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Jehovah`s Witness/Seriously, Rando? That's Your Reply When You Get Caught Lying Again?


Well Rando, is that how you act when your lies are exposed?  You guys (and gal) should stop throwing your pacifier on the floor, and just explain why you lied to the readers of this forum again.  You guys get caught in your attempted deceit, promptly throw your pacifer down, and then whine when your lies get exposed.

I would think that after you getting exposed for ALTERING an article on the death of Jesus on the cross awhile back, you would have been more careful.

I noticed that you never did address the fact that you lied about Dee, and I also noticed you didn’t either offer proof that Dee is Luis, nor did you correct your lies about her in a follow-up post.  Instead, you once again show your childish nature by changing the subject, and calling me names.  That isn’t a very effective tactic, because it isn’t my fault that you lied about Dee.  

You shouldn’t have tried that again.  I always expose you when you do it.  It isn’t my fault you never learn.  You are simply not going to slander people like Dee, and get away with it.  Dee has done nothing to you, and you aren’t going to lie about her here in the public, or I will expose you for it.

What were you thinking, anyway?  You have tried that so many times before, and you ALWAYS get embarrassed when you do it.  When has that little tactic of saying that one person is really someone else, EVER once worked for you?

Some people never learn.

But you know, the WEIRD part is, that you have become so predictable that I knew to take that picture of my computer screen several weeks ago, because I knew you would eventually lie about Dee and claim she was someone else.  Man, talk about being predictable…I can only imagine your face when you saw that.  

You have to get up pretty early in the morning, Rando….And you didn’t get up early enough.  Sorry.

So folks, I pointed out yesterday how Rando exhibit’s the qualities of someone who is being controlled by demonic spirits.  His response today clearly shows this.  A true Christian would correct their lies and slander.  Actually no, a TRUE Christian would not lie and slander to start with.  So, I should say, a person with any sort of conscience, would correct their lies and slander.  On the other hand, a person who is under the control of demons would act differently when their lies are exposed.  They would try to turn things around on the person who exposes them, attack that person with a vengeance, tell even MORE lies about that person, and completely CHANGE THE SUBJECT off of the lies they told and were exposed for telling.

So, which one do we see Rando doing?  Correcting his own falsehoods, or attacking the person who called him out, and screaming like a demon at the top of his lungs?

But his reaction illustrates a point on JW mentality, that we have seen so many times in this forum.  The simple fact is, there are JWs who believe that they can say WHATEVER they wish, whether it is true or not, as long as its being done to defend “the truth”.  Yes, that is correct…People such as Rando, DW, and others, believe it is acceptable to defend “the truth” by lying.  Now personally, I would think that you would defend “the truth” with…TRUTH.  But since they can’t do that, but can’t grasp that perhaps their inability to do that would indicate that maybe they are NOT the “truth”, they instead lie, slander, and attack.  That is what we saw from Rando’s posting, not only his attack of me, but his slander of Dee a couple days back.

Its quite simple really…I posted how Rando had lied, and I didn’t just throw out an empty accusation like they always do.  I took Rando’s own comments, and refuted those comments with the truth, thereby showing that he was lying.  THEY, on the other hand, never actually SHOW the lie of the person they claim is lying.  Instead, they just keep saying it over and over.  When they are asked or challenged to produce it, they claim they didn’t read what you said.  

Case in point, DW said…”“You know I have no idea what Derrick's said or hasn't said.”

Funny thing, DW is always commenting on what I have said.  DW tells everyone that he has a list of my lies (which he never shows us), but it makes you wonder how he could have such a list without reading what I have said.  DW is quite positive that I lie, twist, manipulate, and slander the WT, but now he tells us that he doesn’t know what I have said, and he has told us numerous times he doesn’t read my writings.  But he seems to always know what is in them, and their "malicious" content, or at least he CLAIMS he does.  

Actually, DW knows full well that he was called out and challenged for his false statements, and that I offered to put aside the arguing and discuss a Scriptural topic with him.  And all his talk about “mauling” was just that…talk.  He isn’t going to “maul” anyone, and he never was.  

He tried to slander the non-Witnesses here just like his friend Rando does (you know the saying about “birds of a feather”…), and it has completely backfired on him.  Now all he can do is claim victory, when it is obvious to all that he has failed in what he attempted to do.  And he will continue to fail, if he keeps trying it.   I mean, what do these people think?  That if they lie about us enough, and slander us enough, that we are going to run away in terror or something?  They must be out of their minds.

Then DW makes matters worse for himself, by making yet ANOTHER false claim.  He wrote…

DW:  “His Satanic tactics have been exposed. I even forced him to admit he uses them. Then I forced him to admit that he can't prove he's a christian from his Bible teachings.So no amount of foot stamping and crying whilst sucking his thumb will change that fact. What else is there to say on the subject!!”

Say what?  DW, in his deluded mind, actually thinks he forced me to admit to using Satanic tactics, and that I can’t prove I’m a Christian?  Apparently, like Rando, he has IMAGINARY conversations in his head that he thinks actually took place.  Or else, he’s lying.  I have never admitted any such thing as to using “satanic tactics”…Instead, I have shown repeatedly that THEY are the ones who use those.  

