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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando Attacks, But Still Can't Answer Scriptural Questions


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Rando, Rando…you don’t torment me, you amuse me. I ask you simple Bible questions that you are completely unable to answer, so you lash out like a child. Grow up. You want to keep the trouble started, despite even several JWs asking you to be peaceable. That’s too bad. But its what you wanted. At least I have the courage to write to you, instead of lying about you.

About the Scriptural questions I asked you…

Well, it is now apparent that you have no answers to anything. I am sorry you view questions about Scripture, and about your own statements, as “harassment”, but that is not my problem. You purpose here is supposed to be to answer questions about the Bible…not to spread lies. You lie, claiming that I made some comment about the Holy Spirit in the 16th century, you IMAGINE conversations about “once saved always saved”, that never happened. You have a real mental issue, I’m afraid.

I asked you about Bible Scriptures, which you obviously cannot answer, because you know they implicate you and your unchristian words and conduct.

Also, bashing the Trinity is not the answer to every question. Especially when the question does not pertain to the Trinity. We all get that you hate the Biblical nature of God. But that has nothing to do with your complete inability to answer simple Bible questions.

I do not believe you could give a straight answer to a question if you tried. That is why so many people complain that you don’t answer their question.

You could not give a straight answer if someone asked you what time it is….If it happened to be 3:33, you would go all to pieces because the number THREE would remind you of the Trinity.

There is a simple reason that you would not answer the Scriptures about what happens to liars…You lie.

There is a simple reason that you never actually DENY that you lie…Because you lie.

You said “3 in 1 is modalism theology Derrick. Not in the Bible nor can you claim one scripture that say such. Point blank, you're a Liar. You seem very upset you were unable to show us a "three in one" concept for seven years now.”

Of course, people do know that it is you who refuses a one on one discussion of the Trinity, despite my agreeing to do so several times. Even JWs have asked you to do so, and your cowardice prevents you from doing it, because you know what happened when you first tried to tackle me on this topic. So now, you just make up your lies from the safety of posting to your own profile. Not very impressive.

Your mistake was coming after me with your lies in 07’, thinking you were going to tell me to leave the board. Your entire mission has been an epic failure. I’m still here giving Biblical answers, and you have been made to look silly, time and time again. What have you accomplished?

And now, you are reduced to telling the same lies week in and week out, because you have nothing left.

But that isn’t my point in writing. I only mention that because you brought it up. I don’t think you should be allowed to lie to the readers about who can’t back up their beliefs, and who is scared to defend them.

Like this statement…“You're on a JW Forum taunting and throwing accusations, falsely claiming that the Holy Ghost inspired EASTER in the 16th Century. Your "Once Saved Always Saved" theology is not in the scriptures.”

See what I mean? You continue to tell these same lies, even after you were shown up for LYING about it being a “quote” from me.

I laughed when you wrote “You accuse me of lying when "I quote you". If that isn't hypocritical, I don't know what is.”

What is hypocritical, is you lying and claiming to quote me, when you are not quoting me. Rando, it has already been shown that the “Holy Ghost changing His mind in the 16th century” was not a quote from me, but from an article that I said I did not fully agree with. You do not “quote me”…You INVENT quotes.

The way you QUOTE someone, is you provide the ACTUAL statement, and a LINK to the statement. You don’t do that, Rando.

You want to talk about lame and hypocritical? You can’t actually find ANY quote of that nature from me. But you’re desperate…so you lie. To date, your ONLY “quote” of this statement, is from an article that I didn’t write, and you quoted from Eddie G where he made the same false statement you did. That’s laughable.

Why didn’t you just quote ME, if I made the statement? And you call other people “dunce”….

Go ahead, provide the quote where I made that statement. Provide the quote where I said that “Jesus is another Almighty God”. Show where I have ever said anything about “once saved always saved” being “my teaching”.

Go ahead…give the quotes, and let’s see who is lying.

Here is your chance to “shine your light” on me. Expose me to the fullest, and do it with my exact words. Show the quote and the links. Go ahead, shine your flashlight…I think you will find the batteries are dead.

You can’t, you never have, and you never will.

And speaking of quoting, I always give the quotes of your lies. Every time.

And it got to be so irritating to you, that you have gone back and EDITED and DELETED comments from your previous answers. Now WHAT would make you do that? Or I should say, WHO made you do that? Who was putting the pressure on you, so that you felt you had to remove the damaging comments? What are you trying to hide, Rando?

