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Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Derrick

It may seem that DW also!
Has a problem answering yet another question!
I ask DW why he brought you into a question!
The writer never ask you, however DW was very quickly able to name you in the writing.
I SIMPLY ask DW why he done this!
And the Question was treated as spam.
I have posted the question I ask DW.
The question was in ref Jesus Rose from he Dead.
And DW says its spam.

Your question was

Hello DW

May I ask you a question!
In answering the question.
You made a comment to the person that ask the question!
However I looked at the question the person Did ask.
And found that the person ask you the Expert the question!
However YOU the Expert brought another Expert into it, namely Derrick Holland!

Can you please enlighten me as to why you would do this?
When the writer never brought the mans name into it?
However you did!
Why did you do his?
It was your views the writer wanted.
Not the opinion you have of what another Expert has, or may have!

It seem that if you have been brought up or had any teaching from this group the watchtower!
You all seem to jump to your own conclusions as to what the writer is asking!
You add things the writer has NEVER ask for.
I myself have had this happen!!!!!!

As I said!
Why did you feel the need to bring Derrick Hollands name into it?
And not just answer the question the way he writer ask you from the 1st question?

Yours in Christ
Jesus loves you.

Sister S

I'm sorry, but this is a spam

If you'd like to ask another question in the category, please come to

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Expert: Bro DW

Hello, Sister S.  About DW's being scared to answer you, well, let's just deal with this character's continued Scripture twisting, his cowardice in refusing legitimate questions, and his blasphemy in calling our Savior a "zombie".  

It isn't the least bit suprising that he once again, displayed extreme cowardice, by rejecting your question as "Spam".  He did the same thing several times, to Jay's questions, asking for quotes.  And you know what Jay wanted quotes OF??  The statements DW was CLAIMING that I had made!  Now, if I had made the statements, then why couldn't DW provide quotes?  Why would that be a "Spam" question?

In other words, Dim Wit thinks he can lie and make up false statements, and when asked for the actual quotes, then your question is "Spam".  Anybody who can't see through that, needs their head examined.

In your case, you too asked him a legitimate question....Why didn't he just answer the person's question, instead of answering something they did NOT ask...his opinion of me?  Sounds reasonable enough.  

BOTH yours and Jay's questions, were legitimate, and pertained directly to DW's own previous statements.  So, its perfectly reasonable to ask him to clarify or validate them.  When he doesn't, that only shows that he can't.  Why?  Because he's a liar.  No way those can be rightly considered "Spam" questions.

But let's try to help the poor "man" out.  Just as he doesn't know the definition of the word "zombie", he also apparently does not understand what the word "Spam" means, either.

Here is the definition that I found for "Spam"....

1. irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet.

2. a canned meat product made mainly from ham.

Well, since we know that yours and Jay's questions were NOT "canned meat products" , I think we can safely focus on the other definition...<b>1. irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients, and unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet.

Okay, its safe to say that you were not advertising anything, nor were you sending your questions to "large numbers of recipients", such as e-mail lists.  In fact, you sent the questions directly to him, in reference to his own comments.

No way that can be considered "Spam".  Just shows the man is dishonest for marking it as such.

Now, you said..."It may seem that DW also! Has a problem answering yet another question!"

Well, that's nothing new.  Yes, he has a REAL problem answering questions.  Guys like DW and Rando are not here to "answer questions"....they are here to lie and slander.  They are like snakes, but no worry....I know how to deal with snakes.   

Aside from the fact that he falsely called your question a "Spam" question, there is something even WORSE than that, regarding the "answer" to the questioner who asked him about Jesus' bodily resurrection...Did you see just how BAD that answer was?  Let's just look at a couple, of the many problems with his "reply".  

But first, did you notice the trend?  Its a trend that my friend Rita, has pointed out many times.  Others have, as well.  You have noticed it, and countless others...That when they give you an "answer", no matter how incompetent the answer is, you are supposed to just ACCEPT it as "truth".  And if you don't, then he tends to get irritated with the questioner, and accuse the questioner of not wanting the "truth".  

Did you see the trend?  The questioner asked him a simple question, and he gave his usual pre-recorded answer.  Well, the questioner followed up and expanded on the first reply, and DW made some more blunders, but at least tried to reply.  But when the questioner simply took DW's own statements and came to the LOGICAL conclusion that DW's answer would make Jesus "deceptive", then DW, in predictable JW fashion, turns his arrow towards the questioner, and the questioner's pastor.  It is implied that the pastor is feeding them nonsense, and the questioner has "refused to believe" the Scriptures, when the questioner is actually HOLDING HIM TO the Scriptures.

