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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando, why did you lie about Dee? Does Jehovah approve of that?


DW asked the following question a few days back, and I believe there is a lesson to be learned from it.

He asked...."See what happens when you tell lies Derrick!!”

Now, this is a very good question.  Although DW never does actually show a lie from me, but only keeps telling the readers over and over that it happens, it DOES prove one thing...When Rando lies, it comes back to bite him, because he ends up contradicting himself from a previous lie he told.  

That's the trouble with lying...When you do it too much, you tend to forget the other lies you have told, and you wind up looking foolish and making your friends and your religion look foolish as well, when you contradict yourself.

Thank you DW, for pointing this out.  If you were really Rando's friend, you would take him aside in private and "counsel" him about posting lies in the public forum about people.  On the other hand, you have no business counselling anyone about it, because you do it too.  But maybe not quite to the extend that Rando does.

But hey, if one lies in defense of "Jehovah's Organization" of "truth", and if one offered to slip you some cash at some point in your life, then you will tend to just over-look the blatant lies.

At any rate, we now see from Rando's post to Sister T entitled "GOOD DAY TO YOU SISTER", just what happens when a person lies.

Rando, who never does face anyone with an open Bible and show them Scripturally where they are wrong, instead launches what DW calls "satanic character attacks" against a JW study named Dee.

I will address his lies in the reply below.

Dee is not Luis
Dee is not Luis  
I leave town for a few days, and the JW’s really amp up their lies, huh?  Funny how Rando waited until he figured I was off the board, before he started up his old trick of lying and claiming that one person was really another person.  He used to do that all the time, and always got burned when he did it.  Apparently his embarrassment wore off, so he has reverted back to his old ways.  Time for another trip to the wood shed.

So, I just can’t help but address this, because not only is Rando caught lying AGAIN, but he has also shown the intense hypocrisy of the other 2 members of the JW “trinity” on here, who are lying and slandering in full force, and looking quite ridiculous in doing so.  

On Dec. 21, Rando posted the following series of lies, under the question titled to Sister T…”GOOD DAY TO YOU SISTER”.

The whole thing was quite funny, because Sister T is always calling non-JWs here “liars”, and renounces those who lie.  Well, she renounces those who are NON-Witnesses, that is.  But when Rando wrote her with his lies, she actually THANKED him for it.  

Rando LIED when he claimed Dee and Luis were the same person.  I guess Rando, in his haste to try and lie to slander Dee, forgot that now we experts on this forum are able to see WHERE a question originates from.  And I can say with certainty that Luis and Dee ARE not the same person, and live about 1,000 miles apart.  Dee stated that she is in the vicinity of NYC, and her questions to me bear this out.  And I had the privilege of having lunch with Luis near his home in Florida awhile back, so I think I am in a pretty good position to state that they are not the same person.

You see, I am WAY ahead of Rando.  Several weeks back, I thought to myself that Rando would eventually try and claim that Dee was either ME, or someone else.  So, I anticipated his “satanic tactic” of lying, and took a picture of my computer screen when one of Dee’s questions came in.  That way, I could show where her question originated from, and true to what SHE said, it is the vicinity of NYC.  I will attach the picture with this answer, for everyone to see.  Luis lives nearly 1,000 miles away from NYC, and I live about 650 miles away from NYC.  But I knew Rando would get desperate, and do something like that, because he has done it so many times before, and has become extremely predictable.

But again, he lied, and again, he gets burned for it.  Dee is not Luis.  Plain and simple.  So, we have Rando telling several lies, and Sister T “thanking” him for writing with his lies.   

She wrote, renouncing those who lie….”Sister T:  “That's like if I'm trying to explain to someone why lying is bad, and I use the Scripture at Rev. 21:8 and I point to the last part that says "and all the liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur. This means the second death.”

And someone comes back and says ah ha, you misquoted because the whole quote says this:

Rev. 21:8 "But as for the cowards and those without faith and those who are disgusting in their filth and murderers and fornicators and those practicing spiritism and idolaters and all the liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur. This means the second death.”

OK, but that part about lying is still there.…”

Now, aside from the fact that she is trying to defend the WT’s misuse of quotes, and lists this faulty comparison above, she does still rightfully denounce lying, as ANY person should .  BTW, the analogy is faulty, because putting the rest of the Scripture in, like she did above, does NOT change or alter the meaning of the part about “all liars having their part in the lake of fire”.  However, as Richard rightfully pointed out, the WT’s use of quotes DOES alter the meaning by leaving out the other portions, and gives a false impression that the person was arguing AGAINST the Trinity, when they were doing no such thing.  That is the big difference between the two.

