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I discovered this site quite by accident and carefully sifted through the "experts" and came to you.  You seem knowledgible in doctrinal areas, but with all due respect, seem to be lacking in responses being "seasoned with salt" as we are admonished to apply.  I am only mentioning this because, as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you claim to represent our organization and yet the hallmark of Jehovah's people is their humility, "to not think more of themself than is necessary to think." I've noticed along with your undeniable zeal for bible truth, you have attached the term prophet to your name in some replies, perhaps an oversight?

No,I'm a prophet in the true sense of the word,and yet I'm just another brother,not a prophet or prince just a publisher of the Kingdom good news.

Let me address your concerns this way,if you worked with me out in service you would see a different person that you see here,this is not a territory,not field service but a site where we have apostates,false brothers and those who claim to know our teachings.We have these very same ones out in service true but here unlike in service we address the false responses and sometimes it may seem unkind but me myself I'm not trying to make friends,I dont always agree with whats said on a personal note against the non witnesses here with the back and forth attacks I have been reading on this site,but I'm not telling the other brothers and sisters how to respond.

I just make sure the correct JW info is available to ones who come here and not leave with half truths AND LIES,if Sister T Brother DW ,Brother Rando and myself were not here just think how wrong info would be out as it is on many sites.

A prophet of old unlike his modern day prophets didn't have the complete word and so he was told directly by God his will,he would say "This is what Jehovah has said"

We his modern day prophets done have the gift of prophecy,we dont need it because we have his written word complete,nothing else is needed his will is complete.

A prophet was one who proclaimed his word ,we do the same the only difference is we proclaim his written word he does not whisper to the FDS in Brooklyn new revelations,none are needed.

No I'm not a prophet ,my profile warns not to question me if you have a problem with our beliefs
because I hit extremely hard and will expose the falsehood,to do this one has to be courageous and strong and unafraid.

I'm part of a prophet class so therefore I'm a prophet,I'm not called prophet in the congregation ,just Brother.

Thanks for your question Bob.

Prophet/Prince Grünbaum

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