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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando continues to lurk in the shadows


Derrick, here's another question Rando kept undercover.  Proving he prefers darkness to light since Light does away with darkness.  His answer to me was something he had posted to you back in 12/06/2012 (What would you call a person?)

Why do you lurk in the shadows, Rando?  Does the light hurt your eyes?


Expert:  Brother Rando
Subject:  Another example of how Rando only sees what he wants to see
Question:  I believe the article you (Rando) posted from states the very opposite of you believe it to say.  (Ref: Check what's beginning to happen with False Religion now, dated 10/27/13)

You see the article this way: "What an excellent example of False Religion being exposed and marked "extremists and terrorists"! when the article is stating that Christians are being FALSELY demonized as extremists & terrorists.  Read it again.  

You overlook phrases like "information or material that is INACCURATE"; "MISLABELING of a Christian oranization".  "Army HALTS PROGRAM that labeled Christians radical extremists".  

And you get your info from  That's like the National Enquirer for conspiracy theorists.

If you think, InfoWars, & Alex Jones are credible sources of info, you might like Coast-to-Coast with George Noory.  He specializes in the weird & bizarre, the paranormal, extraterrestials, UFO's, aliens, crop circles, conspiracy theories, etc.  He also takes calls from those possessed by spirits.

In your 'answer' to the 'question' you seem to be quoting from some other source.  It's hard to distinquish what you are saying and what some third party is saying or who the third party is (PrisonPlanet?).  Your saying 'your quote' and 'Keep this information coming for this movement is gaining momentum.'seems to indicate you are corresponding with PrisonPlanet.  ??  I could be wrong.

It's amazing, or amusing how you read something into a 'question' that isn't there.  You have such a compulsion to tie everything that is said to trinitarianism, you jump to give your answer before you know or understand the question.  But that's just my observation.

Proverbs 18:13 When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears [it], that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation.  NWT

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Yes, I remember his posting that.  In fact, he posted another very similar one here lately.  Stuff like that, I normally don't bother with...I just expose his bigger lies.  I mean, I could absolutely tear his "What Do You Call A Person" thread to pieces...Can you imagine RANDO, of all people, writing about being "deceptive", "two-faced", and a "hypocrite"?  I just let that one speak for itself.

Of course, if he could muster the courage to send it to me as a question, I'd be happy to blow it out of the water for him.  But really....Rando talking about someone being dishonest and deceptive?  Its downright hilarious.

I COULD do my own, though.  Like "What Do You Call A Person Who"....

1.  Makes up false quotes....A liar

2.  Refuses to reveal his own identity, while trying to post yours....A coward

3.  Writing himself as other people, and then accusing you of doing it....A hypocrite

4.  Slobbering all over himself, screaming for you to "go somewhere else"....A cry-baby

5.  Someone who writes himself, pretending to be a Southern Baptist....An impostor

Can't really call him a "deceiver", though....Because nobody really BELIEVES his lies, therefore, they aren't deceived by them.  Most people just find them humorous.

Oh, and about that, Jay....Do you know what I discovered today, quite by accident?

I honestly hate to even mention this since Eddie is now gone from the forum, but do you remember our "cross vs. stake" discussion, which continued right up until the day he left?  In fact, his leaving is why I didn't take the time to respond to his final posts on that topic.  Otherwise, I was going to.

But let me tell you what I did...I got to thinking about Sister T's comments, and her incessant complaining about non-JWs being in THIS forum, and giving answers about their beliefs, even though the answers are more accurate than the ones given by most of the JWs.  So, I decided to visit a few other forums on Allexperts, and just see if those forums also had people volunteering there, who were not practicing members of the religion.  I visited both the Baptist and the Pentecostal forums, as well as the Seventh Day Adventist, LDS, and Church of Christ, forums.  And I found that ALL of the above, have at least 1 expert who is not a current practicing member of the group.  Some of them have more than 1, who are not currently practicing members.

But you know what I did NOT find in ANY of those forums?  The UNCHRISTIAN lying and slander, of those who are there, and not practicing members.  Nowhere did I find any complaining like Sister T, Rando, and DW, do.  This just goes to show you that these people do NOT want questioners to get all of the facts about the Watchtower Society.

It also goes to show you, that these 3 are FAR less "Christian", than any of the experts in those other religions.  I didn't see one "Expert" lying about another "Expert", who wasn't a practicing member.  I didn't see one trying to post someone else's personal information, insulting their family, or saying "We would stop our lying, if you would just leave", .  While there might have been DOCTRINAL disagreements, with each side defending their belief the way it should be done, I didn't see anything that constituting willful LYING or personal slander.

Now, how is it, that the "only true religion" does more NON-truth telling, than the others?

However, that wasn't my point.  I was going to tell you something I discovered quite by accident.  It seems that during our debates, Eddie began them with the claim that we as born again Christians, "worship" and "venerate" crosses, and he used this argument as a springboard for his condemnation of idolatry.  Which he was CORRECT to condemn worshipping the cross...his problem was, we don't do that.

