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Can you tell me who or what is "wormwood" at Rev. 8:10,11 and Abaddon and Apollyon in Rev, 9?

  [Heb., la·ʽanah′; Gr., a′psin·thos].
This designates many, frequently somewhat woody, plants having an intensely bitter taste and a strong aromatic odor. Several varieties of wormwood are found in Palestine, particularly in desert areas. The most common is the Artemisia herba-alba, a small shrub growing 40 cm (16 in.) tall. In Scripture, wormwood is compared to the aftereffects of immorality (Pr 5:4) and the bitter experience that was to come and did come upon Judah and Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians. (Jer 9:15; 23:15; La 3:15, 19) It also represents injustice and unrighteousness (Am 5:7; 6:12) and is used with reference to apostates. (De 29:18) At Revelation 8:11, wormwood denotes a bitter and poisonous substance, also called absinthe.

At Revelation 9:11, the word “Abaddon” is used as the name of “the angel of the abyss.” The corresponding Greek name Apollyon means “Destroyer.” In the past century there were efforts made to show that this text prophetically applied to individuals such as Emperor Vespasian, Muhammad, and even Napoleon, and the angel was generally regarded as “satanic.” It should be noted, however, that at Revelation 20:1-3 the angel having “the key of the abyss” is shown to be God’s representative from heaven, and rather than being “satanic,” he binds and hurls Satan into the abyss. Commenting on Revelation 9:11, The Interpreter’s Bible says: “Abaddon, however, is an angel not of Satan but of God, performing his work of destruction at God’s bidding.”
In the Hebrew scriptures just considered, it is evident that ʼavad·dohn′ is paralleled with Sheol and death. At Revelation 1:18 we find Christ Jesus stating: “I am living forever and ever, and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” His power with regard to the abyss is shown at Luke 8:31. That he has destroying power, including the power of destruction over Satan, is evident from Hebrews 2:14, which says that Jesus partook of blood and flesh in order that “through his death he might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil.” At Revelation 19:11-16 he is clearly represented as God’s appointed Destroyer or Executioner.

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