Nor did I ever state something so stupid, as to say that I can’t prove from Scripture that I’m a Christian.  I would be happy to prove from Scripture, what is required to be a Christian, and I can state that I have done what the Scripture requires.  In the manner in which he is trying to claim, NOBODY can "prove" they are a Christian, because they would have to display what is in their heart for all to see, and that cannot be done on a forum like this.  On that basis, DW cannot prove that HE is a Christian...But he HAS proven that he isn't, based on his falsehoods that he keeps telling.  Also, on that basis, DW cannot "prove" that myself, Richard, Kevin, Ben, Dee, or anyone else, is NOT a Christian either.  

But I will say one thing...All of the above-mentioned people act more Christian in their conduct here, than either DW or Rando.  That can be problem.

And I realize this is an all-too-often repeated theme, but I couldn’t help noticing AGAIN that DW failed to proved a link to where I was “forced to admit” what he claims.

Why didn’t you show where this was said, DW?  Never mind…we both know why…AGAIN.  Its because it wasn’t ever said.  So, why did you lie and say it was?

This guy is as desperate as Rando is.

Like this statement from DW, for instance….”His Satanic tactics have been exposed.”

No DW, to “expose” something, it takes a lot more than just SAYING it happens.  You actually have to SHOW where it is happening.  You have to provide direct quotes, and links where the readers can check it out for themselves.  You always fail to do that.

The only thing that has been “exposed” here, is the lies told by you and Rando.  I exposed Rando’s lies about Dee, and I did it with his own words.  That, my English friend, is how you “expose” something.

On a side note, I got sort of a laugh from the poor questioner who wrote to DW, desperately trying to “help out”.  Never mind that the questioner didn’t bother to show where I lied either…we all know that is never going to happen.  But what was sort of funny, is the title of their question, and one of their comments, actually makes them look ridiculous.

They titled their question….”Derrick DOESNT KNOW HOW TO LIE RIGHT! LOL!”

REPLY:  Well, I take that as a compliment.  Why WOULD I want to know how “to lie right”?  I don’t practice lying, so therefore, I would not expect to be good at it.  I would rather be honest.  But I do appreciate the questioner pointing out that I am not good at lying.  I don’t want to be.  I have no need to lie.

Why would this questioner, obviously a JW, think its FUNNY that a person doesn't know how to "lie right"?  Furthermore, how DO you lie "right"?  Lying, by definition, is wrong.  

Wow...what a weird statement.

Then, the anonymous questioner wrote….”Hi Bro DW, I noticed Derricks last attempt to make his story sound truthful was a joke!!! LOL! The guy needs some lessons on from a book called HOW TO LIE FOR "DUMMIES" LIKE DERRICK!”

REPLY:  Not sure exactly what “story” this person is referring to, since I don’t recall telling a story.  I merely used Rando’s and DW’s own quotes to show their dishonesty and slander.  When you use a person’s own quotes, IN CONTEXT, that is hardly a “joke”…that’s the way you are supposed to do it.

The questioner saw that Rando was being kicked around like a rag doll, and got desperate and tried to help out.  

But again, thanks for acknowledging that I don’t know how to lie right.  I am honored that you noticed that.  However, I haven’t seen the book you offered.  By the way Questioner, did you author that book?  Or did Rando?  DW?  Wonder if I could get an autographed copy?  Nah…I am sure that if I keep reading this forum long enough, and see enough posts from Rando and DW, I will figure out “how to lie right”.  But actually, the more of their stuff I see, the less I want to act like that.

But thanks anyway for the offer.

Then, the anonymous questioner wrote….”Perhaps he can take lessons from the 7 Demons that reside in his home with his wife and 2 boys.But then again, I think those 7 Demons inside his home would just continue to lie to him, making Derrick Holland believe their all either his guardian angels.Or all those 7 Demons will just end up taking a cheap shot at Derrick and his wife and 2boys, and make them ALL think their hearing Gods voice among them.”

REPLY:  If only the questioner had explained what they meant by “7 demons”, then perhaps that remark might have made more sense.  And how cowardly to remain anonymous behind a keyboard, while taking cheap shots at my family.  Wonder why DW didn’t point out how “satanic” that was?  Simple…DW displays extreme hypocrisy.

Uh questioner, you are welcome to write me and discuss any Bible topic you wish to.  But you can leave my family out of it.  Neither my wife nor my sons have ever written this forum, so you just need to limit your remarks to me.  Don't stoop to cowardice.  Like most JWs on here, you hide behind someone else and you take cheap shots, because you don’t have the Biblical literacy to have a Scriptural discussion.  You really aren’t helping the JW image in the eyes of the readers…you are merely confirming what the Christians here have been saying.

Now, on to Rando’s post…

At this time, I will simply repeat once again what we have learned from DW, in his time on this forum.  We have learned…

1.  That apostates and opposers use “satanic tactics”.

2.  These “satanic tactics” are lying and slandering others, and attacking the messenger, instead of attacking their message.

