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QUESTION: Hi Derrick,
Just a quick note...Every Wednesday we have a meeting at the hall. We study from the Kingdom Ministry...I just want to point out the subject was "Be Peaceable With All Men". The subject is self-explanatory...We talked about how we are to reply to people when we are in the ministry or just out & about. We are told to not to retaliate in anger, to always add salt when we answer, because if the person we speak to may not take to the message but we don't want to leave a bad taste in their mouth, just in case another witness may knock on their door. Also the article mentioned, that the person may not take to it now, but we may never know when that person may become our brother. I'm sending you this just to let you know, that we do get instructions on how to re-act & to reply..I hope this makes it to the site...Because if there are active witnesses on this site....I hope they went to their meeting...& I hope they will take the advise given... Be Peaceable With All Men...
Time will tell.


ANSWER: Good evening, Dee.  I truly believe the way JWs are taught to react is not the way the less mature and lesser intelligent ones on here show themselves.  That is the thing about the tends to bring out the worst in people like that.

Dee, you said..."I hope they went to their meeting...& I hope they will take the advise given... Be Peaceable With All Men..."

It is commendable that you hold out hope for this, Dee, but given what was posted about you this morning, I am not optimistic.  Did you see how you became part of the "apostate" club, and how you were demonized?  That is what happens when you disagree with these people.  Never mind that they don't know you, and don't know the first thing about you....DW is one of those who thinks he is so intelligent that he knows all about you.  His remarks about you were nothing short of slanderous, so know you have become part of the club of those affectionately labeled as "apostate"....all because you dare to think for yourself, and actually disagree on something.

His remarks were basically that you MUST be an apostate, and that there are several other ways you could have known what was in the Kingdom Ministry.  Its the same old tactic that he uses....Instead of actually giving a FACT about you, he tries to explain away YOUR facts, and demonize you in the process.

And again, its because the man has NOTHING on ANYBODY that he tries to demonize.  So, he is once again using the very "satanic attacks" that he cries so much about, this time against you.

He said...."So the apostate Dee says "I know what I'll do I'll make it look like Jehovah's witnesses shouldn't be here then everything evens itself out" and the apostate Robert Jones thinks "That's a good plan and I'll make it more credible by giving JW .org website this kills two birds with one stone, because not only do the witnesses here lose credibility like I have, but I look unbiased and will gain back my credibility, SLY AND SNEAKY like the Devil."

"That's actually a second reason how I know this Dee's an apostate.Because when she was a witness she couldn't work things out for herself which is why she left and why she can't work things out for herself now!!"

Dee, don't you just LOVE it when this clown thinks he knows so much about you, and knows so much about your life and your situation?  Why, they think they know you better than YOU know you.

Truthfully, you don't have to prove anything to me.  I have no reason not to believe what you have told me.  He claimed that you don't know as much about how the Organization works as he or Mr. Grunbaum.  Sad thing is, I have read what your feelings are, and it is apparent that you know MUCH more than DW on how to act towards other people, and what actions are becoming a Christian.  So congratulations to DW on knowing so much about how the Organization runs...perhaps he needs to learn more about being a Christian and showing the love of Christ.

I think its commendable that you haven't yet surrendered your ability to think and become a robot, as DW and some of the others have.  You still understand things like human compassion, and respect for others.  You don't feel the need to slander everyone who disagrees with you, and you haven't responded towards them anywhere close to how they have treated you.

As far as I'm concerned, you're way ahead of DW in that regard.

Like you showed....the JWs here such as DW, T, Rando, etc, do not even follow their own literature's advice on how to act.  That's a sign of their immaturity.  And you know what happens when you point that out?  Simple....DW tries to find a chink in your armor by trying to explain away WHY you have access to the Kingdom Ministry, as if that is the issue anyway.  Does he make the necessary corrections?  No...he attacks you with slander.  

Dee, that is one reason I hope you prayerfully continue to search the Scriptures.  DW is not alone among JWs, I am afraid.  When a person comes to accept that God is behind this Organization, then the mentality follows that the Org MUST be defended at all costs, no matter how its done.

Basically, you pointed out how the KM corrects them, and they slander you by trying to cast doubt on you as a person, and explain away WHY you would have the Kingdom Ministry in the first place.  DW has cult mentality at its finest.

And that's another thing....People like him think that they can get out from under having to explain their own disobedience, their own unchristian actions, and their own false doctrines, my merely labelling the other person an "apostate".  By doing that, they have tried to poison the well against you, in the hopes that people will discount what you say on that basis alone.  Another "satanic" tactic....Slandering the person without addressing their message, as if slandering them automatically proves their statemenst untrue.

His post today is one of the many reasons I am not optimistic about this guy.  I believe it will be necessary to keep the pressure on him, and he has obviously been feeling it as of late.  He has been called out and proven false time and time again, and he is reacting just as I would expect him to.

