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Hi my Brother Grunbaum! Im the brother who asked you a question on 1-23-2013 on the Great Tribulation. Let me be honest with you,when you mentioned the thing about the year 1975+40yrs= the yr.2015,I freaked out!!! Because I was one who alsocame up with that formula exactly 2 weeks ago.! And I thought I was the only one who got this right???!But until you mentioned their was also other brothers coming out with these figures I was more convinced now! The first time I figured this out just 2 weeks ago,I was so convinced Jehovahs number of 40+ 1975= the 2015yr,that night I just could not sleep till 3:OO in the morning!!! LOl!          So Let me explain my personal story behind this my Brother.First so you know a little about me,I just got baptized just bearly 8months ago in Rio Rancho,NM on June 16,2012. So anyways,I am person who has always searched for the very deep things of our Father Jehovah! But at the same time while trying to remain  faithful by trusting in Jehovah with All my heart,I had considered going back to school as Physical Therapy Assistant which would take me at most JUST 2years.And I realized it wasnt at the same time too long education either. I was struggling with the idea that I could find a job with that kind of income I would support me well for the future,so one night I literally cried to Jehovah after having a sad dream. My dream was about the issue of being staying faithful to Jehovah and not loosing the special relationship I had developed for some time verses being nobody financialy even among the brothers and sisters. So I prayed to Jehovah if it was his will that I use the next 2 years to go to college and try to serve him faithfully,to please give me understanding with holy spirit for some understanding through my personal Bible study as I continue to search for him no matter what. Many times brother I asked Jehovah to let me just die in my mysery or just please help me endure another week day,week,and month faithfully no matter what I going through in my life so bad.          Anyways as I continued to study deeper and meditate on those things such as Jehovahs Time Table,I noticed I was getting deeper understanding fro m my personal Bible study.And thats when I was given understanding through the help of Jehovahs Holy Spirit. And no I dont believe in reciving revelations and so forth or and divine inspiration of any type! Lol! I KNOW Jehovahs DOES NOT work like that any more with his people today,but that were led by spirit at best.So I already knew more than better about that.          But this how I figured the 2015 yr to be no doubt the year of the END going into the 1,000 yr. reign. I first looked a the new understanding on the subject of the THIS GENERATION that was given at talk by Brother David Splane of the Governing Body.In the talk he gave,he mentioned something through a few questions that was not said in the 2010 wt,but that made really think deep! He said,1."There is only ONE OVERLAP of the 1914 Anointed group,1 with the post 1914 new younger Anointed group.2."If the last 1914 Anointed brother dies,and then someone new decides to partake,say for example 2 weeks later,is that new partaker part of the THIS GENERATION Jesus was talking about? NO!Why not? Because that new partaker didnt partake WITH the last 1914 Anointed Brother WHILE HE WAS ALIVE!" So pretty much brother Grunbuaum,that brother missed the boat.And he is given life on earth instead for his faithfullness. And Jehovah has sealed ALL the Anointed ones finally.          Ok so I noticed brother who is one of Christ Brothers and is 107 yrs old at this time,and was born in 1905.His name is Brother Leopold a last male holacuast survivor. I question in my mind that he does have really much more to live from 2013 and on.! But that this was one marker of how close we are to the end for Jehovah to seal the last of his Anointed ones on earth and next release the 4winds to start the Great Tribulation.But I still wanted more answers that we were really closer to the end!!! So I remembered the whole drama that took place in 1975 with brothers saying or making up things that the Governing Body so-called claim the end would come in 1975.But I knew that was not true cause all they said 1975 marked the year Adam would be 6,000yrs old since his creation in 4026.And Bro Fred Franz said,"It could be,All things are possible with God,But thats NOT what were saying!And DONT any of you go around saying that either!Cause ITS NOT WHAT were saying!!" Now getting back,I knew a man was not considered old enough to be married scriptually until he was ATLEAST 30yrs old.(Gen.11:12,14,16,18,22) I took note that we have past 30yrs since 1975 and no Great Tribulation yet!That made me go back the THIS GENERATION explaination and look at it carefully,and then I remember that Jehovah has many Sacred Secrets in the bible,and that "ALL SCRIPTURE is benificial for TEACHING"(2Tim.3:16)With that said brother,I looked to Jehovahs numbers and anylized all of them in the Insight book to see if any them could mean anything when added to the year 1975,from 2 to 40,and when I noticed we had passed 30yrs already and were now 38yrs later in 2013,I realized that I could use Jehovahs symbolic 40 for a reason cause it was the biggest number. So asked I myself,since it means as you pointed out,TRIAL,TESTING,PROBATION,CHASTISEMENT. But I questioned WHY would I apply 40 to 1975 and those very reasons? Then it hit me!!!          THERE WAS A CLEANSING THAT HAD STARTED with the organization in 1975!!!!! As you mentioned,tens of thousands were disfellowshiped,many became apostates,those who came came back from being disfelloshiped are on probation,and etc. It made perfect sense that 40 was more than reasonable! But when you mentioned many others cases in the Bible why 40 was used,such as Jesus after his anointing in 29 c.e.,he was TESTED for 40.And as you mentioned,the one that sealed it for you was the one in the book of Judges that talks about Miggido being linked to Armageddon and the one of Jesus resurction to the Tribulation of 70c.e. Well my brother Im about to give you a Sacred Secret or 3 that may make you have more of a reason to seal ur thoughts for good!          Here they are:1.Eve was created in 3986 B.C.E.2 Adam DID NOT Live for 930 years like we think,but for 40 years,and died for 890yrs!3.TWO Individuals were being tested for a 4O year period by Jehovah.WHO were they? None other than Adam and Jehovahs FIRST CHRIST the The ANOINTED CHERUB that God had set in the GARDEN OF GOD (Satan)when he was faithful!(Eze.28:13,14). Just when the perfect Jesus was Anointed in 29 C.E. to be TESTED by Jehovah before his 4O,Likewise the Anointed Cherub that was set in the Garden Of God was to be tested for 40 for HIS ANOINTING like Jesus was for 4O!<-------Sacred Secret Revealed!!! Adam and the Anointed Cherub(Satan) BOTH Flunked the test atend of the 4Oyr period. Adam was tested with the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE,and Eve was created  the very LAST YEAR in the End,of 4Oth year! Let me know what you think my Brother. Agape!