But I found that Mr. Eddie actually went to the Baptist forum, after I had told him that we do NOT worship the cross nor pray to it, and he ASKED 2 separate Baptists, if "born again Baptist Christians" believe it is okay to pray to, or worship the cross.  This was on 8/30/13.  And Eddie was told by BOTH of the born again Christians whom he asked, the same EXACT thing that I had told him...that we do NOT worship or pray to crosses.  

Now, Eddie conveniently never once mentioned his trip over to the Baptist forum, nor the fact that both Baptists (whom I was unaware of, and never conversed with), corroborated with what I had told him.  Instead, he completely ignored it, and CONTINUED right on telling the untruth that we worship the cross, right up until he left the forum.  He KNEW BETTER, yet he continued telling the story, because without it, he would have NO case about "idolatry".  

He knew it was false, yet he never offered to correct his false statements, or say "Mr. Holland, it appears I might have been in error, so I retract/apologize for misrepresenting your beliefs."

I said all that to say this.....WHY do these people NOT just TELL THE TRUTH? Why are the always twisting, distorting, and LYING, and then telling everyone "We really are the 'true' religion"

It is absolutely unfathomable, how they can be so hypocritical!  I am quite certain that he would certainly have made mention of it, IF those other Baptists had given an answer that supported HIS false statement.  

Stuff like that, is why I have a really hard time respecting these people.  At least the ones who operate in deception like that.

Just like the article you mentioned that Rando "quoted".  Rando "quoted" that article and got the correct intent of it, about like he "quotes" me and gets the correct intent.  Think about it....When is the LAST time you have seen Rando tell the truth on anything, or get ANY quote right?  He operates in nothing but lies and deception, and your example is merely one more instance of it.  

And think about this....Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that the Watchtower IS the only true mouthpiece for Jehovah God, and the JW religion IS the only true group of Christians.  (Now, they're not, but let's just say they are, for a moment).  If that is true, then Rando STILL is not going to make it.  Because this religion DOES teach against lying in any form.  Their "bible" teaches against it, and their literature has contained numerous writings against LYING in ANY form.  So, if they really are the truth, then it still won't profit Rando, and he is in trouble.  For proof, let the readers check out this link, where I exposed Rando's practice of lying, as being against the very "Slave" he CLAIMS allegiance to.

I'm telling you, Jay, and they will never admit it....But these people have some belief which they will not state, that makes it okay to lie about people whom they view as "dangerous apostates/opposers".  They will not admit this is the case, but how else can you explain a few of them doing it, and the others condoning it, and then blaming the person who is being lied on for "being somewhere they shouldn't"?

You cannot even get them to EXPLAIN their actions on this.  Consider this comment from Sister T, just yesterday....

" But that is being done to us here and people seem to feel that when we speak up and refute the things that are said against us and our God Jehovah that do not agree with what the Bible says, that we are wrong for speaking up and saying so."

Completely full of untruths.  People do not "feel they are wrong for speaking up" in regards to their doctrine, or for God.  People feel they are wrong for LYING and SLANDER....Zeesh!  Does that really need to even be said?

Notice how she claims that they are "refuting" what we say?  How do you refute something by lying?  You don't...You refute something by showing BIBLICALLY, why its in error.  And you don't TWIST it or lie about it, just to make it into something you can "refute".  You take it as it is, and you show Scripturally, why its wrong.  You don't lie about the person, and you don't twist their quote.  Sister T does not have a clue....

Also, she claims that we are saying things "against our God Jehovah" .  This is simply put, a bald-faced lie.  Jay, have you seen any of the non-Witnesses, say ANYTHING against Jehovah?  Have you seen us "defame His name", or blaspheme HIM in any way?  Or do we just point out the unsciptural nature of Watchtower teachings, and expose the liars who do not value the truth?

In short...When have we ever said anything against God, or His Word, the Bible?  And when do they ever "refute" anything Scripturally?

They don't...Period.

Jay, what you sent me here, is simply Vintage Rando.  Its exactly what we have come to expect for years.  The same guy who cannot even read a simple article without lying and twisting what it says, is the same guy who has come up with such "gems" as:

1.  They teach Jesus is another "almighty God"

2.  They teach 3 gods in one

3.  They deny that Jesus is the Christ

4.  They teach another way of salvation without Christ

Every one of those above statements, come from the keyboard of Rando, on an almost daily basis.  And every one of them, is a lie.

So, why would we expect him to get an article correct?  You are correct...He only sees what he WANTS to see.  And I am convinced that he actually reads articles, LOOKING for a way to distort it and twist it.  No way someone can just "misunderstand" that many times.  

Simply put...Rando is not a Godly man.  He is not an honest man.  He is not a "Christian" in any sense of the word.  He is a liar.

Jay, thanks again for pointing out the dishonest nature of this man.  It seems he provides this board with another lie, just about every day.  

God bless, Brother Jay.  Have a great evening.


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