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Source:  from Chapter 22 of "Revelation, It's Grand Climax at Hand" pages 142-148

Can you explain how JW's can justify teaching that Jesus is not only Michael the Archangel, but also Abaddon the Destroyer?  If Jesus is Abaddon/Apollyon/Satan, the angel of the abyss and king over the locusts band (described in chapter 22 of the book above as Jehovah's Witnesses) doesn't that make JW's followers of Satan?

"The modern-day locusts had a job to do.  The Kingdom good news had to be preached.  Errors had to be exposed.  Lost sheep had to be found.  As the locusts went about these tasks, the world was forced to sit up and take notice.  In obedience to  the angels' trumpet blasts, the John class has continued to expose Christendom as deservig of Jehovah's adverse jusgments."

"They have over them a king, the angel of the abyss.  IN Hebrew his name is Abaddon [meaning "Destruction"], but in Greek he has the name Apollyon [meaning "Destroyer"]."  (Revelation 9;11) As "angel of the abyss" and "Destroyer," Jesus had truly released a plaguing woe on Christendom."     

Bible reference:  Revelation, chapter 9 (describing the 5th angel's trumpet blast)

I find it difficult to pose this question to anyone, but Pearl, do you believe or have you ever believed that Jesus is Abaddon/Apollyon (Satan)?  Is this what JW's teach?

P.S.  I've tried to go to your websites mentioned in your profile, but sorry to say I have had no luck in opening them.  I've tried on my computer & on the public library's computer.    Any advise on that?

Dear Jay,
Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty accessing more material.
If you do a Google search (or Bing, or some other search engine),
for "pearl doxsey", the results should include the Main Homepage (,
and perhaps even my blogspot profile,
which contains a list of my articles. Please let me know if that helps.

Regarding Rev.9:11; I have written quite a lot about the Bible's own interpretation of this identity.
Here is a specific post about what you ask...
try "clicking" on the link here:

To read a strong scriptural analysis of Rev.9, here's another link:

Regarding the idea that Jesus is "Michael" of Rev.12:7;
perhaps you could ask yourself this question....
Since the book of Revelation is written entirely in symbolic illustration,
how many different ways is Jesus depicted in that book? Have you ever tried counting those ways?
In how many ways are the faithful and unfaithful anointed described?
If fact, the same identities are repeatedly described in different ways.
Each description adds to our knowledge of the whole scenario of the end.

Is "Michael" one of the ways that Jesus is described; as he wages war against Satan, Satan's agents, and Satan's deceiving lies?  (Rev.2:16; 19:11,14,16; 16:14,16; 17:14; 12:7).
Can his faithful anointed warriors be described as messenger "angels"? (Rev.1:20; 2Cor.10:3,4,5; Eph.6:12)

Who are the only ones who can, according to divine justice, fight for the planet to return to the dominion of God? (Rom.8:22,20,21,19)
Adam lost the planet to Satan. The "second Adam" must serve to restore it to righteous mankind (1Cor.15:45). The 144000 also must prove faithful to truth, battling and conquering Satanic deception.
No one else can do this for them.

Only the Bible can tell us who all the identities of Revelation really are.
Do you see that the battle between Michael and Satan, as well as the angels on each side, battle until Satan is conquered?
Gen.3:15 makes clear who the primary identity is, who conquers Satan. He is described as the "Woman's seed". If Revelation depicts Satan as also defeated by "Michael", then we might at least wish to consider if "Michael" is Jesus' "new name" (Rev.3:12)
Then consider also, who it is that also does this conquering of Satan, at Rev.12:10,11.
They are spoken of as messengers of truth, which is "angel" in Greek.

I think these posts may aid you:

In fact, any post at my site that is about Armageddon, is relevant to your question. Also, Rev.12:7 can be put in the search box at my site....

I hope these links work for you.
If they don't, it may be the security system for the computer you are using.
They keep links from opening up. You may need to access the internet in a different way.

I hope all these considerations leave you feeling satisfied, and your questions resolved.
If not, please follow up.
God bless your search for truth,

Jehovah`s Witness

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PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PROFILE HAS BEEN UPDATED. I have been teaching the Bible since 1976, as well as studying JW publications. I am very familiar with the teachings of the Watchtower. As regards anyone's ability to teach truth, it largely depends upon Holy Spirit. For, without it you have no wisdom or scriptural understanding. I will do my best to assist anyone who asks. I have noticed a couple of warnings about "apostates" within the list of "experts". The definition of "apostate", according to the scriptures, are those who deviate from the truth. Therefore, only the scriptures have the authority to identify such a person (John 17:17). Merely disagreeing with someone in authority, does not constitute true apostasy. Otherwise, Jesus himself would have been an apostate. Jesus' own words afford us ample protection from such wolves. He said, "By their fruits you will recognize those men." Matt.7:17-27. Therefore, by all means, exercise every caution! Your life depends upon you doing so! But Jesus did not give the picture men expect of faithful ones today. He did not point to power, authority, growing numbers, accomplishments, or influence as being the sign of his true anointed disciples (Mark10:42,43; Matt.7:22). He pointed to fine fruit. This would include a love of truth and a clinging to God's word in every teaching (1Peter2:2). This authenticity becomes clear, when teachings are closely examined. So too, are "apostates" revealed, as those who deviate from God's word, or fail to do their utmost, to derive every teaching, from it. (see


I have been a baptized JW for decades. I was enrolled in my Congregation as a regular pioneer, though I did not sign the pledge of allegiance to men on the back of the application. I have read the Bible through many times, had been in the Theocratic Ministry school for decades, and was anointed by Jehovah God, through Jesus Christ, 42 years ago in June. As Organizational doctrine progressively strayed from the scriptures, I made comments during meetings and to Witness friends, including elders. Although I justified all my concerns with scripture, this alone lead to me being disfellowshipped in April, 2012. I continue to consider myself one of Jehovah's true witnesses, because Jehovah himself defines who His witnesses are, at Isa.43:10-12. There He states that they are His "chosen" ones (1Pet.2:9), whom he has called to declare the fact that Jehovah is the only Savior (Isa.43:11)...not men, nor an organization (Psalm146:3). This I faithfully do, and I have been chosen by Him to do so. I accordingly write articles about how the scriptures themselves interpret prophecies which apply to our era. ( The directory of articles can be found in my profile, located there.

I belong to the group chosen and anointed by Jehovah God through Jesus Christ...invited to accept the full course of Christ. If I prove faithful, I hope to belong to the Heavenly Mt. Zion, the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Publications ....also....

The Scribes and Pharisees took the lead in Jehovah's house of worship in the time of Christ. Jesus had the divine credentials to publicly criticize those men, and he certainly did so. Why? Was he a rebel, only seeking to promote disunity and gain a following for himself? No. Jesus realized how spiritually harmful such leaders are to those who blindly follow them. He was therefore obligated, as were his disciples, to champion scriptural truth; despite the backlash from those in power, and those loyal to those in power. Truth (not power, position, or favor with men), leads to everlasting life. John 17:3,17 The anointed are under obligation to accept the same assignment as Christ. They are divinely commanded, authorized, and qualified to do so.... not by men, but by the truth of the scriptures, and Jehovah's spirit. My education, has been by means of that spirit, as we read..... "And YOU have an anointing from the holy one; all of YOU have knowledge. And as for YOU, the anointing that YOU received from him remains in YOU, and YOU do not need anyone to be teaching YOU; but, as the anointing from him is teaching YOU about all things, and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught YOU, remain in union with him." 1John2:20,27 Matt.13:55-57; John7:15,16; Acts4:13; John16:13

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