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"""""There have been and are dangerous men here posing as witnesses in the past they where led by a man by the Alias "Benyamin Grunbaum" who is a very spiritually dangerous man and an apostate to God. There are other's who outright tell you they are not witnesses they are led by a man named Derrick Holland who is also an apostate to God denying the Christ. It is possible that these two man are the same person"""

I just found out from eddie g that DW was kicked out of grunbalms email forum and thats why he is writing jealous,on that forum he accused me of being grungbalm not he is accusing you of being him.
we know you are not a witness and wont defend but you were on the chat site as mtman so is what he said is true or is dw sick as the email forum said and put him out.TELL US ARE YOU BEN GRUNBALM ONE AND FOR ALL


Hello, Sal.  I am not going to "thank you" for writing like I normally do people, but I do understand why you wrote to me.  You have asked me about the implication made by DW in his attack on his former friend, that Mr. Grunbaum and myself, are one and the same person.  But don't forget...he also said YOU and Grunbaum are the same person.

First and foremost, I want the readers to know that I am going to address the latest nonsense from this person who goes by “DW”, and it is going to be very blunt and to the point.  I have no ill-will or malice for the man in particular, but there is only one way to deal with continued stupidity.  Many of my fellow Christians may not agree with the way I am going to handle this, and Bob, if you are reading, you may want to stop now…Because you are not going to like it either.  

I don’t like it myself, for that matter.  Nevertheless, these charlatans have crossed the line time and time again, and I am simply going to show the depths of their lies and dishonesty.  

Enough is enough…

Rando and DW, are prime examples of what happens when you mix religious zeal, with stupidity.

Sal, let me say from the outset, that you have been one of the most unpleasant people to converse with, in my 13+ years in this forum.  And you know why…You have been nothing but a trouble-maker, and you are the only person that I know of, that has been equally and universally disliked by BOTH sides in this forum.   I have done my best to keep in mind that you are still a person loved by God, and that Jesus shed His blood on the cross for your sinful ways.  And you have been a very difficult person, to keep this first and foremost in my mind.

However, I am going to accommodate you this once and reply to your question, seeing as how DW decided to bring me into his little tantrum, and his ignorance needs to be addressed.  

I find it truly amazing that these people cannot even have squabbles between themselves, without bringing me into it.  Another funny thing, is that these are the people who whine and scream the loudest about me being in THIS forum answering questions, yet they can’t even go into their OWN little chat forum where I don’t make ANY disparaging comments at all, and they STILL can’t even get along with each other!

So to them….DW, Rando, Eddie, Sister T….Get YOUR OWN act together, and quit worrying about me.  You lie about me, and I will continue to make you look stupid.  You people can’t even hold your own selves together….maybe that is where your focus should be.

Now Sal, I have never viewed you as being the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but you of ALL people, should know that I am not Benyamin Grunbaum.  

What?  Do you honestly think I have spent these hundreds of hours debating MYSELF, making all these arguments as Grunbaum, for the JW side, only to go back and answer them SCRIPTURALLY as myself?  All those times you were running back and forth between Grunbaum and myself, do you now think you were just writing to ME the entire time?

Sal, even YOU are smarter than that.

No Sal, I am not Benyamin Grunbaum.  I’ve never met the man.

It seems that DW has finally gone off the deep end.  Its not like we didn’t see it coming.  I was hoping DW would make good on his promise to do better.  He came back after an extended absence, and issued an apology to any whom he had offended.  I decided for my part, to give him the benefit of the doubt, and have no more harsh dialogue with him, if any dialogue at all.  

But I simply cannot let his latest nonsense go unaddressed, since he could have had his tantrum without dragging me into it.  But here I am….right there in it.  So, I must address it.

Now, Rando has been especially acting like a demon lately, not only telling lies, which is nothing new, but stooping to new lows, even for Rando.  He is stuck on some of the same lies that he just keeps repeating over and over, despite being thoroughly exposed just in the last 2 weeks, by simply asking him to provide quotes of the statements.  We ALL saw that he had none, and that he is simply making them up.  

