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just wanted to know your thoughts

I'm currently affiliated with the Assemblies of God family

And I'm often told with our Pastor that JW's don't actually LOVE their God because they do not PRAISE him through dancing as God commanded us in his scriptures:

Psalms 149:

3 Let them praise his name with dancing
  and make music to him with timbrel and harp.
4 For the Lord takes delight in his people;
  he crowns the humble with victory.
5 Let his faithful people rejoice in this honor
  and sing for joy on their beds.

Psalms 150:

4 praise him with timbrel and dancing,
  praise him with the strings and pipe,

And why JW's also do not praise God in their Hall through lively music? since all types of music originates with GOd? and in fact scriptures, included the instruments that which are to be use when we are in "HOLY PLACE" or "SANCTUARY" of God like these here:

Psalms 150:

1 Praise the Lord.

Praise God in his sanctuary;
  praise him in his mighty heavens.
2 Praise him for his acts of power;
  praise him for his surpassing greatness.
3 Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
  praise him with the harp and lyre,
4 praise him with timbrel and dancing,
  praise him with the strings and pipe,
5 praise him with the clash of cymbals,
  praise him with resounding cymbals.

6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord.

>>So I'm just wondering why you guys don't DO all that????

Thank You

ANSWER: Hello and thanks for writing,

You asked this question before to one of the experts.  Your pastor told you that we (JW's) don't LOVE our God Jehovah because we don't jump around and scream and shout and fall all out which some call singing and dancing?  There are different types of music in this world.  One need not have to act a fool with jumping around, clapping their hands, stomping their feet and doing flips in order to enjoy music, or even to dance.    

So let me ask you, do you believe the Bible is from God?

But first let me say that at all of our meetings and conventions we praise our Father and God Jehovah with song.  So that right there helps you to see that isn't true, one does not have to have live music, a tape or CD with music on it is still music.  Our song book is entitled "Sing to Jehovah"  a link on our website regarding songs being translated into other languages:

And you can listen to some of our songs online, here's a link:

Singing and Dancing brings joy to people and if it's not vulgar or obscene, would bring joy to our God, but there is way more then that involved with having love for our God. Even as the scripture in Psalms points out more then singing and dancing is involved. David is here talking about all kinds of ways to Praise God, not just singing and dancing. We see that from the previous chapters as well. Starting in chapter 145, we see it says, "A Praise, of David"  David is giving praise to Jehovah for many, many things and speaking of many ways, not just singing and dancing.  Start reading from Chapter 145, and as you read the chapters, we see that he includes singing and dancing with praise to Jehovah.  But the main point that he's telling people is to Praise Jehovah in and for ALL things!!

Ps. 150:1 Praise Jah, ​YOU​ people!
Praise God in his holy place.
Praise him in the expanse of his strength.

2Praise him for his works of mightiness.
Praise him according to the abundance of his greatness.

Then it goes on to speak about Praising him with music.  Then verse 6 says:

6 Every breathing thing—let it praise Jah.
Praise Jah, ​YOU​ people!

So everything breathing, which includes the animals (Psalm chapter 148)who really can't play musical instruments or dance around or even sing, they can't talk.  So that right there helps you to see that praising Jehovah entails much more then singing and dancing around. How can the trees and stars and moon and watery deeps praise Jah? Read Rev. 4:11.

What about people who can't even walk, have no arms or legs, what about people who can't talk and/or can't sing, do you mean because they can't do those things that they can't possibly love their God?  That is preposterous and ridiculous!  And it's just another misconception that is told to the people in churches of mainstream Christianity to keep those people from learning the truth about Jehovah and Jesus and being able to gain life because of it.  Satan wants to keep you blinded and thus have you believe those half truths. (2 Cor. 4:4)  

Take heed of Ps. 146:3 "Do not put ​YOUR​ trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs."  

Also, I don't see David say to dance in the sanctuary or holy place or congregation, he does mention about singing in the congregation.