However, Sister T here renounces lying.  BUT, then she turns right around and THANKS Rando for writing to her and “pointing things out”.  The problem is, the things Rando “pointed out”, were lies.  I will list them in a moment.

Sister T wrote….

““Thanks for writing and yes, I really knew something wasn't quite right when this "Dee" person first wrote to me, because why write to me and complain about someone else and then try to make it seem like you are so innocent. I didn't buy it and they have proved to be exactly as was thought!

Thanks for pointing it out, why else are they here if not to deceive and mislead, there are no good intentions at all and it just shows the desperation and deceit that opposers have!”

So, it seems Sister T has no problem with REAL lies at all….she just has a problem with non-JWs here answering questions, so she lables them “liars” without ever showing a lie they told.  If she had a problem with lies in general, then why would she thank Rando for sending her a whole post full of them?

I also appreciated very much a statement that DW made to me several times in one of his tantrums, because it brought out an important point that I will use to illustrate Rando’s lying, and severe mental instability.

DW wrote the following statement aimed at me….”See what happens when you tell lies Derrick!!”

REPLY:  Yes DW, I sure do.  Now, I haven’t told a single lie, but yes, I DO see what happens when you lie.  In reading Rando’s nonsense that you said NOTHING about, I clearly see what happens when lies are told, and I appreciate your pointing it out and bringing to our attention.

So yes, I do see what happens, and I think there is something to be learned from it.  And here is what I learned from it…When a person (such as you, Rando, and T) tell lies, you often forget the last lie you told, and you wind up looking stupid by contradicting yourself.  So, thank you for pointing out that is what happens when Rando lies.  I will now show an excellent example of Rando lying, and contradicting himself.  


Rando stated in his recent writing….”His wife is a Jehovah's Witness and he goes to the meetings to gather
information for the opposing side, just like an undercover spy.”

Now, here is where DW’s excellent point out to us “what happens when someone lies”, comes into play.  Rando here states that Luis’s wife is a Jehovah’s Witness.

BUT PREVIOUSLY, Rando wrote this regarding Luis’s wife and my mom being a JW…

“Luis is supposed to be on vacation but they still correspond through AllExperts when you can't reach an expert on vacation. No mothers or wives here are JW's….Both Profiles of Derrick and Luis are completely false.”

Now, which is it, Rando?  IS Luis’ wife a JW, or is she not?  

Thank you, DW…Yes, I see what happens when a person lies.  They end up looking foolish, and becoming an embarrassment to those who are their friends, as well.

Now, the ever-predictable DW will probably come on here and say I am “gnashing my teeth”, or he will try to turn this back on me and try to make me the liar.  But here is what DW will NOT do…He will NOT address the lies of Rando directly, nor will he get Rando out of the whole that he just dug for himself.  That much, we can all be sure of.

Now, DW claims that he has a list of my lies, but of course, he still never lists them for us or tells us what they are.  But I think his list is up to 5, or 6 now…Can’t remember which.  Yet, in this writing of Rando’s, I counted at least 12 lies which I will now document.  And that is 12 in just ONE writing.  DW has quite a record of lies too, which I will deal with in another thread.  But this one is just for Rando….


Lie #1-  ““I wanted to write you and let you know this person "Dee" is not what
or who she claims”

REPLY:  Actually, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to conclude that Dee is not what or who she claims.  Her questions originate where she claims she lives, and there is nothing in her writings to indicate she is anything or anybody other than she claims, or that her situation is anything different than what she has stated.

This is merely a cheap and slanderous attempt to discredit her, and cast doubt upon her reputation.  This is what DW constantly refers to as a “satanic character attack”.

Let Rando provide his proof if he has any…Otherwise, he is caught in yet another of his hundreds of lies, since joining this forum.

Lie #2-  “I recognized the writing and it comes from one of
Derrick's henchmen. His name is Luis and is full of deception.”

REPLY:  Rando did NOT recognize the writing as that of Luis, because Dee is not Luis.  Nor do I have “henchmen”.  Luis is not full of deception, either.  Luis has not contributed to this board in several years, but when he did, it was normally in a way that exposed Rando’s lies for what they were.  In fact, Luis had such a damaging effect on Rando’s mental state, that Rando STILL to this day, sees Luis behind every bush.  

But the above statement from Rando is simply another lie.  It is about like the lie where he claimed he “found out” that I was a former Witness, which he certainly did not.

The simple fact is…Rando cannot refute people with Scripture, so he attacks their character by lying.

