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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando just keeps on lying....Its the sign of a desperate "man"


Well, we all saw it coming.  Rando has been on the edge for quite some time now.  But it has finally happened…He has completely gone off the deep end, and flipped out.  

I have never understood lying, in general.  I just don’t get why someone would want to live their lives that way.  But I especially don’t understand lying, about things that the public can easily check for themselves, and see that it’s a lie.  

I wonder if Rando and DW are under some kind of delusion, that readers can’t actually SEE how they falsely label questions as “Spam”, when they’re not.  How they make up quotes out of thin air, and then reject any questioner who asks them FOR the quote.  Do they just think people can’t see that?  Are they really THAT dense?

Like Rando’s latest claim that I am trying to hide that I went by the name “Mountain Man” in the chat room, and that I have deleted Mr. Drake’s reference to that name.  Is he out of his mind?  Of course he is.  As I will show, that comment has never been deleted, and is still there now.

So once again, is this how DESPERATE this man has become?  That he now lies, even when the lie is EASY to disprove?  Look how desperate the phonies are getting now….they are grasping at any straw that they can.  

But as always, its about to backfire on them….again.


Is this DW, rejecting a question as "SPAM"?
Is this DW, rejecting  
Now, what of Rando’s claim that I have “deleted” a reference to this name?  Really, Rando?  I did that?  Or are you just a liar?  We shall see.

Rando writes…“In Derrick Holland's own skin in behalf of skin mentality, he did DELETE the follow-up incriminating him as Mountain Man.”

Incriminating?  What is “incriminating” about have a screen name?  Most people do.  

Rando, are you some sort of idiot?  Never mind…why did I even ask that?

Rando writes…“Derrick has deleted the content for it's incrimination against him as Mountain Man, but it is still on the internet: As you can see, someone (and I know exactly who that someone is) was making a plea to Derrick Holland by calling him Mountain Man to make peace.

That person was Expert David Drake DeLaurentos.  His comment was left after my question which first posted on 8/26/13, under the title “PURE IGNORANCE”.  There were also follow ups, which the last posting for, was 8/28/13.  

Unfortunately for Rando’s lie, that comment is still there….yeah, the one he lied and said was deleted.  It has been there ever since it was posted from Mr. Drake on 8/30, and it has never been deleted.  

Anyone wanting to check and see who is lying, needs only to go to my profile, and click on “View Past Answers”.  Simply scroll down the page until you come to this question, click on it, and then read the “View Follow Ups”.  I think you will see the comment is there…just like it always has been.

Why did you lie, Rando?  Cause that’s what you do.

As for Mr. Drake appealing to me for peace, Rando neglected to mention that Mr. Drake contacted me, because he knew asking Rando to make peace, was completely pointless.  He was even considering writing to Rando about his actions.   Whether he did or not, I don’t know.  But he knew what was going on, and who the liars are.  You notice he addressed me as a fellow brother in Christ….

“I'm asking you as a fellow brother in Christ Jesus please make peace. You have brought out many good points and believe me when I tell you I listen.”

The truth is, Mr. Drake was sick of your lies and conduct, Rando.  But he knew asking YOU to act like a Christian, was a waste of time.

But the bottom line, once again, is that Rando lied.  The comment was not deleted.  Its there for anyone who wants to see it.

The are several other things the liar isn’t telling.  Everyone in the room knew that it was me.  Sister T knew, David knew, Sal knew, Grunbaum knew, Stewart knew...They all said they knew.  They had already been TOLD that I was invited to view and participate.  So, why is Rando trying to twist it into something deceitful, when it was always above board?

Cause he's desperate.

"Mountain Man" is a name I use in several forums, and the one that Rando listed “SmokyMtnMan6593”, just happens to be one of my YouTube channels.  Rando should know…He blocked it from commenting on his hilarious videos.  In fact, he has blocked all 3 of my channels…Cause he’s a coward.  Once, the nut even told the forum that "SmokyMtnMan6593" was my E-MAIL ADDRESS...LOL!  Just try e-mailing me at that, Rando.  It doesn't even LOOK like an e-mail address.  Where's the "@" symbol, that ALL e-mail addresses have to have?

But then, Rando hypocritically thinks he is going to leave Add On comments to my answers on here?  Not happening.  Rando posted 3 comments as “Add Ons” to my questions yesterday, and I DID promptly delete those.  There were nothing but links to his own answers, anway.  I've never deleted any comments from Drake, or anyone else, who wasn't a cowardly hypocrite like Rando.  But since Rando is such a coward, and does not allow anyone to make Add On comments on HIS answers, since he blocks comments from his YouTube videos like a coward, then he has lost the privilege of making comments on my Allexperts answers.  At what time he becomes a REAL MAN and let’s people comment on his, then he may comment on mine, as well.  

