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Jehovah`s Witness/Sister T won't correct her false statements and misquotes....


I made an attempt today to address Sister T's accusations of "lies", which she falsely made against myself, and a questioner named "Kevin".  I pointed out to her how she altered quotes, and also showed her the dishonest nature of her comments.  Not only did she alter her own quotes, but she also misquoted Kevin and myself, in order to give support to her accusation of a "lie" on our part.

I wrote to her with respect, and gave her the opportunity to correct her falsehoods.  I am sure the other JWs will call it "picking on" and "bullying", but that is their problem.  It is the right thing to do, when someone tries to spread falsehood...address them directly.  So I did.

And as always, I gave Sister T the opportunity to provide actual examples of lies, attacks, etc.  And as always, it didn't happen.  These people are simply unable and unwilling to show humility and admit error, in regards to their falsehoods and slander against the non-JWs in this forum.

Its on them, when they answer to God.

What follows, is my writing to her, which she rejected.  (And yes, DW, I did write this one to myself.)

HER REJECTION:  "Hello! The expert can't answer your question."


Good evening, Sister T. I have decided after reading your comments today, that the best way to straighten this out is to write you directly. I ask that you reply without a rejection, and hopefully, this can be resolved so that this is the last correspondence we need to have directly. Now, I will do my part to be peaceable, but once again unfortunately, you are not being forthright with the readers. So, my response is again necessitated.

You wrote today….”“Derrick and Kevin really know how to lie and twist really good, I didn't read all that he said, but I just want to expose a few things they twisted and lied about!”

You know, I have made numerous requests now for you, DW, Rando, or anyone, to simply show one lie or example of a character attack coming from me. I thought after reading this comment from you, that we were FINALLY going to see it. Alas, we didn’t…Unfortunately, we only saw you doing it again….twisting things, I mean. And some people might also consider it “lying”, to alter quotes.

Let me explain…Now, I have gone back through both my writings over the past few days, and Kevin’s. And I think you are in error on a number of things.

First, Kevin stated nowhere that YOU specifically rejected a question on the Faithful and Discreet Slave. Now to be fair, Kevin DID say that 4 Experts had rejected him on this question. Then he listed 4 experts by name...Grunbaum, DW, Nacilla, and you. He only stated that the first 3 had rejected a F & DS question. While I can see how that might have been taken on your part and been a little confusing the way it was listed, I think maybe you should read his comments a little more carefully. Under YOUR name, he did not say you rejected an F & DS question…He stated that you rejected his question telling you that he loved you and was concerned for your salvation (which was his follow-up), as well as stating that he initially contacted you to let you know DW‘s comment was false, and that he in fact had sent the question to me. He himself stated that you changed the first question to “PUBLIC”, and rejected the follow-up.

Furthermore, he did NOT say you called him an apostate, yet you claim that he did. Let me show where you said this….

Sister T, you stated…”He said I called him an apostate, I never did, why would I call him an apostate when he said he was NOT a JW.”

REPLY: That’s not what he said, ma’am. Read it again….

Kevin ACTUALLY stated….”she labeled me either an "apostate or opposer", and rejected my response”

Now Sister T, you need to remember that the quotes are there in the public forum for anyone to read. Not trying to be unkind here, but here again you are taking great liberty with the facts of this matter.

Also, in what you rejected in his follow-up which did NOT appear in the forum, but which Kevin shared with me, he also said to you the following….

KEVIN: “Why would you label me an "opposer or apostate"?

Again Sister T, we see your comment that “he said I called him an apostate”, isn’t quite the truth, is it?

Furthermore, why did you alter one single word out of your OWN quote, which changes the meaning of it? Here is what I am referring to. I will now quote what you CLAIM you originally said, and then quote what you actually DID say.