When asked for quotes, he said he wanted to be silent “like Jesus”.  Although when making up public lies, he doesn’t seem to want to act much like Jesus.  

I believe it is perfectly reasonable to ask a guy who is posting nonsense about what you teach, to provide some evidence in the form of quotes, that you actually teach those things.  We all saw how Rando acted when he was challenged directly by me, and showed he had NO quotes at all from me.  Everyone knows he lies and twists…even those like Eddie, who write him as a “brother”, know it.  Rando has nothing but lies and false accusations, and everyone knows it.  He’s the laughing-stock of this forum.

Funny how a guy only wants to be “silent like Jesus”, when he is being exposed as a fraud, but not when he is posting lies.  I’m still trying to figure out when Jesus ever lied, and then “kept silent” when exposed.  That’s not in my Bible.

As for DW, he is now blasting the very guy whom he once praised highly.  When other people wrote and gave their views about Grunbaum’s perceived meanness and nastiness, and his insulting demeanor, DW stood up for him.  He condoned it, he went along with it, he COMPLIMENTED it, and he engaged in it himself.  

I only mention this, because DW didn’t bother to mention it.  He wants to take credit for being Jehovah’s One-Man wrecking ball, and “taking down” Grunbaum’s deception, but he never mentions how he stood FOR the man, when others felt Grunbaum was showing extreme pride and arrogance to other people, as well as being insulting.  But now, DW has the gall to imply that Grunbaum was “proud”??  

If THAT isn’t hypocrisy, of the highest degree!   Just to prove the truth of this statement, I provide the following link:

In addition, he made this statement about Mr. Grunbaum…

“I never said I would stand shoulder to shoulder with Brother Grunbaum at all times …I wouldn't stand shoulder to shoulder with him if someone was coming towards him with a loaded Gun .................................................. I'd stand between him and the Gun.

(Well, in hindsight, I guess that would’ve been a mistake, huh, DW?  Can anyone imagine saying something like that, and then turning around and publicly slandering the man in such a wicked manner?)

And there are countless more, just like those examples.  This is not to criticize Grunbaum, because I made my thoughts about his mannerisms known to him.  We have disagreed sharply, on many occasions.  I have also seen a humbling take place, and watched him apologize, as well.  I haven’t seen it in DW…at least not anything that lasted very long.  Grunbaum actually thought enough of me personally, to invite me into the chat room, because he wanted me to hear their message and hopefully, accept it.  DW, on the other hand, was one of the many who has so much hate for me personally, that he did not want me to be there, even IF I wasn't making comments or sharing my views.

So, I don't have to state which man I would believe is a real JW, in this particular matter.

Now, I am not being critical about DW believing in someone, and later coming to think he was wrong about them.  I too, have believed in people, and been wrong.  That isn’t the point.  The point is….OTHER people, most non-Witnesses and SOME JWs, were pointing out the rudeness and unchristian mannerisms while DW was still praising him and condoning it.  Sister T even chided poor Dee, for MISSPELLING the name “Grunbaum”, saying that it was “making fun” and not showing respect.  

If ANYONE dared suggest to DW, or to T, that Grunbaum was proud…they were ridiculed, insulted, called names, had their character attacked, etc.  Furthermore, it was DW himself who presumed to come on here and teach the world about “Satanic tactics”, and “attacking people’s character”, etc.  And then he posts this clear character attack today, and claims that Mr. Grunbaum is proud, because of some falling out in the chat room?

You know what, Sal?  I really have no idea what transpired between them in that chat room.  But either way, DW and Rando represent the WORST of the JW religion.  I certainly have more regard for Benyamin Grunbaum as a person with some character, than I would those 2 clowns.

Sal, I realize you asked this question, in response to DW’s dumb statement….

“There have been and are dangerous men here posing as witnesses in the past they where led by a man by the Alias "Benyamin Grunbaum" who is a very spiritually dangerous man and an apostate to God. There are other's who outright tell you they are not witnesses they are led by a man named Derrick Holland who is also an apostate to God denying the Christ. It is possible that these two man are the same person , that I cannot answer with absolute certainty.”

