is a big assumption.

In the first link, it seems to have Rando’s fingerprints all over it, even though it is not identified as being from him.  Either way, posting a link from this person did not help their cause for a number of reason.  In fact, it only HURT their cause.  For a couple of reasons:

1.  There was no example of a lie in that question under the first link above.  In fact, the question itself gave a link to a former conversation I had back in 2010, with a guy named Christaras.  More on that in a moment.  But the link given in that question under the title “DERRICK LIES AGAIN…”, contained, well…no lies.  Only a catchy title, and another false allegation, with no examples of a lie.  

Only a link was given, and then DW starts with his nonsense about “Well yes, that is so typical of Holland’s lies”, yet we never saw what the lies were.

Why didn’t somebody state what the lies were, instead of just posting a link and then DW acting like it was full of lies from me?  The reason is simple…there were no lies in the link posted.  So, they failed yet again.

2.  As mentioned above, the question in that link which was referenced from last week, was from a guy named Christarus.  He was a guy who was not a JW, but was interested in their teachings, had been studying their teachings, and held to their teachings.  The same guy who once told me that the WT publications were “inspired” of God.  

Now, here’s the thing about Christarus, which makes it VERY foolish for Rando or any other JW, to reference a writing from him, which dates over 2 years ago….

Christaras has had a change of heart, concerning the JWs and non-JWs here in the forum.  And one of the BIGGEST factors in his change of heart, is the RUDE TREATMENT GIVEN TO HIM BY RANDO!  Christaras told me personally, that Rando had condemned him to Gehenna.  Now, here is a guy who fell all over himself defending these clowns, and THEY succeeded in turning him away, and changing his mind about US, the non-JW experts in the forum.  

As I’ve said many times, Rando has done more harm to his religion than good.  He has turned far more people away from it with his hate and his lies, than he has TO it.  Christaras is a prime example of that.

So, if Rando is the one who wrote that question to DW, and referenced one of my writings to Christaras, then that was one of the most foolish things he could have done, because HE is one of the primary reasons that Christaras was offended from the JW religion.

3.  The person posting the link to that conversation with Christaras in their question to DW, NEGLECTED TO MENTION that Christaras actually typed a letter of APOLOGY for his former actions and accusations towards non-Witnesses such as myself.

Here is the link, which was posted on 4/5/2012, from Christaras, the VERY SAME person who sent me the question in 2010, lashing out at me…..


Wonder why the person asking that question to DW, would fail to mention that the same person came back and apologized later, and actually acknowledged that I preach LOVE for people, and respect?

If it was Rando who sent that to DW, might I say that was a pretty dumb move, Rando?  If it was someone else, you sure did make Rando look foolish with that one.  
And you still didn’t ever show an example of a lie from me, and you never will.  Because I don’t lie…

Now, on to the second link, which we KNOW came from Rando, entitled “DERRICK‘S DEMONIC DISPOSITION“…..

Well, his posting this one is a mystery also.  I guess the part that is so laughable about it, is that DW claims that my lies and character attacks happen “all the time”, and I “constantly” do it, yet they have to go back 2 and 4 years respectively, to even find anything to post…LOL.  That is laughable in and of itself.  If it happens “all the time”, there should be NUMEROUS recent examples of it.  DW claims that it is something that I “cannot help” but do.  Okay, then WHERE are the examples?  Is posting a link from 2 years ago, and 4 years ago, the BEST they can come up with?

But alas, even these links from 2 and 4 years ago, do not help either.  Now, we have already seen them post from Christaras, who acknowledged that he had been wrong, and did the DECENT thing by coming back and apologizing.  That merely shows that Christaras is FAR more respectable than Rando or DW, because they are slanderous, they lie, and they never apologize.  They don’t have the fear of God that causes men to “depart from evil”, evidently (Prov. 16:6)

Now, the second link listed above that Rando wrote to DW, is from a conversation with a man whom I had NUMEROUS discussions with, over a long period of time.  Now, I will admit that those conversations became quite heated at times.  The guy called me “liar” and “hypocrite” several times, and I did the same.  However, I always addressed his message, and outlined where I believed he had been dishonest and hypocritical.  But that is neither here nor there, for this man is no longer an active JW either, and again, Rando neglected to mention that this man and I both offered mutual apologies for our name-calling, and are on good terms now.  In fact, this person Rando references, is not only not an active JW any more, but is one of my Facebook friends to this day.  We even correspond about once a year, or so.  No, we do not agree on most doctrinal matters, as he still believes many of the JW teachings…but not as many as he once did.  In fact, he and I are on the same page in other areas, where I am not in agreement with the WT.

So, that one didn’t help him either.  

Rando, you and DW really need to come up with some REAL examples of lies from me, if you wish to make these false and silly accusations of yours, carry some weight.

I personally think it takes a lot of nerve on your part to title a thread about my “demonic disposition”, when I can produce quote after quote from people over the past 5 years of YOU being on this board, who say that you have been rude, judgmental, and falsely accused them of things that weren’t true.  Would you REALLY like to see who can produce proof of the other one’s “demonic disposition”, Rando?

Like the lady who wrote the following to me, about you….

“I know you answer questions and very thourghly from the KJV bible.(which is the right one) And as far as writing yourself under alias names, "rando" does that all the time and he makes it soooo obivous! He must think the readers are a bunch of nuts. Well I am no nut, I think he is demoned possessed and shcizo with voices in his head! I think that you, Derrick act alot more Christain on here than he could ever dream about! If he is supposed to be an example of a JW, then I don't want one near me!!! They don't have the truth if they produce people like "rando".
I can't never seem to ask rando a question because he is always writing himself questions to tear you down.”

That’s not my opinion or my writing, Rando…That is from a questioner and reader of this forum.  

Why is it, Rando, that you are always “Maxed Out”?  What are you avoiding?  Your profile currently says you allow 3 questions per week (it was only 1, until this started getting pointed out by me), yet we see questions posting from you when you are "Maxed Out".  How is that, Rando?  How are these questioners able to send questions to you, when you are “Maxed Out”?  Do you and DW really want to try and accuse me of writing to myself again, Rando?  At least when I post something to myself, I make it clear that is what I am doing, like this writing here.  I don’t pretend to be talking to someone, and bragging on how “brilliant” Derrick is.

You’re a sad case, Rando.  Really sad.  Personally, I think you are very lonely and crave attention, even if you have to make a spectacle of yourself to get it.  I am still praying for you, and I regret that once again, your lies had to be publicly addressed and you made to look foolish.  But you simply aren’t going to slander people like Dee, myself, and my brothers in Christ, and get away with it.  

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