DW wrote in that final reply..."I don't need to say I've answered this already ,this is public and people can see that, but here's something else for people to read."

Yes, and that is DW's problem...It IS public, and people can see that he did NOT adequately answer the question from the Scripture.  Instead, DW tried to change the Scripture, and MAKE the Scripture teach what HE wanted it to say.  And everybody saw it.

But let's take it from the top....

DW wasted no time in shooting himself in the foot, with his FIRST comment, after greeting the questioner.  He wrote...

"Angels used to materialize flesh and eat and drink and be touched grappled with etc, long before Jesus came to Earth."

Now understand....the guy that made the above statement, is the SAME guy who has been blaspheming Jesus Christ by calling Him a "zombie", because of the Christian belief that Jesus raised in a literal FLESH AND BONES body....just like He said.

Now, DW mocks this, and claims that makes Jesus a "zombie".  But he turns right around, and tells us that "angels materialize flesh, etc."

I would be SO pleased, if DW could answer ONE question....Did those materialized angels, have BLOOD in their bodies?  If so, then what is his Scriptural evidence for that?  If not, then were they "zombies"?

But there's more....

DW wrote..."Luke 24:

39 "See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself; feel+ me and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones+ just as YOU behold that I have"

Now when you first read it, it could appear the Jesus is saying he is not a spirit creature. However what you need to to realize is that having hands and feet and flesh and bones does not prove you are not a spirit creature."

Can you believe this?  I couldn't...I had to read it twice!  Let's read this man's BLATANT contradiction of the Scripture once more....

Now when you first read it, it could appear the Jesus is saying he is not a spirit creature. However what you need to to realize is that having hands and feet and flesh and bones does not prove you are not a spirit creature."

Once more...

Now when you first read it, it could appear the Jesus is saying he is not a spirit creature. However what you need to to realize is that having hands and feet and flesh and bones does not prove you are not a spirit creature."

Now, get what he is saying...He ADMITS that by READING the Scripture, it appears that Jesus is saying He is "not a spirit".  Uhm NO....Jesus IS saying "He is not a spirit".  He clearly CONTRASTS the body of flesh and bones which HE HAS, with that of a spirit.  No wiggle room there.  He states quite clearly for everyone, except for Rando and DW, that He HAS a body of "flesh and bones", and that a "spirit" does NOT...

Meaning....He is not a spirit!

Now, after ADMITTING that it really does "appear" to say that, he then makes matters worse for himself, by directly contradicting what Jesus said.

DW:  "what you need to to realize is that having hands and feet and flesh and bones does not prove you are not a spirit creature."

But here's the thing...Jesus Himself SAYING that He is not a spirit, DOES mean that He is not a spirit!  

And THAT, Mr. DW, is why the questioner came to the conclusion that your nonsensical answer would mean that Jesus was being deceptive.  If He WERE a "spirit", then He was sure going to great lengths to correct the initial belief of theirs that He WAS a spirit, by telling them that He wasn't.  This would make Him deceptive....if He really WERE a spirit, but was telling them that He wasn't.  Why would He want to correct them, if the first notion they had was already correct?

So, DW is telling us that having flesh and bones really doesn't prove that Jesus wasn't a spirit, because DW WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE the Watchtower nonsense that Jesus WAS a spirit.  But Jesus Himself SAYING He wasn't a spirit, certainly DOES mean that He wasn't.  

Have you ever seen such a blatant contradiction of a PLAIN passage of Scripture?  Ever?

I don't believe it is Jesus Who was being "deceptive"....Its DW.

Sister S, this topic of Jesus' resurrection, was a hot discussion here awhile back.  And the Bible denying charlatan who just basically called Jesus a "liar" in the above comments, is the same guy who fumbled around with John 2:19-21, as well.  

John 2:19-21-  "Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?

But he spake of the temple of his body."

Now, until I watched DW stumble all over this Scripture, I had no idea that there was actually somebody in the world, who didn't know what the words "this" , "it" , and "body" , meant.  If you want some real entertainment, you should go back and read those replies, as well.

But here we have seen him reveal himself....He reads a plain passage of Scripture, and even ADMITS how it "appears", but then proceeds to completely alter the meaning, and impose the WT interpretation into it.  So, now we know....DW is not someone who is capable of giving BIBLE answers to BIBLE questions.  DW is here to promote Watchtower dogma, and IT will take precedence over the clear statements from the mouth of Jesus Himself.

Then, he desperately tries to prop up his Bible denying, by going back to Luke 24:4, where 2 angels stood before them.  He failed to mention one GLARING problem with his comparison....These 2 beings did not directly DENY being spirit creatures, as Jesus DID directly deny it.  End of story.

