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[written by Richard]

Brother Rando, I pray for you to take the time to research and speak truthfully regarding the Trinity belief that Derrick has been professing on here for 12 years, as you say.

In no way am I asking you to subscribe to it.  I simply want you to represent it correctly when you decide to speak about it.  When you choose to incite a massacre on Derrick's beliefs in the Trinity, it would behoove you to attack what Derrick's actual beliefs are.

You stated that the demon Derrick switches to Modalism, the belief of the Baptist and Pentecostal Churches.  Please allow Matt Slick from CARM to define modalism:

"Modalism is probably the most common theological error concerning the nature of God.  It is a denial of the Trinity. Modalism states that God is a single person who, throughout biblical history, has revealed Himself in three modes, or forms.  Thus, God is a single person who first manifested himself in the mode of the Father in Old Testament times.  At the incarnation, the mode was the Son and after Jesus' ascension, the mode is the Holy Spirit.  These modes are consecutive and never simultaneous.  In other words, this view states that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit never all exist at the same time, only one after another.  Modalism denies the distinctiveness of the three persons in the Trinity even though it retains the divinity of Christ.

Present day groups that hold to forms of this error are the United Pentecostal and United Apostolic Churches.  They deny the Trinity, teach that the name of God is Jesus, and require baptism for salvation.  These modalist churches often accuse Trinitarians of teaching three gods.  This is not what the Trinity is.  The correct teaching of the Trinity is one God in three eternal coexistent persons:  The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Furthermore, every trinitarian will tell you that God sent His Son.  The do not deny Jesus is the Christ and was in the flesh. They will tell you that Jesus Christ shed His blood.

So, Brother Rando, you would be correct in that Modalism does not work with the Trinity, but please also note that it listed United Pentecostal and United Apostolic Churches as subscribing to this belief.  I am quite certain that Derrick belongs to neither of these churches, and I can tell you that the modalist concept is not acceptable to most, if not all, trinitarians.

Brother Rando, I plead with you today to please take the time to determine what trinitarians actually believe.  I assure you it is not the modalist view, and it is NOT a view in which the Son is the same person as the Father.

Trinitarians believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate persons in which the Son is subject to the Father, and the Holy Spirit is subject to the Son and the Father.  They are distinct with purposeful roles.  They believe that all three, and only these three, have the nature of God.  This is exactly why the Son of God and the Son of Man had to die to become the mediator between God and all men.

Please at least take the time to understand what trinitarians REALLY believe and not just what the WT tells you they believe.  Then have a free-for-all dissecting it.  It's terribly difficult to put together a rebuttal of a fake argument.

Now to address this pamphlet, "Should You Believe the Trinity?"  I am truly surprised that Brother Rando brought this up as a credible source.  He should have known that just removed it from their website.  It is strife with problems and misquotes.  Let's look at a couple examples why.

Note - Jehovahs Witnesses should NOT watch these videos.  They are labeled APOSTATE.

But if you want to learn about how the WT utilizes quotes, please see...

If you want a different approach on the removal of the Trinity brochure from the website, see...

I have also found some balanced discussions between trinitarians and non-trinitarians within some forums.  I believe they are worth reading, particularly so JW's can know and understand what they are arguing against.  If you are interested in any of those discussions, please let me know.

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