Ps. 149:1 "Praise Jah, ​YOU​ people! Sing to Jehovah a new song, His praise in the congregation of loyal ones."

See David is saying to praise Jehovah with song and dance period.  That does not even have to be in his place of worship, as we read this here:

Ps. 149:5 "Let the loyal ones exult in glory; Let them cry out joyfully on their beds."

Next, let's see what the Bible says the love of God means and entails, because God and His word the Bible takes precedent over any person...

1 John 5:3 "For this is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments; and yet his commandments are not burdensome,"

If we love our God, then we will keep his commandments. Let me assure you that JW's strictly adhere to the Bible and keep Jehovah's commandments!  

What are his commandments?  Now I'm going to copy and paste an exert of an article, read it, look up the scriptures and then you can believe the Bible or you can believe your pastor:


7 John explains what the love of God means: “We observe his commandments.” What are God’s commandments? Jehovah gives us a number of specific commands through his Word, the Bible. For example, he forbids such practices as drunkenness, fornication, idolatry, stealing, and lying. (1 Corinthians 5:11; 6:18; 10:14; Ephesians 4:28; Colossians 3:9) Observing God’s commandments involves living in harmony with the Bible’s clear moral standards.

8 To please Jehovah, however, we need to do more than just obey his direct commands. Jehovah does not hem us in with laws governing every aspect of our daily life. Hence, in the course of each day, we may encounter many situations for which there are no specific Bible commands. In such cases, how can we know what will be pleasing to Jehovah? The Bible contains clear indications of God’s way of thinking. As we study the Bible, we learn what Jehovah loves and what he hates. (Psalm 97:10; Proverbs 6:16-19) We come to discern attitudes and actions that he values. The more we learn about Jehovah’s personality and ways, the more we will be able to let his thinking mold our decisions and influence our actions. Thus, even in situations where there is no specific Bible law, we can often perceive “what the will of Jehovah is.”—Ephesians 5:17.

9 For example, the Bible contains no direct command telling us not to watch movies or TV programs that feature gross violence or sexual immorality. But do we really need a specific law against watching such things? We know how Jehovah views these matters. His Word plainly tells us: “Anyone loving violence [Jehovah’s] soul certainly hates.” (Psalm 11:5) It also says: “God will judge fornicators and adulterers.” (Hebrews 13:4) By reflecting on those inspired words, we can clearly perceive what the will of Jehovah is. We therefore choose not to be entertained by watching graphic portrayals of the sort of practices that our God hates. We know that it pleases Jehovah when we avoid the moral filth that this world tries to pass off as harmless entertainment.

10 What is the primary reason that we observe God’s commandments? Why do we want to live each day in harmony with what we know to be God’s way of thinking? We do not choose such a course simply to escape punishment or to avoid the harmful consequences that come to those who ignore God’s will. (Galatians 6:7) Instead, we view obedience to Jehovah as a precious opportunity to show our love for him. Just as a child is eager to win his father’s smile of approval, so we want to win Jehovah’s approval. (Psalm 5:12) He is our Father, and we love him. Nothing brings us greater joy or deeper satisfaction than knowing that we are living in a way that “gets approval from Jehovah.”—Proverbs 12:2.

11 Our obedience, then, is not given begrudgingly; nor is it selective or conditional. We do not pick and choose, obeying only when it is convenient or when doing so presents little or no challenge. On the contrary, we are “obedient from the heart.” (Romans 6:17) We feel as did the Bible psalmist who wrote: “I shall show a fondness for your commandments that I have loved.” (Psalm 119:47) Yes, we love to obey Jehovah. We recognize that he deserves—and requires—nothing less than our complete and unconditional obedience. (Deuteronomy 12:32) We want Jehovah to say of us what his Word says of Noah. Regarding that faithful patriarch, who showed love for God by being obedient over many decades, the Bible says: “Noah proceeded to do according to all that God had commanded him. He did just so.”—Genesis 6:22.