Oh, and also the fact that Jesus is NOT an angel, as proven by Hebrews chapter 1. What you just saw from DW there, is called "grasping for straws" .

Let's move on, but hey, we don't have to read very far, to see yet another blunder...

DW:  "So Jesus would be making a pointless statement if he was referring to being a spirit creature.

What he meant was he is not an apparition. That's what spirit means in that verse, Apparition. Like here."

And this guy thinks he's a qualified "Bible teacher"?  Simply amazing.

First off, it wasn't a "pointless statement" for Jesus to be denying He was a spirit, because His statement was a direct ANSWER to the disciple's THINKING He was a spirit.  I realize DW doesn't grasp the concept of making a STATEMENT, to ANSWER what someone is actually asking or thinking...Perhaps Jesus should've just rejected their questions as "Spam"?

But there's another problem with his above comment...He adds HIS OWN interpretation into it.  I, for one, am SO glad that we have DW here, to tell us how Jesus didn't really mean what He said.  How helpful for him to come here, and tell us, in effect, "Never mind what He's what He really MEANT!"

Now, DW tried to make this same ridiculous point awhile back when this discussion was going on.  I will re-post my answer to that then....

Now, I realize the JWs try to skirt around this, by saying this really means "apparition/demon". First off, that isn't what the text says. This is the same Greek word "pneuma" that occurs 159 other times in the NT, as "spirit". To say for a fact that the disciples thought they were seeing an "apparition", is purely conjecture, and adding to the text something it does not say, in order to avoid the fact that Jesus also told Him His body was FLESH and bones, and NOT a spirit. He didn't say He wasn't an "apparition"....He said He was not a spirit. Actually, there is not a huge difference between the two, but the JWs seem to be implying (completely without warrant), that this is speaking of "apparition" in the sense of an evil spirit or demon.

And even if the disciples did think He was an apparition, that doesn't change a thing. Because this would still have been the perfect time to have told the disciples that NO, He was not an apparition/demon, NOR a fleshly body, but rather had undergone a "spiritual" resurrection. But He didn't. Instead of doing the obvious here (if the WT were correct, that is), Jesus went so far as to tell them He was NOT a spirit, but WAS flesh and bones. He contrasted the body He had, with that of a spirit. Therefore, since Jesus here told us He was NOT a "pneuma", we can safely conclude that He was not a spirit, apparition, demon, angel, or any other spirit being. His body was flesh and bones....period.

Now, we have 2 options....

1. Believe that Jesus was deceiving the disciples by telling them He wasn't a spirit, when He was, and leading them to believe He was resurrected in a fleshly body, when He wasn't.

Basically, taking on a body that wasn't really His, to prove it was really Him.


2. Believe what Jesus said....That He wasn't a spirit, but had a fleshly body after the resurrection.

My take is, that Jesus was not a spirit, but was in a fleshly body....Because that is what He said. He is obviously presenting a CONTRAST between the body that HE had, and that of a spirit, by inviting them to see that it was really Him, and to handle Him, to prove that He had a material nature."

But thank you, Mr. DW, for allowing us the privilege of your great insight, and telling us what Jesus really "meant".

Just can't let the Bible mean what it says, can you?

Hmm...No wonder you don't want people like me here.  But that is also the very reasons that Bible-believers such as myself ARE keep nonsense like what you have told that questioner, in check!

But we are not done...Unfortunately, there's more....

"He sacrificed both. He isn't "God the Zombie" like Derrick Holland teaches the idea's ridiculous."

I suppose, Sister S, that this is the comment you were asking him about.  You know, the one he marked as a "canned meat product" ...:D

Well, this is a GREAT example of several things...His lying, and his feeble attempt of setting up a "straw man".  

First, the lie....Derrick Holland does not teach any such idea as "God the zombie".  So, he's a liar.  That MIGHT just explain why Jay got a "Spam", too, when he asked DW for the quote of my teaching this.  He KNOWS he doesn't have a quote, yet he continues repeating the lie anyway?  Is that what a Christian does?

Secondly, the "straw man"...He creates a FALSE teaching that neither I, nor other Christians, even believe, and then he proceeds to tell us how "ridiculous" the notion of Jesus being a "zombie", is.  

Well, OF COURSE its ridiculous!  But its a moot point, because we don't teach it.  And DW needs to be reminded that it is HIM, not us, who have EVER referred to Jesus as a "zombie".  Funny, how I am the one that is supposed to "teach" that, but HE is the one saying it.  

What an idiot.