Okay, since we have learned these “nuggets” of truth from the keyboard of DW, let us now look at Rando’s latest rants, to see if he is attacking the message of my post exposing him, or if he instead, utilizes the “satanic tactic” (so labeled by DW) of “attacking the messenger”.

Well, Rando wastes no time at all in putting that question to rest, and immediately removes all doubt in the opening line….

RANDO:  ““That's the Derrick I know. Nasty, vile, venomous, demonic disposition.”

REPLY:  Well, at least Rando makes no pretense as to how he is going to approach this.  You would think after getting exposed for lying about Dee, his thread might start off with something like…”I owe Dee an apology”, or "I shouldn't have written that", or something like a Christian would write.  

But not Rando…Opening line, Derrick is “nasty, vile, venomous”, and let’s not forget…has a “demonic disposition”.  And all that, for simply pointing out that he was lying about Dee and Luis.  

He must feel like he is entitled to lie, or something.

Funny how Rando doesn’t view his own lies as “demonic”, and doesn’t view slandering an innocent woman as “demonic”.  No, he only views EXPOSING HIS lies as “demonic”.  In this guy’s twisted mind, his lies are pleasing to Jehovah, and exposing his lies, is “demonic”.  I would simply call his attention once again to John 8:44, where we read of the REAL origin of lying.

Really Rando, you have been on here educating all of us about the “true origins of Christmas” and everything…Well, would you mind educating us all on the TRUE ORIGIN of the lie, Rando?  Could you do that for us?  Tell us things like…

1.  Who told the first lie?  

2.  Who’s pattern has it been to utilizing lying and slander, throughout the Scriptures?

3.  Who does the Scripture say is behind lying, and in fact, the FATHER of it?

4.  Where does the Scripture indicate liars will end up? (Hint..Sister T just told us that one, so you can ask her if you aren’t sure).

How nice, Rando.  You have spent 5 years on this board, and continued your pattern THIS WEEK, of slander and lying about people, and printing false accusations against them.  But at least you didn’t buy anyone a Christmas present, or go see Christmas lights, or anything wicked such as that.  And you remained faithful by not singing even one verse of “HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING”.  You have been so kind as to tell everyone your version of the Satanic origin of Christmas, while at the same time, committing acts that we KNOW from actual SCRIPTURES, that are detested by Jehovah God….slander and lies.

Congratulations, Rando…You have proven to everyone just what true deception really is, and have helped us to understand the meaning of Matthew 23:24.…

“[Ye] blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.”

But let’s not stop there….Is there still a question of whether Rando is going to attack my message exposing his lies, or if he is simply going to attack my character, which DW says is a “satanic tactic”?  The opening sentence in his answer to himself, reads….

RANDO:  “Derrick's Character is summed up in this link titled, "What would you call a person?" It explains those who are not JW's would go on a Jehovah Witness Public Forum for one reason and one reason only.”

REPLY:  Well, we see it right there.  No mention whatsoever of his being exposed for lying.  Instead, he mentions my CHARACTER.  Hmm…looks like a “satanic character attack” to me.

But that’s fine…I will put my character up against Rando’s any day.  At least I don’t lie about people I don’t know, and slander them for merely disagreeing with my religious beliefs.  Rando talking about anyone’s character, and calling them a “liar”, is about like Barack Obama talking about how we have to protect children from acts of violence, while at the same time supporting abortion.  About like Osama Bin Laden condemning acts of terror.  

And then, he hilariously links to HIS OWN writing, to prove his own point about my character.  I guess he is going to prove I have bad character, by linking back to another post from HIM, where he said I have bad character…lol.  

Good one, Rando.

And again, neither you, DW, nor Sister T, can seem to grasp this is NOT a JW forum…it’s a PUBLIC forum about the JW religion.  Wow…and you guys call me “thick”?

RANDO:  “Get behind derrick, get behind me! For your thoughts are of Satan and not God's thoughts.”

REPLY:  Really?  Hmm…I never have thought about posting lies about people in public.  You have done it countless times.  I have never tried to lie and misrepresent the doctrines of JWs’, yet you do that to our beliefs all the time.  

So, who is thinking like Satan, exactly? John 8:44 again….

RANDO:  “Oh, you say Jesus Christ is a liar? Wouldn't that be the Anti-Christ, to be the one making those false claims. That's right! You're a member of the Anti-Christ, Derrick.”

REPLY:  Yeah, I guess it would be, if I had actually said that.  But I never said Jesus Christ was a liar, Rando…I only said you are.  You’re not Jesus Christ.

RANDO:  “Derrick, you are being stripped naked for all to see, even the wicked see that you are being severely exposed.”

REPLY:  (Sigh)..What is it with you and DW, and cross-dressing, and wanting to see people with their pants down?  You guys need help…SERIOUS help.

RANDO:  “However, if you want to study up on Derrick's demonic disposition, he has been mortally wounded and exposed for what he is, a liar.”

REPLY:  Now, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle “black”.  Rando, your lies have been clearly exposed…not just once, but time and again.

Now, are you going to keep trying to change the subject, or are you going to retract your false statements attacking Dee.  You owe that woman an apology.

We’re waiting……  

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