Doesn’t matter if he says it for “absolute certainty” or not.  He is merely trying to IMPLY something false, either way.  This is typical of this brand of JW.  Rando himself has always lied and accused me of being several other people, and DW is basically an English version of Rando.  Same ilk, same pattern, same lies.  Its nothing new.  

Granted, DW didn’t say it as a fact, but the FACT is, he could EASILY find out that it ISN’T a fact, if he had the brains to do it.  Instead, he is all too content to make the implication, and let it stand.  I mean, he could easily verify if Grunbaum were really residing in Brooklyn, serving at WT Headquarters (which he did), and Rando has already told the world where I live, and it isn‘t Brooklyn.…it’s a shame DW can’t add 2 + 2.

Let me say some things about DW…First, I want to take into consideration that he has undergone a difficult loss in his life, and I hope he was able to make reconciliation with that person before the loss.  As Christians, I ask for you to pray for him in this regard.  DW needs Christ in his life, just like any other lost person does.

Still, that does not give him the right to publicly slander me, or anyone else.  Nor does it give him the right to use his profile to spread, or even suggest, false information.

Now, I have written to Mr. Grunbaum to get his side of this.  I knew awhile back there had been a “shake-up” in the room, by some of the comments being made.  Mr. Grunbaum/Selinski declined to go into any detail, back when I first asked him what was going on.  I wrote him again today, after reading this bombshell of a post from DW, to get his side.  I have heard nothing, as of yet.  If I do hear from him in the course of this writing, I will post his side in a separate post.

Sal, you are correct that I viewed the chat room under the name “MtnMan”.  This is the name (or a variation of that name), that I commonly use in internet forums.  Although, let several things about this chat room be clarified….

1.  I was invited as a GUEST to that chat room, by Mr. Grunbaum himself.   Although Mr. Grunbaum told me that I could voice my personal views as I wished to, I declined, on the basis that I was a guest there, and did not wish to cause problems.  Everyone knew my views were not in agreement with theirs, but I was grateful for the opportunity to remain informed of the developing prediction of 2015.

2.  The only comments I ever made in the forum, was to express my appreciation for the invitation and kind welcome which I received, and to make clear that I was there as a viewer only, and not to cause any problems.

Even though I had permission to comment on my views (given by Grunbaum himself), I felt it would be inappropriate.  Because unlike THIS forum, which is PUBLIC and NOT run by JWs, I felt the chat room was their forum, and I was an invited guest.  And since not everyone there even appreciated my presence, I simply treated the chat room as if I had been invited into their home, and felt that I should be respectful.  Whatever I have to say about the WT Society, can be said here on Allexperts.

And there is not ONE JW that was in that room, that can honestly deny that is the truth…Not David DeLaurentos, and not even Sister T.  They know this to be the truth of the matter.

However, the chat room suddenly stopped, and when I inquired of Mr. Grunbaum as to the reason for this, he told me that some were uncomfortable with my presence.  

But you know what?  That is fine…it was THEIR chat room, to welcome or not welcome whomever they wished.   Allexperts is NOT “their” forum, however.

So, I simply want to clear up that I was never a “contributor/commenter” in the chat room.  I was merely an observer.

Now, on to some things about DW, Rando, and some of the other experts, that needs to be said…

Since DW felt free to swipe at his other fellow Witnesses in this forum, and recommend only FOUR, as “real JWs”, let me make a few observations of my own.  I think I can be quite objective in this regard, since my goal is NOT to silence the JW side here, as their goal is to silence the Christian voices.

I quote DW…“They are not who they appear to be on the surface. There are four genuine Jehovah's witnesses here only. Bro Rando, Brenton Hepburn,Sister T and Myself. If you must be here address your question's to anyone of those four.”

