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Jehovah`s Witness/Really Mr. Holland? A telepone pole is a traditional CROSS? Really?


So Mr. Holland, are you that desperate?

A Telephone pole is a CROSS?


So you asked:

>>Eddie has been asked repeatedly, just WHY he believes that attaching a cross-beam to a POLE, would cause the pole to CEASE being a pole?  So far, he has not given us a good answer to that question.<<

Well here's your cross...I mean your telephone pole!!!

Traditional CROSS or Telephone Pole? Which?
Traditional CROSS or T  

Traditonal CROSS or Telephone Pole? Which
Traditonal CROSS or Te  
Really Mr. Holland?

The Telephone Pole is now your latest defense to prop up your fallen pagan cross?

I'm really quite surprised you went that route.

Oh well, I guess when one is running out of options one must use whatever sticks.

Unfortunately Mr. Holland, your use of the telephone pole in proving that a CROSS is actually a pole is sorry to say this - pathetic.

It's pathetic in that it makes you appear desperate.

Really Mr. Holland, with your knowledge, it's quite surprising you took that route.

But in all honesty, do you really think that people are so naive and gullible to believe that a TELEPHONE POLE IS THE SAME AS YOUR TRADITIONAL CROSS?

Do you really think that people will buy into it? If you think so, then you must be in complete denial.

But if you really believe that what you're saying is true and is fully convinced that a TELEPHONE POLE IS THE SAME AS the TRADITIONAL CROSS, then like I said:

I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you for a buck. Or better yet I have a condo on the moon to sell you.

But I know you're not naive. So why use such explanation?

Only thing I can think of is desperation, unless of course you're lying.

In either case, if you want to see how dumb such explanation is, consider:

Using your own analogy, you're basically saying that since a telephone pole is the same as the traditional cross, thus it should be proper to use it in the "Christian" Church.

That is, it can be placed in the altar, in the sanctuary, in front of the church, or anywhere, because per your statement - the telephone pole - is xylon and xylon is a cross and a pole is a cross with a crossbeam.

Just like what's shown in the attached pic above.

But by saying that a telephone pole is a cross, who in the world then are you trying to convinced?

Who are you trying to fool?

Surely, not me because I see your bag of tricks. But if it's not me, who then?

The answer must be, the gullible ones, like those who agree with your every word.

No other audience in here other than those who are gullible enough to fall for such play on words, those who are too naive to fall for such word trick.

But if you're really convinced that a telephone pole is a cross, then I have a condo on the moon to sell you.

Let me know if you're interested.

Lastly, what's the answer to my simple question:

How was the prophecy about Jesus "hanging upon a tree/pole" fulfilled if he died on a cross?

I hope you will not say that he died on a telephone pole, otherwise you make yourself into a fool.  

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