TODAY, YOU MADE THIS CLAIM: “I said "you and all the opposers and apostates"

But once again, that isn’t exactly accurate. Here is what you ACTUALLY said originally, Sister T…

“I'm not here to debate with you and all the other opposers and apostates”

REPLY: Sister T, why did you leave out the little word “other”, when you referenced your own quote? Is that honest? What you originally said to Kevin, was that you did not wish to debate with him, AND ALL THE OTHER opposes and apostates. So yes, I’d say that you were definitely categorizing him with the others whom you view as “apostates” or “opposers”.

So, he didn’t exactly “take that and run with it”, as you claim. He was merely stating the fact of the matter, and he told no lie in doing so. Everything he stated was true.

Now, back to the Faithful and Discreet Slave question. I have no idea if he asked you that question specifically under another name, or if there is another expert (which would make 4), who rejected that question. I will ask him, but cannot presently give you an answer on that. Either way, you made the charge that he (actually we, he and I) “lie and twist”, but the only one we see altering quotes here, is you.

Now, Kevin is not a liar. I am quite certain that if he inadvertently typed something that wasn’t accurate, he will show FAR more character than any of you do, and correct it. The difference between us, and the “trinity” (excuse the expression) of rude JWs this week (DW, Rando, and you), is that WE will correct any error on our part. That is humility. It is PRIDE when you are shown your error, and refuse to acknowledge it, but rather just excuse it by further attacking the character of the men you lied about, as we saw DW do again today. When it comes to character, there is no comparison on that count.

SISTER T, you wrote: “Derrick mentioned that I don't back up what I say scripturally, anyone who has read my replies to Bible questions has seen the scriptures backing up what is said by me. Out right lie!”

REPLY: Would you provide the specific quote, please, so that I can see it in the context of what I was saying? Now, I HAVE stated that none of you can back up your doctrine of the resurrection in a Scriptural discussion with me. Is that what you are referring to? Until I know the specific comment you are talking about, I really can’t address it.

And actually, I believe you guys have made the same comment about me, and I dare say I use every bit as much, and more Scripture than you guys do. So that “outright lie” statement works both ways.

Let me remind you that it is ME, who has stated my willingness to enter into a SCRIPTURAL discussion with anyone here who wishes to, and it is ME who has asked for it to be done without the name-calling and mud-slinging. And it is YOU 3 who have continued the character attacks, and I have not responded in kind.

So, just remember that please.

SISTER T, you wrote….”I made Kevin's statements public because he said he only made it private as to not degrade ME in a public forum. So he didn't make it private for himself, he said it was for my benefit. And he said we were hiding things, therefore, why get mad if I make it public, as I said I have nothing to hide! Evil Tactic.”

REPLY: Not really. What Kevin did was actually the CHRISTIAN thing to do…Rather than call out DW for making a complete fool of himself with that “DERRICK WRITING TO HIMSELF AGAIN”, and your going along with it, he wrote to you in private and simply stated that HE was the one who wrote it, and wanted you guys to set the record straight on your own, without embarrassment.

Now, that was the RIGHT thing to do, on his part. And it would have been the RIGHT thing to do on your part, and on DW‘s part…Set the record straight, I mean. But unfortunately, DW didn’t choose to do the Christian thing. He is content to let his falsehood stand, so that is on him when he gives an account to his Creator. We all know what the Scriptures say about it.

Now, on to my supposed “lies”….

SISTER T, you wrote….”Then when I said that others have made fun of Bro. Grunbaum's name, Derrick said that I was referring to the experts on here. Now the questioner Dee is the only one I spoke to on here who spelled the name wrong, and I said many others on here had made fun of the name, I never mentioned the word experts or implied that I was speaking of them, why would he say I was referring to experts, the only way he could say that I was referring to experts is if he is Dee.”

REPLY: Well, let me first say that I am not Dee. Dee lives in New York City, and I am a Southerner. I just want to get that out of the way, before those voices in Rando’s head start telling him that “Dee” is another of my aliases. You saw where he once again claimed that I have aliases? I just laughed at how ridiculous this guy can be. He has been proven foolish so many times on that lie, yet he keeps using it. He is a desperate man, that’s all I can say.

