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Good day Bro. Spears.  I haue only a few questions. Is it true that if a Jehovah's witness has Bible studies and his Bible studies got baptized the more he/she (the JW) has the chances to go to heaven? Sir, I don't know if this is really true. But if it is true that they will go to heaven, almost all JW will be in heaven after death, or maybe after the resurrection. If that is the case, then they will be a king someday?

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     I do not have the hope of going to Heaven . and no Bible studies have no bearing on who goes as one of those ho are chosen to rule as Kings and priests under Jesus. Revelations says that only 144000 will rule as kings and priests . The remainder who survive will live right here on Earth just as Jehovah first planned .

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I have been a student of the Bible since 1974 and a witness for 18 Years.I do not wish to be considered an Expert in this category because I, like everyone else will never cease to learn.However answering questions is here is very enjoyable ,Even though some continue trying to discredit me and my Brothers and Sisters. May Jehovah continue to his lovibg support .


With many years of bible study as a foundation, I enjoy aswering any question that applies to the bible. I like intelligent questions that require sincere answers.I can not answer silly questions.

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