Now, I was originally going to post my refutation of his "zombie" blasphemy in this answer, but I think I will post it in a separate answer, instead.  Let's see if he can even address it, or refute the facts in it.  He has his challenge....Let's see if the anonymous slanderer and liar, is up to the challenge.

Wow....all this, and we haven't even gotten out of the first reply yet!  I am going to have to cut this short, and leave some out.  But let's look at this one, from his reply to the follow-up....

DW:  "How do you figure that Life = Body??

I don't know what you can't understand about Luke 22:19. It's actually really simple."

Yes, it actually IS really simple.  Jesus said He had flesh and bones after His resurrection, so He did.  He said He was NOT a spirit, so He wasn't.  DW, what is it that YOU can't understand about Luke 24:39?

Now, DW is feebly trying to make the WT point that, if Jesus gave His body and blood as an offering, then that somehow means that He could not resurrect in that body.  This is ridiculous, and was thoroughly addressed in my dialogue with another JW, on that very topic.

That link will explain the fallacy of that argument in detail.

DW:  "Then to try and argue that a resurrection has to be flesh,not even flesh and blood, but just flesh, is catastrophically poor. I mean where does that even come from??"

I don't know if this wording is a direct attempt to twist the questioner's words, or just due to DW's extremely poor grammar.  So, let's straighten the wording out, first of all, and then reply to the question DW asks.  

I don't think the questioner ever argued that a "resurrection has to be just flesh, minus blood".  I think they were making the point that a resurrection has to be FLESHLY and PHYSICAL.

Now, to answer DW's question..."I mean where does that even come from??"

Since the questioner actually didn't say that a resurrection must be "JUST" flesh, then that statement came from the imagination of DW.

But IF DW is asking (and I THINK he is), where the notion that a resurrection has to be PHYSICAL...aka...a FLESHLY body, then I would answer...."The BIBLE" .  Quite simply, ALL resurrections in the Bible, are PHYSICAL.  There are no "spirit" resurrections in the Scripture...Anywhere.  Not one.  

So, that "comes from" the pattern that we see all through the Scriptures, DW.  Now, could you tell us where the idea of a "spirit" resurrection comes from?

DW:  "The rules of resurrection are just flesh, you're just making thing's up as you go along."

Since that isn't actually what the questioner said, then its DW who is just making things up.  In fact, DW, you have been "making up" a lot of things here lately, haven't you?

However, I WILL make this comment, and I would like to see you refute it....ALL Scriptural resurrections DO involve a PHYSICAL body being raised, and the Scripture records NO accounts of a "spirit" resurrection.

DW:  "Even according to your own belief Jesus resurrection was unique from everyone else's beforehand so why is it so hard to believe that it was unique because he was resurrected to spirit life instead of Zombie life? It make's way more sense."

Because the Bible never says He was resurrected as a "spirit creature" to "spirit life", nor is the contrast either "spirit life" or "zombie life".

Why do you lie, by creating a false dilemma, as if these are the only 2 viable options?  They aren't.  You forgot one...Jesus was neither a spirit creature, OR a zombie...He was resurrected in His own body, in a glorified state, in a body with flesh and bones.  And I THINK that is exactly what He said.

DW:  "Jesus the mighty spirit creature or Jesus the Zombie??"

There he goes again...making up a false dilemma that doesn't even exist.  Let's make the REAL comparison here....

Jesus, the "mighty spirit creature" that the Scripture never once mentions....


Jesus, the risen Savior, in a flesh and bones body (Lk. 24:39), which was raised after being "destroyed" 3 days prior (John 2:19-21), and lives forever more?

"I know who my King is"

Yeah, we've seen that....He's a spirit creature, that the Bible never once mentions.  His physical body was "dissolved", another event that the Bible never mentions.  He is also Michael the Archangel, another idea that the Bible never mentions.

Don't we all just love how DW gets his beliefs ONLY from the Bible?

But I think we have already seen over the past week, just who your king is...John 8:44.

And DW's 3rd reply, consisted mostly of telling the questioner that his mind was closed, and his pastor was feeding him "nonsense".

"If you want to sit there and be taken in by all the nonsense your pastor teaches you from the pulpit then I can do nothing about that. I can just proclaim the word of God and you can either take it or leave it. That's how it is."

Problem is, DW didn't "proclaim the Word of God"...He ignored what it actually says, and tried to "help" Jesus tell us what He actually "meant", in contrast to what He SAID.

Sister S, I want to thank you for doing like Jay has been, and holding this guy's feet to the fire.  He sure is doing a lot of "rejecting" questions here lately.  I guess he knows he can't back up his own lies.  

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