12 How does Jehovah feel about our willing obedience? His Word says that we thereby make his “heart rejoice.” (Proverbs 27:11) Does our obedience really bring joy to the heart of the Sovereign Lord of the universe? Indeed, it does—and for good reason! Jehovah created us as free moral agents. This means that we have freedom of choice; we can choose to obey God, or we can choose to disobey him. (Deuteronomy 30:15, 16, 19, 20) When we willingly choose to obey Jehovah and when the motivating force behind that decision is a heart full of love for God, we bring great pleasure and joy to our heavenly Father. (Proverbs 11:20) We are also choosing the best way of life.


So you are being misled miserably and I suggest you learn about what the Love of God really means as stated in the Bible and as JW's live their lives as such, and start doing it all!

Start a free Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses, or attend one of our meetings at the Hall and hear them sing in Praise to Jehovah, but be prepared to open your Bible and read along as well, there is much to learn and joy in doing so!!  If you start to study or if you even attend a meeting, don't worry, you won't have to join anything, in fact, you can't join.  So just attend and see for yourself what we do. You can stop at any time and you don't have to go back if you don't want to. But I think you'll learn something very valuable!

Have a pleasant day!

Sister T

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QUESTION: Thank you for that T

well, last question(s), DW said that Jehovah's activity is DIGNITY! well, he has a point but I don't think just by PRAISING HIM(God) with dancing and singing with musical instruments and etc., would destroy his DIGNITY right? that's a matter of choice I guess! And as we can see that God is not against with it because as we can see it again that even DAVID urges GOD's PEOPLE to dance and sing with him... I mean, what really is the REASON why you GUYS don't do all that? I mean, we can't either find something in the BIBLE that says: "You are not allowed to sing live music and dance at my sanctuary because it's a holy place for me" instead, just this:

Leviticus 19:30--Amplified Bible

30 You shall keep My Sabbaths and reverence My sanctuary

>>And as all church people does, we all revered God's sanctuary by NOT doing something bad in the eyes of some even to GOD! So what is wrong about DANCING in his sanctuary just because you've FELT his glory and giving thanks to HIM with all the BLESSINGS you have from him everyday?


Hello and thanks for writing,

What you are refusing to see is what Bro. Grunbaum just explained to you, and you didn't listen to what Bro. DW said and whoever else you asked that are real JW's.  You keep saying we don't praise God with song, but we do, I even gave you a link to listen to our songs of praise to our God Jehovah.

You need to ask yourself this question here. WHO are you singing praises to?  Like my dear Brother brought out, false religion's songs and dances are not pleasing to Jehovah.  What you learn in your church is not what the Bible teaches, they are lies, why would your songs be any different then what you believe?  How do I know that you are being taught lies?  Because there isn't more then ONE truth, you can't have many different teachings that are completely opposite make up one truth, it doesn't work that way. Either one is true or one is false.  The Bible says yours is false.

If you believe Jesus is God, then your songs will reflect that.  That dishonors Jehovah God and is a false teaching.

If you believe that when every one dies they will go to heaven, or be raptured then your songs will reflect that.  That dishonors Jehovah God and is a false teaching.

If you believe in Hellfire, that God would burn someone forever and ever, then your songs will reflect that.  That dishonors Jehovah God and is a false teaching.

Really think about this.  It is taught in the Churches that God made an evil Devil along with hellfire for people who sin during their short period of life to be burned forever and ever, but the Bible says that the Devil will be destroyed, it says the Devil is thrown down to the earth having great anger knowing he has a short period of time.(Rev. 12:12)  To be in Hell with the Devil burning forever, the Devil would have to be alive forever, but he won't be!  The Bible clearly says that he will be destroyed, thrown into the lake of fire, the lake of fire isn't a fiery hell, and if it was, why would the Devil need to be thrown into it, he'd already be there, and if he was already there, as we know from the Bible, spirit persons can't burn in fire, (Dan. 3:25,28) so the lake of fire can't really mean a literal place of burning, not to mention death and Hades being thrown into the lake of fire, death is a condition, a condition can't burn forever and ever, and what sense is it to throw Hell into Hell, See how easily Satan deceives people?  The lake of fire is the second death, total destruction, and for people it simply means there is no hope of a resurrection, non-existence.(Rev. 20:10,14)

Jehovah is about Truth, not lies!  