Now, down to what you said…No Sister T, you are once again not stating the facts correctly. First, I said that I was not aware if another QUESTIONER had made fun of the name. I said that I was quite certain that none of the EXPERTS had done so. I personally don’t recall seeing ANYONE do it.

Now, I simply asked you to provide proof. Actually, I initially said I had no idea what you were referring to. Remember, Sister T? Here is what I originally said about that…

ME: “Secondly, what on earth is Sister T talking about when she claims that “many on here like to do (presumably, misspell a name on purpose) to make jokes and poke fun”? Who has been doing that? Intentionally misspelling names in order to poke fun? Any examples of that? Where does a statement like that even come from?”

Then, when I commented on it the second time, I stated this….

ME: “Uh no, Mrs. T, I do not believe that you have one example of anyone making fun of Grunbaum's name. I happen to know that is not his name, but an alias. That's neither here nor there. Nobody has made fun of it. I know for a fact I haven't, nor have any of the other experts in the forum. Now if a questioner has done so, I am not aware of that. But you were aiming that at the experts here, and you were wrong.”

You also said the following…

SISTER T: ““And then they say no one has ever made fun of Bro Grunbaum's name, that's not true, and I am not going to go hunting for it either, if he wants to hold his breath and stomp his feet until he turns blue go ahead. But I know they have and just because he said they haven't means nothing!"

REPLY: First off, your above quote sure sounds like you are calling me a liar, and claiming that my denial of doing this, means nothing. You are saying you basically know better.

Now, once again Sister T, you are misquoting me. I did not say that NOBODY has ever made fun of his name. I haven’t been with the guy his entire life…how would I know that? What I said was, I don’t believe that you have ONE EXAMPLE of anyone doing it ON HERE. I stated that I know for a fact that I haven’t done so, and neither have the other experts. I said that I was not aware of a questioner doing it either.

Now, I will state that I DOUBT very seriously that anyone has made fun of the name “Benyamin Grunbaum” AWAY from this forum, because again, that is not his real name. So, why would he use this name when he goes out in public off of Allexperts? Unless maybe he uses that alias on other internet forums, as well.

Now, I did say that you were “aiming” that accusation at the Experts here. And I think you are now trying to backtrack. Here is WHY I said that, Sister T…It is because of your original statement that you made, when you specifically used the words “ON HERE”.

You said…”then you spelled the name wrong, like many on here like to do to make jokes and poke fun”

Okay then, Sister T, who then are you referring to when you say that people “on here” have made fun of him? The experts are the ones “on this forum”, unless you are speaking very broadly and considering the questioners as “on here” also. If that is what you meant to imply, and maybe worded it in such a way that it was misunderstood, then please clarify that.

Now, if you want to retract your statement, that is fine. I will say no more about it if you do. If you can bring yourself to acknowledge that your wording caused confusion, but that you really meant something else, then I will accept that too. I am a very reasonable person, believe it or not.

But if you want to insist with this “I know they have”, then you need to provide proof. If not a link (I know you don’t want to “hunt it”), then perhaps just tell us what the statement was. Do you know who did it? Give us something, besides a baseless accusation.

And on a side note, Sister T, while we are on names and aliases…Don’t you think its quite hypocritical for your dear Bro. Rando to talk about ME using “aliases”? Of you 4 JW experts, NONE of you use your full names, or your real names. I do. Now, that is fine with me if you don’t. But he is being hypocritical for talking about my aliases, when he has more of them than anybody. I know you aren’t going to call him a hypocrite, because after all, he is your ‘dear Brother”. But I am quite certain if it were me, you would call ME a hypocrite for the very same thing. You all need to get the beam out of your own eyes.

SISTER T, you wrote….”He also said I said that all non Witnesses hate us. I never said that, another lie”

REPLY: Actually Sister T, you just told another lie yourself, when you claim that I said that you said that “all non-Witnesses” hate you.

Do you have a statement from me, or is this just something else you pulled out of thin air? Let me guess…You’re not going to “hunt it”. Shouldn’t be hard, since all of this has transpired just over the past few days.