This is such stupidity, that I can’t begin to address everything wrong with it.  First off, why would he RECOMMEND Rando, who has been exposed and proven a liar, with indisputable documentation?  This in and of itself, should tell you something about the value that DW places on honesty.  

Oh wait, that’s right…Rando and DW are friends outside of the board, and Rando offered to give DW some money years ago.  That excuses being a liar, I guess.

So, the fact that he recommends a proven liar, should say something about him, as well.

But there’s more…He clearly says there are ONLY“FOUR GENUINE JEHOVAHS WITNESSES HERE”

Uhm, okay…I guess that means DW is saying that the following are NOT “genuine Jehovah’s Witnesses”

1.  Eddie G
2.  Carol Massey
3.  Sister Pam B
4.  Elbert Spears
5.  J.K.P. Nacilla
6.  D. Drake

Just who does this nut think he is, anyway?  He now knows who is genuine, and who isn’t?  Yet, he recommends people who he KNOWS practice lying?  

My goodness!  He and Rando can’t even get their own stories straight among THEMSELVES….Rando says that I want people to think that I am a JW, and DW turns right around and admits that I tell people “outright” that I am NOT a JW.  

See how confused these clowns are?  They don’t even THINK before they write something.  All they can think of, is how to LIE ABOUT and slander someone.  They don’t even have the sense to come up with a CONSISTENT lie, and stick to it.  That is why you always see Rando contradicting himself….When you lie all the time, it is inevitable.

DW made his “recommendation”, as to who should be asked questions here.  Now, let me just make my OWN recommendations, for questioners who come to this forum.  You can get whatever facts you want about the JW religion, from any perspective that you want.  That’s the beauty of this forum….the QUESTIONER has a choice, just like it should be.  

If you want Bible answers from a CHRISTIAN, non-JW perspective, then there are 2 experts here I recommend….

1.  Ben Erdman
2.  Derrick Holland (me)

If you want excellent, honest, forthright, and without malice, information about how the Organization works on the inside, or congregational procedures, then you should ask:

1.  Robert Jones

If you want the JW perspective, from REAL JW’s, who will not berate you or try and make you feel stupid, but can actually defend their position (which I disagree with) with some semblance of intelligence, then I recommend the following….

1.  Brenton Hepburn (the ONLY one that DW got right)
2.  Bro. D. Drake (on extended vacation)
3.  Elbert Spears

Other options could be Carol Massey and Pam B….I have never seen either of these 2 ladies be insulting to anyone, nor have I seen them post lies and slander about others.  I have not seen enough posts from them to completely say they won’t do this, but they have not done so, as of yet.  

But then, you have the other 4 JWs, who represent the worst that the WT religion has to offer.   Each of the four “Experts” I am going to list, have and will, post public slander and falsehoods, without blinking an eye.  And not only will they do it themselves, they will support each other in lies and slander of non-Witnesses.  They are:

1.  Rando
2.  DW
3.  Sister T
4.  Eddie G

As I said above, these 4 have no problem at all with lying, or other JWs who tell lies.  And it is interesting that THREE of these 4, spend more time than anyone, ranting and lying about others, while themselves COMPLAINING about people lying about THEM!  But they can see a lie being told BY another JW, and they say absolutely nothing.

And if anyone doubts the dishonest nature of these 4, I can document falsehoods from each one of them.  They will accuse non-Witnesses like me of lying, but they NEVER will provide any documentation of it.  I can, and will, if need be.  

Now Sal, you commented…“I just found out from eddie g that DW was kicked out of grunbalms email forum and thats why he is writing jealous,on that forum he accused me of being grungbalm not he is accusing you of being him.”

Now Sal, no offense here, but I simply have learned to believe nothing that you say.  So I decided to get Eddie’s side, as well.

In the interest of fairness to Eddie, and avoiding a “he said, she said” misunderstanding from arising, I contacted Eddie G in Private, and he denies saying this to you.  I will post what he said to me….

He wrote…“Since Mr. Sal approached you - means something is up.

As for what he said that "DW was jealous" - I don't know where he got that.