John 4:23,24. "Nevertheless, the hour is coming, and it is now, when the true worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth, for, indeed, the Father is looking for suchlike ones to worship him. 24 God is a Spirit, and those worshiping him must worship with spirit and truth."

Again as you were told we praise our God, the only true God, (John 17:3) with song, he accepts our songs of praise because they are about Truth as laid out in the Bible, so just because we don't do all that extremities with the music doesn't take away the praise that we give and the love that we have AND SHOW for our God in truth, which includes much more then just song or dance.

Paul admonished us:

Phil. 4:8 "Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are of serious concern, whatever things are righteous, whatever things are chaste, whatever things are lovable, whatever things are well spoken of, whatever virtue there is and whatever praiseworthy thing there is, continue considering these things."

Take Care,

Sister T  

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I am an active baptized Jehovah's Witness and Jehovah is Almighty God,(Ps. 83:18) and his Son Jesus Christ died so that everyone exercising faith in him may not be destroyed but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). I support my fellow Witnesses on this board who are real, and Jehovah's worldwide visible organization, including the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. As God is not a God of disorder, and there could not be order if there were not ones to take the lead. Taking the lead and having a leader is not the same, our leader is Jesus Christ, and in order to have unity and order, there has to be arrangements in place. As the first century Christians had, there were men taking the lead, (Acts 6:1-6) as with Moses, (Exodus 18:21) and in our day, in following with Bible truths, we do the same. When people twist that around to us worshiping men, it is just a straight out lie! Why would the Scripture at 1 Tim. 3:1-10, 12, 13 give the criteria for men reaching out for an office of overseer if that was not meant to be? (Phil 1:1, Acts 20:17, 28, Eph. 4:11, 12, 2 Cor. 3:4-6). If we were not supposed to have men who take the lead, why was this scripture penned? James 5:14-15 "Is there anyone sick among YOU? Let him call the older men of the congregation to [him], and let them pray over him, greasing [him] with oil in the name of Jehovah. 15 And the prayer of faith will make the indisposed one well, and Jehovah will raise him up. Also, if he has committed sins, it will be forgiven him."

If you have legit questions and want to know the truth, please ask, but if you are here to spread your lies and twists of the scriptures or get your falsehoods out, you may get rejected! The truth is from the Bible, if what you say does not harmonize with the Bible then what you say is wrong! Context and other scriptures help determine scriptures that may stump us, let scripture interpret scripture. The Bible does not contradict itself, so if what you are being taught or if what you are teaching makes it seem like the Bible is contradictory, remember it's not the Bible it's the man-made teaching! Doctrines of men! Mark 7:6, 7 "He said to them: “Isaiah aptly prophesied about YOU hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honor me with [their] lips, but their hearts are far removed from me. 7 It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines commands of men." (also Romans 10:2, 3)

Matthew 24:14 says "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come." We are doing that today, we are living in times of Bible Prophecy and as a Jehovah's Witness, we have the privilege to be apart of a prophecy spoken by Jesus himself! The good news of the Kingdom. Ask yourself, what kingdom? then read Daniel 2:44! It's a real government. Take heed now! Listening to men over God will mean your life.(Prov 3:5,6, Ps. 146:3) A lie will never become truth, No matter how long or how many people say it or speak it. Learn what the Bible really teaches, seek out Jehovah's ways, serving God in truth is only acceptable to him,(John 4:23, 24) you can not be serving God acceptably if what you believe is a lie! Pray for understanding and ask Jehovah to search your heart and draw you! (John 6:44, 65) Now is the time to be with the people who are called by Jehovah's name! (Acts 15:14, 17, Isa. 43:7, 10, Zech 8:23)

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