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QUESTION: How to we "get out of her; Babylon the Harlot?

ANSWER: Perhaps it might be best to consider another question first : How does a person get into Babylon the Great?

The Watchtower has long taught that virtually everyone on the planet is a slave to Babylon the Great and the only way to "get out of her" is by resigning from whatever church a person may be a member of and becoming baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

True enough, Revelation describes the whole earth being drunk on Babylon's wine, meaning that the world is under the harlot's influence. But the command to "get out of her" is specifically addressed to "my people," as in "get out of her my people."

So, how is it that God's people are in Babylon the Great? Does God recognize individual Catholics or Baptists, Methodists or Episcopalians, Hindus or Muslims, as his people before they even know the truth? Of course not.

So, why does God call upon his people to get out of Babylon the Great?

Keep in mind that the call to "get out of her" is based upon the prophecy in the 52nd chapter of Isaiah. And in that context God called upon his people, Israel, to get out of Babylon and return to their homeland. The Israelites left Babylon as a group, with Jehovah leading them. They did not get out one at a time over hundreds of years.

And as every Bible student knows God sold his people into captivity to Babylon as punishment for their sins. They were not there willingly.

So, that is the pattern. Jehovah's Witnesses are not in captivity to Babylon the Great presently. Jehovah is going to sell his people into captivity in the near future, when this present political system crashes. During the tumult the eighth king will come on the scene, as if coming up from the abyss - with the harlot mounted upon it. Quite likely the Watchtower Society will compromise and betray God. Jehovah's Witnesses will then find themselves in captivity to Satan's beast and the harlot that rides it. Just how that will come about is unknowable at the present. But God will, at some point, issue the command to "get out of her." For Jehovah's Witnesses that will involve abandoning the Watchtower - a test of faith like no other.

Here is an article on the topic on e-Watchman The Myth of the Fall of Babylon the Great

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QUESTION: You really answered well i have to say!!

So does that mean that there is no point of me taking note of this and finding some place safe so that i dont get taken captive or should i be taken captive? Also in this thought, its my understanding that in the near future we will need to be doing a major witness work for Jehovah after the holy place is destroyed.

According to Jesus during the conclusion of the system of things a disgusting thing will come to stand in a holy place, similar to when the Romans violated the Jewish temple in 66 CE. Back then that was the signal for Christians to flee for their lives from the doomed city. Following that pattern Jehovah's Witnesses will be required to abandon that which they hold to be holy to Jehovah.

Yes, a final witness will be given to the world but it will not resemble the preaching and disciple-making work that Jehovah's Witnesses are engaged in now. Nor will it be an invitation to the world. It will be a message of doom. The prophecies of Joel, Micah and Revelation speak to this situation. Here is an article on Micah taken from Jehovah Himself Has Become King

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