If you want to play the game of “exposing”, then we can do that. Your sneakiness and dishonesty has backfired on you at every turn, and it always will. You claim to serve the God of “truth”, yet you dishonor Him with your lies. Your problem was, you came after the wrong person.

Now, I don’t need to beat a dead horse here, because there are still perfectly legitimate questions that you have not answered. Perfectly legitimate BIBLE questions, and perfectly legitimate questions about YOUR own statements, which are contradictory. I know its embarrassing, but maybe it will make you think before you type a bunch of nonsense, acting as if you know the Scriptures.

We all know who is “tormented” here, as you claim….The same person who STILL thinks everyone is Luis, even though Luis has not been in this forum for several years. You think Bob is Luis, you said Dee was Luis, you think EVERYBODY is either Luis, or me. That is because Luis put a permanent imprint of the shape of his foot, on the seat of your pants, and you never recovered from it. You still see him behind every bush. I would say its apparent who is “tormented”.

Now, let’s just stop the childish diversions and stupid comments, shall we? I should not have had to type ANY of the above to you again, as we have already been over it. But you just HAD to bring it all up again, because you can’t even answer simple questions.

You were asked several questions, NONE of which you were able to answer. Let’s first take the ones from the Psalms… I asked you what these passages meant….

Psalm 31:18- "Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.

Psalm 52:2-5- "Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.

Thou lovest evil more than good; and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah.

Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue.

God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah.

Well, you apparently have no idea what they mean. Actually, you do. You just can’t afford to SAY what they mean, for obvious reasons. So, I’ll help…

They mean that lying lips/tongues (like yours), are deceitful, and that while you claim to love good, your lies prove that you actually love what is evil. It means there are people like you, who would rather LIE than speak righteousness, and they have a deceitful tongue. And the matter is concluded by showing what HAPPENS to those people…God will destroy that person for good.

Did I miss it, Rando, or is that pretty accurate?

Another one I asked you about, was Proverbs 10:18...

Proverbs 10:18- "He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool."

Since you have lying lips (almost on a daily basis), and since you utter slander, that makes you a fool. Simple enough?

I think we all know why you didn’t want to comment on those Scriptures. Why would anybody have a problem explaining those Scriptures? Unless, of course, they practice lying….

Now, you cannot answer Biblical Scriptures about lying, or without going off on some tantrum about the Trinity. Nor can you explain YOUR OWN contradictory comments about Abaddon. And we are supposed to think you are able to “pummel” anybody? You can’t even get your own doctrine straight.

Now, with everyone watching to see if you will ANSWER the questions, I will ask you for the 4th time now….

1. Give us the Scriptures that show the 3 angels were Michael, Gabriel, and Abaddon?

2. Explain HOW Michael and Abaddon BOTH appeared to Abraham, if they are BOTH supposed to be Jesus Christ.

Simple questions…These are YOUR comments that YOU made. They contradict. My prediction is, that you cannot, and WILL not, answer them, but instead, will become even more nasty in your attacks on me. You will ignore the question, and divert the topic to spew your hatred for the Trinity…which by the way, has NOTHING to do with the comments you made.

Do yourself a favor, and just explain the obvious contradiction in your theology. If you can, that is…

Following is the reason:

Still awaiting the "three in one" Scripture .

Expert: Brother Rando

Just as I predicted...Rando, I was spot on when I said that you could not answer the question, but would change the subject to the Trinity again...."My prediction is, that you cannot, and WILL not, answer them, but instead, will become even more nasty in your attacks on me. You will ignore the question, and divert the topic to spew your hatred for the Trinity"

And true to form, Rando says "Still awaiting the three in one Scripture".

Rando, if you have now mustered the courage to a dialogue on this topic, we can certainly have another one.  Of course, I will want your Scripture on Jesus being Michael and Abaddon, as well.  Is THAT why you keep refusing?  Because you know you don't have one?

You know, the one that you claimed was "in the Scriptures" ?  

Its sort of odd that you cannot explain your own contradictory statements, or even respond to Scriptures about lying.

The only person who would be afraid to comment on Scriptures about lying, would be, well....a person who lies.  That isn't too hard to figure out.  

But as everyone can see, you once again fail to answer anything, and you cannot even stand behind your own babble about Abaddon, because you keep contradicting yourself.  

Exactly as I said you would do...

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