In fact he actually asked a question why his name was not in the email list but DW's was. Out of courtesy, I responded to him saying that DW was no longer on the list and that others left. And I told him that I'll come back to him for an answer as soon as things are settled. There was no mention of me saying to him that "DW was jealous". Now that Mr. Sal approached you, I guess I will no longer reply back to him.

Now Sal, I personally do not believe you are Grunbaum, as DW publicly accused you of being.  I DO believe that you are the same person as that character named “Harry”, who also tried to cause trouble between Grunbaum and myself, several years ago.  I am completely convinced of it.  But I do not believe you are Grunbaum.  

But think about it, Sal.  Thank about the idiotic nature of DW’s comment, if we follow it to its logical conclusion….If YOU are Grunbaum, and I am Grunbaum, then that must mean that…I AM YOU, and YOU ARE ME!  Lol!  Can you believe it?  All this time, you have been trying to make a liar out of yourself, because you’re really me.

DW’s post proves one thing…This is what CULT MENTALITY and PARANOIA, does to someone who is already “mentally diseased”.

Now, once again, we have seen Rando telling more of his lies,  mostly the same ones, but always adding a new one here and there.  And we have just seen DW RECOMMEND him as a “genuine Witness”.   Just in the last 2 days, Rando has said, AGAIN WITHOUT SHOWING ANY QUOTES OR LINKS to a real statement from me, that….

RANDO: (about me) “He is a dishonest person and a dishonest person lives a life of deceit. If he works, he's dishonest at his job, no loyalty, unfaithful in all things. A fornicator of spiritism to the fullest!”

Yeah Rando, you should know all about that, if anybody should.

When you see people making comments like this, accusing other people of weird things like this, claiming that OTHER people write to themselves, etc., you know one thing….They are usually telling ON THEMSELVES.  

Rando says “if he works” ….LOL!  He doesn’t even know if I HAVE a job, but he knows HOW I am on that job?  Ha, ha, ha…Another example of a lying fool, showing his rear… while thinking he is actually doing something great.

And what exactly, is a “fornicator of spiritism” ?  Care to elaborate, Rando?  If you want to expose me as a “spiritist”, or a “fornicator”, then by all means, show us what evidence you have.  

Go ahead, I challenge you here and now.  Bet you’re going to be “silent like Jesus” again, right after lying like Satan (Jn. 8:44).

RANDO:  “Trinitarians teach that God died not that Jesus Christ died for your sins. That is why trinitarians reject the body and blood of Christ.”

This is a lie…Trinitarians believe that Jesus, Who was God-Incarnate, died for our sins.  We do not believe the Father, nor the Holy Spirit, died.  And ALL Trinitarians believe in the body and blood of Christ, in that His broken body, and His shed blood, are the means of our redemption.

“The Trinity mimics and replaces Jesus Christ has the means of Salvation. WRONG! They teach that there are No Angels ? No son of man? Interesting concept that Jehovah is now an angel, but Jesus is "another almighty god"?

“Are you seeing the pattern? If there are No Angels, there is NO Satan”

Trinitarians believe quite strongly, that Jesus Christ is the ONLY means of salvation.  That is why we aren’t on here, promoting an ORGANIZATION.  We certainly do believe in angels (I don’t know where the idiot got that).  Nor did anyone say “Jehovah is now an angel”.  Evidently, this liar doesn’t know the difference between angels as created beings, and THE ANGEL of the LORD, a visible appearance of God, as already discussed.  Just shows how Scripturally illiterate he actually is, to not know the difference.

And again, poor pathetic Rando is stuck on that same little lie for which he has already PROVEN he has no quotes for, that we teach “another Almighty God” .  He should feel quite stupid for saying the same thing repeatedly, after it being already shown numerous times that he can’t back it up.

And my personal favorite, as of late…

“Cross Worship is Trinity Worship, he wants you to do an act of worship to it. Take the mark of the beast. Remember, he preaches God died...not Jesus Christ. ((OOOPS!}}”

And this one, after my clearly saying numerous times, that worshipping a cross is idolatry.  