I give you the award for the longest question I've seen to date,WOW man.

Now to the chart and the 40 year ,lets not get too wild with this ,its just purely for speculative purposes ,we dont want the friends to quit jobs and sell possessions all with the goal they will become a regular pioneer and waltz on into the new order.

1975 looking back now was a cleansing because the 76 service we lost a huge number of brothers,so its no question about that.God is perfect and everything he does is perfect and looking at scripture we see too many patterns for it not to mean anything.

The thing about fulfilled prophecy is we can see how logical it was afterwards,case in point,the brothers were pointing to 1914 as the end of the gentile times if they were looking at it the way we are now they should have predicted World War I in 1914 since Jesus they knew would oust Satan and Jesus himself predicted 1914 Nation against nation.

Looking back at when they first thought the gentile times would end we read this:

*** w74 8/15 pp. 506-507 No Spiritual “Energy Crisis” for Discreet Ones ***

Russell joined Nelson H. Barbour in publishing the book Three Worlds, and the Harvest of This World. It indicated that the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 would be preceded by a forty-year period to open with a three-and-a-half-year harvest beginning in 1874 C.E.

If you look again you see the number 40 again,so this is not new to the brothers ,they saw what we see today but not living to see 1975.

Then looking again at the date they published they were correct using the 40 year term 1914 is 40 years after 1874,they almost had it right looking back on it now:

*** w74 8/15 p. 507 No Spiritual “Energy Crisis” for Discreet Ones ***

Christ’s presence was thought to have begun in October 1874,

They were 40 years off.

Time will tell concerning whats going around again with this speculation ,one thing is certain the date was set thousands of years ago,one sister gave a comment that when it just gets so bad then God will end it all as if he cant bear to watch any longer and I corrected her right then in front of everyone because that was not true,the WT conductor didn't catch it and asked for the reading of the next paragraph.

The timing of the GT is set and as we get closer I always knew we could get a clue as to the time,the reason being is God does things a certain way and doesn't change he has a pattern that he follows thats why we came up with the 6,000 in the first place,why would we not come up with Eve creation as well.

Speaking of this you lost me with your dates 3986 and you lost me with Adam DID NOT Live for 930 years like we think,but for 40 years,its in scripture how long he lived bro.

(Genesis 5:3-5) . . .And Adam lived on for a hundred and thirty years. Then he became father to a son in his likeness, in his image, and called his name Seth. 4 And the days of Adam after his fathering Seth came to be eight hundred years. Meanwhile he became father to sons and daughters. 5 So all the days of Adam that he lived amounted to nine hundred and thirty years and he died.

Lets not get too wild this thing and become unbalanced.

Btw I noticed another 40 year reference:

*** Multiple Articles ***

For 40 years before 1914, the Bible Students—as Jehovah’s Witnesses were then called—had been announcing boldly that the times of the Gentiles would end in that year

It just keep coming to the fore.

Prophet Grünbaum  

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