Now, I went back through my writings, looking for such a statement that claims you said that “all non-Witnesses hate us”. I found none. I don’t believe I made that statement, so you are not going to label me a “liar” for a statement that I didn’t even make. It is actually a lie for you to claim that I MADE a statement, that I didn’t.

Now, I wanted to be fair about this one, because if I did inadvertently make that statement, I would like to correct it. I do not believe that you necessarily think ALL non-Witnesses hate you. I DO believe that you think the non-Witnesses on this board, hate you. Why do I believe that? Because you said so. You wrote…

SISTER T: ““You mentioned that the apostates and opposers on here are nicer then the Witnesses. To me that's a horrible thing to say as they hate us”

I think that’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

This is the PRECISE reason that I asked you to specifically identify the ones here that you think are apostates.

So, I wanted to go back through my answers to make sure I hadn’t typed that. I don’t believe that I did.

Here is what I found, and if I missed a reference, please feel free to bring it to my attention. I wrote…

ME (regarding what I feel is your hate for us): ““And you hit the nail on the head, when you called it "deep-seeded hate". That is exactly what it is. I appreciate your showing this woman the love of Christ, and expressing that love to her. I pray she comes to Him one day. God only knows the so-called Christians who are rude to her at the door, just like she and her friends are in this forum.”

Nothing here about all non-Witnesses hating YOU. I was stating that your remarks show hate in your heart for us.

ME (regarding what I feel is your hate for us): ““Just because you have hate for me, and don't think I should be here, does not give you the right to lie and slander.”

“You aren't going to correct your mistake, because it is US that you are making it against, and you have such a hatred for the non-witnesses here, that you somehow believe Jehovah will give you a free pass even if you did tell a little fib.”

Again, I am speaking of YOUR hate for the non-Witness experts HERE in this forum…Once again, nothing about anyone hating you, or JWs in general.

ME: ““I am sorry that she rejected your follow-up, where you showed concern for her soul. But she has already gone on record saying that the non-Witnesses HATE them, so she would either have to acknowledge that her statement was false and in error, or just reject it.”

This does not state that ALL non-Witnesses hate Jehovah’s Witnesses. Not even close. If you place this quote in its context, I was speaking specifically of the non-Witnesses HERE on Allexperts. This is obvious, as I was referencing YOUR OWN statement of record to Dee, that “they hate us”, and YOU were referring to the non-Witnesses HERE on this board, because those are the ones Dee spoke of when she said they were nicer.

ME: ““They have been taught for so long, and had it drilled into their heads for so long, that non-Witnesses hate them, that they cannot even grasp any other concept.”

This is probably about the closest thing you are going to get, to what your statement claims that I said that you said. Again, I did not say that YOU SAID that “ALL” non-Witnesses hate Jehovah’s Witnesses. That would be quite stupid, since I myself am a non-JW, and I have already gone on record that I do not hate you.

What I did say, was that JWs in general have this “us-against-them” mentality, where they think that anyone who exposes their doctrine, hates them. And I have JW family, and I grew up in the Kingdom Hall for a number of years, and I know this is the mind-set, and that this idea is constantly drilled into your heads that others, especially people like me who have this religion in their background but now believe differently, have a hate for JWs.

And JW’s DO have this mentality. You do too. Why else would you tell Dee that “they hate us”? Why, Sister T? Have any of the non-JW experts here TOLD you that they hate you? If so, I want their names, and I will personally address them myself. If no one has stated that, and I am quite certain they haven’t, then WHY would you make that statement, UNLESS it is drilled into your head and you yourself have this mind-set?

At any rate, your accusation of a “lie” against me, was based on a totally fictitious statement. I will now do as I always do, and ask you to provide the statement where I said that you said “ALL non-Witnesses hate you”.

If you can’t provide it, then I think you need to retract your statement. Show some integrity, Sister T…its long over-due after one misquote after another. I don’t think its right to ADD the word “all” as you did now, or REMOVE the word “other” as you did earlier, to create a false impression.

