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QUESTION: Greetings again Mr. Grunbaum.  I genuinely wish you well over the course of this new year.  May God bless you immensely.

I need help with determining specifics to general statements.  Your abundant knowledge in Jewish customs will lend itself well to answering my question.

In John 5:1, Jesus is said as going to a Jewish Feast.  It is non-descriptive of which feast this might be.  In v.9, it goes on to say that the day of the events that occurred from v.1-9 are on the Sabbath.

So, based on your knowledge of Jewish celebrations combined with your ability to connect it with history, can you definitively state which feast Jesus is going to?  What specific Jewish Feasts occurred on the Sabbath during this approximate time frame?

Your help is very much appreciated.

ANSWER: In your same book earlier we read:

(John 2:13) 13 Now the passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. . .

(John 6:3-4) . . .. 4 Now the passover, the festival of the Jews, was near. . .

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QUESTION: Thank you.  I saw that as well.  However, I vaguely remember reading something some time ago that said that the Passover didn't actually occur on the Sabbath any time between 25-35 A.D.  I can't locate the source of that vague memory, so I was curious to see if that was actually the case, and if so, what festival it would have been otherwise.  Any thoughts?

Thanks again,

In the text I mentioned some in false Judism maintain this was Purim,There is no direct mention of the Festival of Purim in the Greek Scriptures.Certain manuscripts have the definite article, reading: the festival of the Jews.

Now looking at this logically, It is also improbable that Jesus would travel on foot all the way to Jerusalem and then leave again for Galilee, with Passover only a month away.

(John 5:1) . . .After these things there was a festival of the Jews, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. . .

If this really refers to Purim and John 6:4 to Passover a month later, it would crowd an impossible number of events into this short space of time, for it would include the ministry of Jesus in Capernaum, travels in Galilee, and a return to Capernaum and to Judea and Jerusalem,too many events to be walking to all these events,yes he was a superman and could fly if he wanted but he observed the natural laws and walked.

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