But he lied…the comment from Mr. Drake was never deleted, and the comment was made in the first place, because Mr. Drake knew appealing to Rando to act like a Christian, was a waste of time.

Now, moving on….

He is now trying to make it appear that I am somehow trying to hide my nickname “Mountain Man”.  Really, Rando?  LOL.  

Uhm, would you then explain THIS statement, FROM me, in the PUBLIC forum, just in the past week?

“Sal, you are correct that I viewed the chat room under the name “MtnMan”. This is the name (or a variation of that name), that I commonly use in internet forums.”

This was in response to Sal writing, and saying…“we know you are not a witness and wont defend but you were on the chat site as mtman”

Hmm, so everyone there DID know, and I have openly said this was the case.  

And the “deception” is what, again, Mr. Rando??

Poor Rando, just like I said the other day, every time he tries to “slap” at me, he winds up slapping himself in the face.

Notice just how desperate these people are getting?  They have no quotes, and absolutely NO lies from me to show…So now they are reduced to their “zombie” remarks, and claiming I have deleted comments that are right there, plain for ANYONE to see.

Its downright laughable.

RANDO:  “Derrick Holland's deception is that he wants people to believe he is a witness.”

Now Rando is once again, reduced to repeating his circle of lies, that have already been exposed.  He must not have anything else.

Yeah, Rando, I want people to believe I’m a Witness.  That’s why my profile clearly says I’m not one.  How does anyone get this stupid in one lifetime?

“To be clear: Jehovahs Witnesses is the religion of my upbringing, though I myself was never baptized into the religion, nor have I ever been considered as a Jehovahs Witness.”

It really isn’t my problem, if someone like you can’t understand a statement that simple.

But you will just continue to look foolish, each time you post this lie, because I will just post the statement showing it to be a lie.

Can any of you other Witnesses, namely Sister T, explain why this man lies the way he does, and why you condone it?  After telling us you would not condone any type of deception?

Well, let’s make Rando look foolish some more…

RANDO:  “Derrick Holland also has Apostates sites to spew religious hatred. Naughty, Naughty, Nasty Mountain Man! SmokyMtnMan6593 Just looking at his site, you see no mention of Jesus being the Christ. But spews hatred! APOSTATE!! Just look at his demonic disposition.”

Again, he lies.  I have no such "site" as SmokyMtnMan6593, "spewing religious hatred".  SmokyMtnMan6593 is not a "site"...Its one of my YouTube channels.  Man, how dense is this guy?

Rando, I want to thank you for the endorsement of my YouTube channel.  That means a lot.  I would like to second Rando’s recommendation that you visit my channel.  I need to put a few more videos up…its been idle for too long.

Anyway, I actually have a pretty thorough video on that site, about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the absurdity of the Watchtower’s teaching on this.  Check it out.  You can see me, and even make fun of my “twang”.  But I’ll bet that ole’ Rando won’t refute it.

And all this coming from a coward, who doesn’t have the guts to put HIS face on a video, or tell his real name.  

RANDO:  “DSHinNC1969, Concord Baptist Granite Falls, NC I wonder if the Concord Baptist is a Domestic Hate Group behind what Derrick Holland has been spewing here for almost 14 years now?? <v>”</b>

One thing, Rando…I don’t go to Concord.  Never been inside of it.  It IS near my house, and I just thought it looked pretty in the snow.  But I’m so glad you enjoyed my Christmas video.  That’s why I posted it…because it was nice.  Glad you’re watching.  My videos are public for people to enjoy….even you.

Rando, why did you select Concord out of the other churches featured in my video.  I know what the problem is, though…You are jealous.  God has blessed me with a gorgeous wife, healthy boys, and the privilege of being a Christian.  

Isn’t that REALLY your problem, Rando?  Jealousy?

Oh, and since you know that I am from Granite Falls, NC, why don’t you teach that looney friend of yours (DW), how to add 1 + 1, and realize that this DISPROVES his implication that I am Benyamin Grunbaum?

And while you’re at it, why don’t you contact our LOCAL congregation (since you know what it is), and ask them for PROOF of your claim that I was a former JW, who “turned apostate”?

In that writing, you said…“No, I stopped a month ago. Once I found out he was an Apostate, I no longer converse with him.”

Okay, now its easy.  Let’s see who is lying.  I say that I’ve never been a JW, and you say I was.  Go ahead, Rando…Contact the local congregation in Lenoir, NC, and ask them if I have ever been a baptized JW.  You want the name of the elder to ask for?  

You are the only person I know who can squeeze 3 lies into one sentence.

1.  “No, I stopped a month ago” (in answer to whether you READ my writings)

2.  “I found out he was an apostate” .  

Along these same lines, you also stated in another answer, the following untruth…“Derick Holland is an Apostate …..Derrick profile is completely false. He was a baptized brother who turned against Jehovah. His mom is no JW.”