But just to let you know, his remarks against you were completely uncalled for, and only cast him in a bad light.  He didn't make you look bad in the least.  The fact that he's even TRYING to, says a lot about him, doesn't it?  All you did was write with your observations, and dared to state that you have some disagreements....And from that writing to Sister T, you have now been labelled as "apostate" and slandered by DW.

I am sorry about that, Dee....You didn't deserve it.

Take care, and have a wonderful evening.  And feel free to write at any time.  Sorry that you were slandered for merely not agreeing with every thing these people say.  I promise you will never be treated that way from ANY of the Christians on this forum.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Derrick,
I looked on the site & didn't see what you were referring to. I would love to reply to him. I would like to ask him if he read his KM or even went to the meeting.  The KM is for the friends only in the hall. No outsider is really privy to this. The KM is for the congregation ONLY. ONLY if you are a study or baptized will you get one. The Brothers only get a limited amount to give to their group. So they are difficult to get. Sometimes the Elder doesn't even have enough for his group. Not to say that someone couldn't get a hold of it, but not likely. The KM is the congregation's spiritual food to help us in the ministry. DW, only calls me an apostate because he knows I know the way he replies is not promoted by the Org. Here is a few exerts of the KM from last week: "Be Peaceable With All Men" Have insight, Demonstrate Respect & Speak Graciously. Under the heading of Demo reads: Many in the territory have strongly held beliefs. They have the right to choose to listen or not to listen...Never would we want to belittle a householder's belief or convey an attitude of superiority. Under the heading of Speak Graciously: Even if we are verbal abused, our relpy should be mild and gracious. Rather than being drawn into an arguement, try to find common ground. PERHAPS WE CAN KINDLY INQUIRE ABOUT THE REASONS FOR THE HOUSEHOLDER'S OBJECTION. I could go on but it's obvious, he must of missed that meeting. & to put a cherry on the cake...We had a demo of how to & how not to re-act at the door. So all that to say is..He can call me whatever, because he is wrong as two left shoes. His reply could have only been what he is use to doing. He is just angry because I brought out what last weeks KM was about & he did not or has never showed "Be Peaceable with All Men".
What he & the rest are banking on is that nobody from the hall would ever be on this site. They bank on the fact many come on here & don't know anythng about the witnesses. So they think they can just act any old way. Nope. & I'm not baptized as of yet. I'm not sure, but I keep pressing on & one never knows does one. A thought, maybe many of the witnesses on this site have not had such a good life & have been deceived & the Org. is all they have, it's all they have to believe in. Example: An adult child has a drug addict parent but the child may know it but that's all they have in this life, so should anyone be mean enough to tell the truth to them, even if the person only has an thread of love or hope in that person would you destroy that for them...NO. So all that to say, the Org. may be all they have & they viciously protect it because if the Org. is a lie, they'd be truly lost. Why are they angry, I don't know & maybe they don't know either. Their anger may have always been a problem for them. Maybe at the hall they are working at it but going on this site they can let it all out. Derrick, do not apologize for DW. I'm ok. Hope I get to answer him.  It will be short & sweet...I'll just ask him...did he do his KM & what did he get out of it...Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello, Dee.  I hope you are well today.

I believe you have a perfect right to see and address the slander against you, posted by this desperate man who knows nothing about the Scriptures, so feels he must tear down any who would dare imply that he is wrong in any way, shape, or form.  Trust me...he doesn't take correction well, even when it comes right out of the Scriptures.  

The post where he labeled you as an "apostate", is entitled "YOUR TAKE ON THIS", and posted on 12/14/12, just 3 days ago.  In that writing, he insinuated that you could have access to the Kingdom Ministry through someone else, but that you yourself are probably an apostate.  At first he was cautious to imply that "maybe" you were, but then later on, he said he "knew" you were.  

Better yet, instead of just telling you what he said and the title of it, I will just post the link for you....

You said 2 things that I believe were 100% accurate in describing this man.  

You wrote...."DW, only calls me an apostate because he knows I know the way he replies is not promoted by the Org"


"So all that to say is..He can call me whatever, because he is wrong as two left shoes. His reply could have only been what he is use to doing. He is just angry because I brought out what last weeks KM was about & he did not or has never showed "Be Peaceable with All Men".

Yes, DW is quite loose with the term "apostate", and normally uses it like you said....when he is exposed and he reacts out of anger, and his normal method is to slander the person who shows him his error.  

I had assumed that you would have seen this already, and that is why I mentioned it.  But either way, you have a right to respond to it, since this man presumes to know all about you and what your current status is, and has no problem making false statements about you in the public eye.  Of course, that is nothing new for him, but you have every right to address him for it.

Take care, Dee, and hope to hear from you soon.  I will be looking for your reply to him, and his predictable lashing out at you for daring to correct him.  Hope it goes well, but don't expect too much maturity from him.

Have a great evening, and take care.


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