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Jehovah`s Witness/When is a question not a question? When Rando asks it. If anything, it will be questionable.


Rando dishes up another serving of 'spam'.  


Your question was

Rando, are you an anti-Christian who supports homosexuality?

In your latest anti-Baptist 'question to self' you direct people to a GLBT website.

Are you an activist for the GLBT Community? (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender).  Does the GB of the WTBSociety know you are promoting a GLBT website?

And since you also circulate an Anti-Christian website, one might think you are ANTI-cHRISTIAN.


"~David Badash is the founder and editor of The New Civil Rights Movement, a journal of news and opinion on gay rights and marriage equality. He is a contributing writer at Change, is syndicated weekly at 365Gay, and his work has also appeared in Bilerico. David is the creator of The Great Nationwide Kiss-In, a fifty-city, international gay rights response to the unlawful harassment, detention, and arrest of same-sex couples for kissing in public. He has been a guest on several radio programs, including The Michelangelo Signorile Show.

On the Internet since blogs were called journals and AOL charged by the hour, Badash writes about politics in general and gay rights in particular. His writings focus on issues that are decisive and challenging to our lives, and to this country. With the heart of a liberal and the mind of an analyst, David pulls seemingly disparate stories together to help people see their world from divergent yet comprehensive points of view.

David graduated in 1985 and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design. He lives in Hellís Kitchen in a tiny studio apartment with his partner Caleb, a great view, and a great Black Lab puppy named Text.~"


You have already been busted once regarding ERRONEOUS FABRICATIONS about Christians groups being labeled 'terrorist' by the military, yet you keep trying to sell it.  

"~The Army's directive responds directly to AFA's urging that the military stop using bogus and misleading material supplied by the staunchly anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

As part of the directive, the Pentagon reminds base commanders that it is their personal responsibility to see that all "trainers" take a "refresher course" to insure they abide by a strict code and use only pre-approved resources in their training sessions.

This means that renegade "trainers" are strictly prohibited from using the erroneous fabrications from the SPLC website.~"
Key Words in the article:

Stop using BOGUS and MISLEADING INFORMATION supplied by the staunchly ANTI-CHRISTIAN Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Rando, the following websites might give you some insight about SPLC


Perhaps you should spend a little time researching the organizations you quote or copy & paste from.  But then again, maybe you do & fully agree with them.


I'm sorry, but this is a spam question.

Expert: Brother Rando

Hello, Jay.  I hope you are well this evening.  I apologize for the delay, but I just got home late this evening...was out of town since yesterday.

You know, I saw this latest post from Rando, and I honestly didn't pay much attention to it.  It was more of the same, only worse....saying that our "Messiah" is the Tea Party?  I mean, who is going to believe stupidity like that?  The man has obviously gone off the deep end.

But I did not realize that the web site he was referencing, was a HOMOSEXUAL site!!  WOW!!  I didn't know it, because I just don't spend a lot of my time on pro-gay sites,  But I clicked on the link, and I was absolutely shocked by some of the things I saw, and I have to wonder why Rando is frequenting sites such as that.  He has said some things in the past that have made me wonder about him, like from this link of his from a few years back....

Now let me tell you, that one was a real eyebrow-raiser.  Think of the implications....If he wrote that to himself, as he does nearly all of his questions, then it really makes you wonder.

Now, let's be more honest than Rando would be here....I have no proof of anything, but again, WHY is he frequenting this site and referencing an article from it, as if it carries any weight at all?  Does he not realize that this site would be against ANY and ALL Christian groups that teach homosexuality is a sin against God, which it certainly is?  INCLUDING Jehovah's Witnesses!!!!!!!!!

So, I think your questions asking Rando if he himself is a member of the LGBT community, is warranted.  I sure wish he would've just answered, instead of serving up another helping of "SPAM".  Especially since he brought the question on himself, by referencing this article from a "gay" source.

You wrote..."And since you also circulate an Anti-Christian website, one might think you are ANTI-cHRISTIAN."

Again, very good point....WHY would he use this source as an authority on anything?

Also, I personally object to the LANGUAGE being used in these quotes that he is posting, here lately?  This is about the 2nd time here lately, that Rando's posts have contained questionable/offensive language.

Jay, you wrote...."You have already been busted once regarding ERRONEOUS FABRICATIONS about Christians groups being labeled 'terrorist' by the military, yet you keep trying to sell it."

You also said..."Perhaps you should spend a little time researching the organizations you quote or copy & paste from.  But then again, maybe you do & fully agree with them."

Okay, this needs to be said....Rando has been busted for lying about what you printed above, as well as about a hundred other issues, as well.  And as for doing research into who he is quoting, you are correct....He SHOULD do this.  But you have to understand, that Rando's mission is not to provide "truth", or factual information.  Rando's goal is to attempt to deceive with lies and slander.  Most people know that he lies, and even his own fellow JWs know it, even the ones who SUPPORT him.  But they simply do not care.  You can read Sister T's condoning of the lying, in her replies to the questioner who wrote to her under the thread titled "DISHEARTENED".  She can talk about God being a "God of Truth", yet turn right around and excuse blatant lying, by putting the blame on the ones being lied about.  Its all talk....a complete double-standard.

Basically Jay, you can watch this and see it played out time and time again....The ones who do the MOST complaining about other experts, and recommend only THEMSELVES as "true Witnesses" worthy of asking questions to, also REJECT the most questions sent to them.  Can you believe the blatant hypocrisy?  They will reject any question they cannot answer or don't want to answer, and then proceed to post "warnings" about others here, and recommend only themselves as qualified to answer questions. But then, they turn right around and reject the questions, knowing full well the questioner will likely just send it to one of the experts who they are complaining about.  Something is just not "clicking" in their brains....there just isn't any other way to say it.  

But as for doing "research", Rando isn't going to do that, because Rando is not interested in posting truth.  Rando would rather post lies, and again, the BIBLICAL reason for this, is clearly given in John 8:44.

Thank you for writing with your questions, Jay.  And thank you once again, for keeping Rando under the microscope, since he continues to insist on posting his lies, from less-than-reputable sources.

Have a great evening, and God bless.


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