And the sad part is, Eddie G is the person I have been having the cross discussion with, and Eddie knows full well that my position on this issue has been consistent, that we are not to worship the cross.

And Eddie, in his total lack of caring about telling the truth, just sits there and ignores the liar, then writes to him as “Brother”.  

And keep in mind…Rando comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by DW, as a “genuine Jehovah’s Witness”.  

DW did the religion no favors, when he made that blunder.

Oh, and ONE MORE THING….In regards to Rando’s constant lie, that I “deny Jesus is the Christ”, and DW repeating the same lie in this comment…

“Derrick Holland who is also an apostate to God denying the Christ.” ……….

Well, let’s just do a little experiment, to see who REALLY “denies the Christ”, and who REALLY “replaces Jesus Christ as the means of salvation”</b>…..

Let me go on record at this time, and state that my doctrine is, and has always been, that Jesus was CHRIST from the moment of His birth, and remained such throughout His earthly ministry, and is still such today.  Since DW and Rando both teach the lie that Jesus “became Christ” at the age of 30, then that means that not only do I believe that Jesus is “Christ”, but I believe He has been CHRIST for 30 years LONGER than these clowns do!

I’m just curious…Exactly WHO do they think Jesus was, BEFORE He “became Christ” at His baptism?

Also, I categorically state that my doctrine has been, and always will be, that the ONLY hope of salvation that we have, is by grace, through faith, in the shed BLOOD of Jesus Christ ALONE.

Now, let’s see if these 2 charlatans will write a post, and say the same thing….

Nope, Rando states in his profile that ““I fully support, acknowledge and cooperate with *The Faithful Steward and Its' Governing Body* of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” I am property of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" that Jesus, my brother, has appointed over his belongings. This Slave is Jehovah's Earthly Organization known Worldwide as "Jehovah's Witnesses".

Similarly, DW puts this statement in his post…“You just need to get in the middle of Jehovah's organization and stay there. That is where you are safe.”

False prophets/teachers tip their hand every single time.  

In that entire second reply of his, he doesn’t even MENTION the name “Jesus”, but tells himself, er I mean, this “questioner”, that they need to “get in the middle of the Organization”.

Where in the name of all that is Scriptural, does the Bible say ANYWHERE that to be saved, we are to “get in the middle of an Organization”??  I believe it talks about being “IN CHRIST” numerous times…but never about “getting in the middle of an Organization”.

So, WHO really preaches Christ?

So now, let’s just see if they will either one come on here, and state that JESUS CHRIST ALONE, and His shed blood ALONE, is the means of our salvation, and that an Organization has nothing to do with it?

We will see in a matter of 1 day, just who “denies the Christ”, and who “believes that Jesus is the means of salvation”.

So C’mon, Guys…You have your challenge.

I have seen time and time again, where these guys point people to the Organization, but not even mention coming to Jesus Christ and trusting HIM for salvation.  On the other hand, not one Christian on this board, has EVER told anyone to “join a religion”, or “come to an organization”, but ALWAYS to “trust in Christ alone”.

End of story.

Now, in the course of this writing, I have just heard back from Mr. Grunbaum, via e-mail.  I was originally going to post his comments in this reply, but in the interest of not making this one longer than it already is, I am going to post his comments in a separate post.  Its only fair that his side of the story, be shown as well.

But to answer your question, Sal…NO, I am NOT Mr. Grunbaum.  You should’ve known better than that.  DW has lost his marbles…isn’t it obvious? And to answer your other question....Yes, DW is "sick".  

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High School, some college. Studies of God's Word, the Bible, and how it compares to JW theology. I have found my own personal study and experiences to be far more valuable than any formal education or training. The Bible message is clear...Salvation is ONLY through and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and no religious organization has a thing to do with it. While attendance at a Bible-preaching, Bible-believing church is a must for spiritual growth and fellowship, no church can grant salvation to its members. Nor is joining a particular group a prerequisite for being saved.

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