Now Rando, the TRUTH is, you “found out” no such thing.  You needed an excuse to get out of debates in which you were getting hammered in, so you made this up.

And I know how you operate, through and through…Now is your chance to verify that you were telling the truth, but you WON’T even attempt it, because you know it will expose you as a liar.  Go ahead…contact the local KH here, and see if they will validate you as an honest man, or expose you as a liar.

But I think its safe to say that you DO “read my blogs”…LOL.

3.  “I no longer converse with him.”

See above comment…

Now, the last thing I am going to expose this guy on…at least for today…..

RANDO:  “Derrick Holland was probably harvesting emails as he admitted to being "privy" to such discussions on a very Private Email Forum .”

“In the case of "terrorism" acts should occur, it should be "Noted" he is a well known "Critic of Jehovah Witnesses" and has a 13 year Record of Harassment, Deception, Slander, and outright lies against toward one JW Expert after another calling it a cult and spread Religious Hatred. This platform (AllExperts) was given to him knowing full well that Derrick Holland is an outspoken critic of Jehovah's Witnesses His being here is to cause distress upon those seeking Biblical Answers from active Jehovah's Witnesses.”

Can anyone read this without laughing?  The depth of this man’s paranoia, and his obvious mental instability, is astounding.  Really now, Readers…Between Rando and myself, WHO could you REALLY picture going off the deep end, and committing acts of terrorism?

And Rando, if you actually were just giving BIBLICAL answers, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.  But you can mark it down…as long as you practice lying and slander, you will be “caused distress”, because I will expose you at every turn.  I’m sorry it has taken you 6 years now to figure it out.  But your complete obsession with me, merely proves how frightened you are of my answers from Scripture, and how it makes your Organization look, when held UP TO the light of the Scripture.  You want things hidden from questioners, and you don’t want them to know ALL of the facts, and you cannot fully enjoy your “ministry of deception”, as long as there are Christian voices here.

And you know that, and it just irritates you to no end, doesn’t it Rando?

Now, let’s just set the liar straight once again…At NO time was I ever in the e-mail forum, or given the opportunity to harvest e-mail addresses.  I was in the CHAT FORUM, before it went to a Private e-mail forum.  Certain ones like Sister T, and others, did not want me “knowing the truth” about the date for Armageddon.  

So again, Rando is a bald-faced liar.

In fact, I will just share e-mails between Mr. Grunbaum and myself, when I asked him why the discussions in  the chat room had apparently stopped.

ME:  “It has been awhile since I have been able to view the chat room, but it seems that there is not as much going on there now, as before. Also, I am not able to go back and read the pages of the room that I missed, in order to catch up, as I was before. I think the last time I was on there, it was "Page 8", and now its on "Page 11".

Might I ask what was meant by the room "suffering its 3rd major shake-up", and numerous members (including you) being "reinstated to the room"? I am also curious if the prediction is still on, or if it has been backed off of some, or if perhaps the Society has stepped in and asked to back off with the predictions? It just seem the room isn't as active as it was, and I was wondering why.

Grunbaum responded to me with the following….

GRUNBAUM:  “Hello Derrick,nice to hear from you again.In terms of the chat room it seems that since you were discovered a member of the chat room they moved to the email forum but I instructed Brother Stewart to post highlights weekly for some in the forum who miss the weekly emails. As far as the belief of the Great Tribulation date we still believe even more than ever as additional information has come to light,it not a prediction or a prophecy from the Watchtower its individual members believing it. As I have mentioned before the Watchtower has never predicted a date as coming from God there is a difference between speculation [which is what we are doing on this forum] and a prophecy. I hope this reply finds you and your family in good health as well,I cant comment on the other questions in length but to say on the forum was a member of the Governing body who left due to problems.Keep in touch.

I then wrote Grunbaum back, with the following….

ME:  “So I was the reason? Wow. I went to great lengths to be respectful, and not share my views, even though you gave me liberty to do so. I believe that I certainly did nothing to cause concern.”

Grunbaum replied back with….

GRUNBAUM:  “You are correct you did nothing so they should have continued with the chat room”

Now, all that to say this….Rando, you lied again.

I was never in the “Very Private E-mail Forum”, nor did I say I was.  It was the chat room, BEFORE it became the “Private E-mail forum”.

Rando, why is it that you can type absolutely NOTHING that actually tells the truth?  Why are you such a liar?

Isn’t that “being like Satan”?  

John 8:44-  “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

So, from this verse, WHO is the father of the lie, and WHY do people like Rando and DW lie?  Simple…Because Satan is the father of the lie, and they do “the lusts of their father”.  Its right there.

Its tough for these guys to make a case about my acting “like Satan”, when they keep doing it themselves.

Rando…Why did you tell all of these lies this morning?  

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