I’m not new at this game, Sister T. Trust me, I’m not. I have learned over the years to watch for things like this.

SISTER T, you went on to say….”I never even used the word non Witnesses, I referred to the ones who oppose us on the site who that Dee person said were nicer then the Witnesses on here, I specifically said opposers and apostates on here, which there are opposers and apostates on here. If Derrick didn't oppose us, he would not have been on here for 12 years relentlessly opposing and spewing hatred and outright lies!”

REPLY: Now, you tried to switch the subject. Yes, we KNOW you were referring to the ones ON HERE that you deem “apostates” and “opposers”. Those are the ones I was referring to, as well. But again, I did not say that you said “all non-Witnesses hate us”.

You told a falsehood there, and then you tried to change the subject….It isn’t about whether you think “apostates” and “opposers” EXIST on this board…Its about whether or not they have ever expressed hate for you. And I don’t believe they have.

Nor is it about WHY you think I am here. The discussion was about “hate”. Now, I have gone so far as to copy and paste the explicit terms of Allexperts, and have shown quite clearly that we have as much right to be here as you do. This is not, nor has ever been, a forum FOR Jehovah’s Witnesses alone. Let me illustrate this…

Let’s say that I am having a meeting one night at my house, where I wish to have some people over to discuss the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Let’s say that I invite you, DW, and Rando to come over, and you all 3 accept the invitation. That does not make any of YOU in charge of the Guest List. It is still my home, and although I am happy to have you come over, I am still free to open up the meeting to former JWs, or those who disagree with JWs, or those who dare to disagree with you, as well. You can come, but you don’t set the rules. Its my house…I set the rules.

Likewise, Allexperts is an OPEN site, to anyone with knowledge in a particular field. You don’t have to be a certified mechanic, to give advice on the auto repair section. I don’t have to be a travel agent, to volunteer for the travel category. I only have to have sufficient knowledge to answer the question I sign up to answer.

This is really simple to grasp.

SISTER T, you wrote….”I don't hate anyone and never said that I did. If I had hatred for non witnesses I would not be going from door to door in the freezing cold, snow, and rain trying to warn people before it's too late.

REPLY: Well, that’s good to know. But again, you are shifting the subject. No one ever accused you of hating the people you call on in the freezing cold…The topic was the ones HERE, that you deem as “apostates” and “opposers”, and your claim that they HATE you. I never said you hate all non-JWs, and I never said all non-JWs hate you either.

SISTER T, you wrote….”Now I am not on another forum telling people to not listen to what the experts on that forum are saying to questioners, opposing and picking apart their replies in order to twist, slander and spew hatred. But Derrick is, so who's the one that has hatred?”

REPLY: Again, this is another falsehood. You keep making the charge that Derrick is “twisting, slandering, and spewing hatred”. And let’s not forget “Satanic character attacks”. But ONCE AGAIN, you showed nothing of the sort.

Just empty, baseless, and false accusations. I have never once spewed hatred for ANYBODY, in the 12 years that you mentioned. Show an example, Sister T. If I’ve done it for 12 years, that should be easy to do.

Now, up until very recently, there was a JW from right here in this forum who was also on the Protestant site on Allexperts. Despite the fact that she claimed that she WAS ONCE a Protestant, but was not one any more. Now, I didn’t see one single JW griping and complaining about that, or claiming that this expert is only there to “twist, or spew hatred”.

Once again, a double-standard at work.

Sister T, I really hope in the future that you will refrain from misquotes, slander, insults, and falsehoods. It will make both of our evenings free to do other things besides argue.

Still praying for you, and hope that one day you will be my spiritual “sister” in Christ Jesus.

Take care,



Following is the reason:

Have a nice day!

Expert: Sister T


There we have it....These JWs have no interest in setting things right.  Instead, they wish to slander, and have no objection to their false statements being allowed to stand.  Readers should know who is telling the truth, and who isn't.  And its becoming more obvious every day, with each post.  

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