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Hello Abdijah

Reading some of the comments on this site!
And I have come to the understanding that mankind is in a mess.
And not two people have the truth at all!
Yet they say they have.
Why is there so many opinions about what God want for us?
And why so many opinions as to what the scriptures say?

Those are really some astute observations; mankind is a mess and the Bible tells us as much. It also tells us why. We read in Jeremiah 10:23 that “it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”

However, since the days of Adam & Eve humans have tried to rule themselves independently of Jehovah’s way of doing things, and it has only led to mankind’s harm. (Ecclesiastes 8:9)

The Bible contains the truth. (John 17:17) People prefer their own opinions rather than listening to God, as you have observed. This has also led to their being so many different opinions and religions, because rather than listening to the truth from God’s Word, people are fulfilling Paul’s words to Timothy: “For there will be a period of time when they will not put up with the healthful teaching, but, in accord with their own desires, they will accumulate teachers for themselves to have their ears tickled; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, whereas they will be turned aside to false stories. (2 Timothy 4:3, 4)

Aside from that as people became Christians from various non-Christians religions, they began to bring some of their beliefs into the Christian congregation. Most of the beliefs originated in ancient Babylon, shortly after the flood of Noah’s day. While the apostles were alive, although some false teaching crept in, they acted as a restraint and so kept the Congregation pure for a a while. After the last of the apostles died, false teachings became rampant and quickly infiltrated the truth, so that by about the 4th Century the majority of Christianity was false. All of this was foretold in such passages as Matthew 13:24—30 & explained in verses 36—40. Other passages that help us better understand the situation today are Acts 20:29, 30; 2 Thessalonians 2:3—12; 1 Timothy 4:1, 2; and many others.

But the truth is there, just as it was said that it would be. For example, Daniel said that “And the ones having insight will shine like the brightness of the expanse; and those who are bringing the many to righteousness, like the stars to time indefinite, even forever. And as for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.” — Daniel 12:3, 4; Matthew 13:43.

You stated that no two men have the truth.

No one has it perfectly, yet, but Jehovah’s Witnesses carefully consider ALL the Scriptures in order to both know what they teach and to help us to teach others. Under the guidance of the holy spirit, over time our study of the Scriptures brings us ever closer to the whole truth, because when we learn that we have not quite understood something properly, we are willing to correct our view and our teaching, to bring it more into harmony with Bible truth, rather than trying to make our belief fit the Bible.

By doing this Jehovah’s holy spirit works with us through his Organization in order to help us in our understanding of his purposes more fully. (Proverbs 4:18)

I hope this was helpful, but if you want further clarification please feel free to ask.


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