Lie #3-  “I guess he might be a crossdresser claiming to be a female "Dee". Lol”

REPLY:  Now, I know Rando is the funniest guy he knows, but here again we simply have another attempt to slander Luis by implying that perhaps he is a cross-dresser.  I had the privilege of having lunch with Luis awhile back, and there was nothing about him that indicated to me he was having problems with his sexual identity.  He is married with 2 beautiful children, and Rando is merely trying to insult someone whom he never could refute from the Scripture.

But Rando, I have to wonder if you aren’t here possibly confessing your own deep, dark secret?  Possibly a cry for help?  Just saying…

Look, if you need to write someone in Private about this and just open up about it, I am sure any of the Christian experts here will keep your confidentiality, and help you in any way that we can.  Granted, most of us probably aren’t experienced in counseling this sort of problem, but we will certainly pray for you, if you are struggling.

I just can’t help but wonder what kind of sick mind would even think of something like that.  Oh yeah….one that can’t answer someone from Scripture, and all they have left is to insult and tear down.

This is a prime example of a warped old man pushing 70 years old, that acts like an 8-year child.

Lie #4-  “His wife is a Jehovah's Witness and he goes to the meetings to gather
information for the opposing side, just like an undercover spy.”

REPLY:  Now, I am still trying to figure out if Luis’ wife IS, or is NOT, a JW.  If you read Rando’s comments, we see that he has said BOTH.  Actually, Luis’ wife IS a JW, but the above comment was a lie…Luis does not go to the meetings to gather information for any “opposing side”.  Nor is he acting as an undercover spy.

Again, let Rando post his proof, if he has any.  He doesn’t…this is just a typical lie from the “honest” man in “the truth”, named Rando.

Lie #5-  “. I know him well.”

REPLY:  Another lie.  Rando does not “know” Luis.  Rando only remembers the Scriptural beatings that Luis gave him, and apparently, still has nightmares about it.   The best thing that ever happened to Rando, was when Luis removed his profile from this forum and stopped posting here.  But it has obviously had a lasting impact on him, at any rate.

Rando has never met Luis, does not know Luis, and knows nothing ABOUT Luis, other than what Luis has himself posted on this forum.  And Rando himself told us that Luis’ claims were completely false (see earlier quote again), but now in an attempt to slander Dee, Rando now claims that Luis’ comments about his wife are true.

Such is the twisted mind of Rando.

Lie #6-  “So I can attest to "Dee" being this Luis”

REPLY:  No, Rando cannot “attest” to Dee being Luis, for the simple reason that Dee is not Luis.

Lie #7-  “He writes to Derrick and other Apostates and will
(stealthily) approach anyone defending Jehovah's Sovereignty. Then

REPLY:  This is a lie, for a couple of reasons.  First, I am not an apostate.  Second, Luis hasn’t written to me in over 2 years.  Thirdly, we too defend Jehovah’s Sovereignty, so Rando is trying to create a false dilemma.  As if calling Rando out on his looney comments, slanders, and lies, are somehow an attack on Jehovah.  

What is it with these people, and their view of themselves, anyway?  DW just made a similar comment in the last day or 2, when he wrote….

DW:  ““Everyone that has faced me toe to toe has got crushed, some multiple times and everyone that attempts to face me will get crushed. How can Jehovah lose??”

Uh DW, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you’re not Jehovah.  Jehovah cannot lose…You, on the other hand, have lost at every turn because like your dear friend Rando, stoop to Satan’s methods of lying.  We are told quite clearly in John 8:44, who the father of the lie is.  So, when you guys lie, you are not upholding Jehovah’s Sovereignty….you are revealing who is operating through you.  Jehovah doesn’t tell people to lie, Rando and DW.  

Lie #8-  “When you reject him, he will run to Derrick the top Demon, and pass
the information to the demonic spiderweb where other demons learn
about you. So when Derrick approaches you, it is because he already
has you surrounded and has others commenting and dictating to him to
what to say.”

REPLY:  Rando, are you still seeing those black helicopters flying around?  DW, could you write this guy and tell him to take his medication, and get some rest?  

Seriously, I have no idea what that first sentence is supposed to mean, as if I actually have time in my busy schedule to help circulate information about JWs on this site, when I actually have no information at all on most of them, nor do I want any.

And NOBODY dictates to me what to say in my answers, nor do I dictate to anyone else what to say in theirs.  

So, this statement was another lie, and a foolish one at that.  I am not the “top” anything…just a Bible-believing Christian who is here to expose religious lies, and bring people to Jesus Christ, and the truth of Scripture.

And THAT is the message that these people hate with a passion, and that is why they are so off-their-rocker the past few weeks, and using false and lying slanderous attacks in full force.  

Lie #9-  “Luis goes to Apostate sites begging and pleading for them to join in
to gain Holland's approval.”

REPLY:  Another lie.  Luis never goes anywhere trying to get people for my “approval”.  That is one of the dumbest statements I have read in a long time.  

Tell us, Rando…What are these “apostate sites” you speak of, and when did Luis try to get my approval by going to them “begging and pleading” for anything?  

I think there may be another helicopter flying over your house,  Rando.  

You know, they will NEVER say it publicly and hurt poor ole’ Rando’s feelings, but if Sister T and DW have even an ounce of sanity and common sense, they HAVE to be embarrassed by Rando writing this stuff.  If they aren’t, and they actually believe these rantings have any truth in them, then they must be as unstable as he is.  Either way, this is what Rando always does when he is desperate.

Hey Rando, why not try a different approach?  Why not just have that discussion with me on a doctrinal matter that we agree on, and both present our cases Scripturally?  Several people have asked you to do this, and you always get scared and refuse.  So, you send DW your questions to me, and you write other experts with your lies and cowardly cheap shots.

Not very convincing, Rando.  What are you so scared of?

And why do you lie, Rando?  And why do you uphold him in his lies and slander, DW and Sister T?  Is Jehovah pleased with you for this?  Is Jehovah so concerned about your defending His “organization”, that He wants you to LIE for it?  Is that how you think Jehovah operates?  

Lie #10-  “Matter of fact, they are trying to gather
information on us so they can send someone and remove you permanently.”

REPLY:  This is much like another statement Rando made back in 2008, showing his extreme mental instability and paranoia.  He wrote back in 2008.…

““These 3 vowed to lodge complains to Allexperts until JW's were removed. Maybe those who made this vow should be removed.”

Now, I for one, have never tried to get JWs removed from this forum, because I think JWs SHOULD have representatives in this forum.  I do believe that JWs who lie and slander, such as Rando, T, and DW, have no place in this forum, because Allexperts requires that each expert give TRUTHFUL and ACCURATE answers to the best of their ability.

But the other JWs have every right to be here, and Rando has lied in claiming that there is some attempt to have them removed.

Its like my good friend Kevin and I were saying by phone the other day…They THINK we want them gone, but having these people here is actually a good thing, because their mannerisms alone turn people away from the message of the WT, and can serve to keep people from falling into false doctrine.  I have had numerous people write to me, and tell me that if Rando is a typical JW, then that is enough for them to know that they don’t want to be one.  

The WT doctrine is false…and when people read how DW, Rando, and Sister T will lie, twist, and slander in order to defend it, then it shows that they really have no Biblical foundation to stand on.  

So no, there is no attempt to get JWs’ removed from this forum.  Nor has there ever been a “vow” of any sort, along these lines.  There never has been.  Rando simply lied, and once again, illustrates his paranoia for all, and shows what type of spirit is speaking to him.

Lie #11-  “They write letters to the Governing Body and respective Congregations
to divide and conquer.”

REPLY:  I have never once written a letter to ANY congregation, and only 2 letters in my life to the GB.  And neither of those 2 letters had anything even remotely related to this forum.

So, Rando lied again, and really needs prayer for his paranoia.  I am firmly convinced that Rando is not just merely a crazy person, but is being controlled by something far bigger than him.  That is my observation, based on the past 5+ years of reading his writings.  He claims that he knows “sacred secrets”, and has so much wisdom and discernment, yet his comments are laughable and completely false…Proof that they are NOT coming from Jehovah God.  So, where DO they come from, then?

Anything revealed by Jehovah God, will ALWAYS be true.  Rando’s comments are lies.  It isn’t rocket science to discern that his comments are not coming from God, on that basis alone.

Lie #12-  “. I wouldn't put it pass them to commit "terrorist acts" in order to disrupt the peace we have.”

REPLY:  I will simply leave it to the readers to decide WHO, between Rando and the Christians on this forum, is mentally and emotionally the most likely to commit some sort of “terrorist act”.

I don’t think that one even deserves a comment…the facts speak for themselves.  

Any unbiased person who has read this board for any length of time, knows who would be more likely to do something like that.

Nothing else needs to be said.

DW, Sister T, Rando…Why do you lie?  Don’t you guys believe these Scriptures?

Psalm 119:29-  “Remove from me the way of lying: and grant me thy law graciously.”

Psalm 119:163-  “I hate and abhor lying: [but] thy law do I love.”

Prov. 6:16, 17, 19-  “These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: ….a lying tongue…. A false witness [that] speaketh lies….”

Prov. 10:18-  “He that hideth hatred [with] lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, [is] a fool.”

Prov. 12:22-  “Lying lips [are] abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly [are] his delight.”

In light of the above Scriptures, how does Jehovah God view you, Rando, and what you have once again attempted to do, but failed?  

Jehovah`s Witness

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