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Is Rando not aware that it is painfully obvious to the readers of this site that he writes most of his questions to himself?  He writes a "question" as if he were some other person and then replies to it.  Constantly.  Why pretend?

Good afternoon, Brother.  Thank you for inquiring at Allexperts.

You know, I have asked myself the same thing.  I mean, its obvious to anyone with even average intelligence, that he writes himself constantly.  Even his own "friends" know it, and evidently, they view writing yourself a question while trying to make people believe it is someone else, as "honest" and conduct becoming of a Christian.  Most people would simply call it "dishonest" or attempting to deceive.

I honestly don't think the guy has the brains to figure out how foolish he looks.  I actually think that he believes people don't see through his attempted deception, even though as you said, it is "painfully obvious".  There are so many things that give it away, you would think he would try to be more careful when doing it.  You don't know the number of times I can actually predict EXACTLY what he will post next, in response to something I said.  He has become so predictable, I just like to see how often I can get it right.  And I rarely miss.  

I would say that Rando writes 90+% of the questions to himself.  Some are so obvious, that there is no doubt.

And of course, there is today's jewel which enlightened us all about the "Nimrod tree"

His question total since joining Allexpert, stands at 2,470.  I would guarantee that of that amount, about 1,900+ have been written by him, to himself.  I have written a sizeable portion of the remaining ones, and also some from other JWs who don't care about their own honesty or reputation either.  Most of the ones where a Christian writes to him and shows his absurdity for what it is, do not ever make it to the forum.  I know this, because they generally get sent to me, after he cowardly rejects them.

You..."He writes a "question" as if he were some other person and then replies to it.  Constantly.  Why pretend?"

The simple answer to this question, is that he is so accustomed to lying and practicing deceit, that he simply doesn't even know how to tell the truth any more.  Practicing deception is second-nature to him.

But its more than that...I think it speaks of intense loneliness, and a desperate need to be the center of attention.  I have a Facebook friend who is the same way.  Poor girl, she absolutely cannot stand for a week to go by, that she doesn't post something just to get a compliment, or for someone to notice her.  She even fabricates stories that didn't even happen, just to get attention.  Much like Rando.  He posts things that only make him look ridiculous, because he wants to be recognized.  

I mean, most normal people would not do this.  Can you imagine how stupid I would feel, writing to MYSELF, and telling MYSELF how great, helpful, and Scripturally knowledgeable I am?  Do you know how ridiculous I would feel writing to, and calling MYSELF "Beloved Derrick" ??

Yes, about as ridiculous as Rando looks when he does it.  

But did you see the ridiculous question that he asked himself?  This one...

"And will any of the Baptist/Born Again/Pentecostal/Lutheran/Catholic Christians have the guts to call it Nimrod Tree?"

What a dumb question!  If anyone was using the tree for that pagan purpose, then that is what it would be.  If a person uses a tree for something else, then it is not a "Nimrod Tree".  Evidently this character doesn't understand that an object can be MANY things, depending on what you do with it.  

For example....A Baseball bat.

If I use it to play a game of baseball, its a vital and necessary tool for the game I'm playing.

If I beat someone to death with it, its a murder weapon.

If a ball player signs his autograph on it and hands it to me, its a souvenir.

If I'm freezing to death, its firewood.

The same with a tree....

If I cut it down and carve it into an idol and worship it, then its a false god.

If I climb up in it, its a vantage point.

If I make a tree house in it, its a fun day.

If I cut it up and shape it into a 2X4, its building material.

If I chop it down and split it, its winter heat.

If I cut it down and bring it into my house, its decoration.  And depending on HOW its decorated, and for what purpose, it can be either good or bad.

You know, Bro, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out that Rando thinks Jeremiah chapter 10, is talking about a Christmas tree...LOL.

Here's the thing....JWs simply are not consistent.  I was in my aunt's home years ago, and it was about this time of year, and she was wanting to discuss the "pagan" and "wicked" Christmas tree.  I happened to notice that, in her den, were house plants EVERYWHERE and even a small tree, in a decorative pot.  I asked her why THAT wasn't the same thing, since having any type of greenery in your home is such a wicked "sin", and has such ties to paganism.  Silence...Never had thought of that, since she was only spouting WT nonsense that she had been programmed to speak, anyway.

It has apparently never occurred to these people, that a Christmas tree is not evil in and of itself, nor is decorating it, nor is ANY specific day, regardless of what some pagans may or may not have done on that day.  This notion that decorating a tree is sinful because pagans did it, is ridiculous!  Pagans did A LOT of things that JWs have no problem doing today.  They seem to forget that a tree was a legitimate creation by God, and there is nothing wrong with admiring it, or enjoying it as a decoration.  Nor is a day automatically cursed, because pagans did something bad on that day.  

The Bible says "This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." .  I do believe this would apply to ANY day on the calendar.

And furthermore, they seem to think they have to convince everyone that celebrating pagan days and worshipping trees, is forbidden by God, as if we didn't already know that.  

Did you see this crazy comment, as well?  "It's a deception that members of Christendom fully accept by taking bribes with gifts.  They see no problem with bowing and getting on their knees doing an act of worship to it."

Sir, do you know ANYBODY that has ever bowed down to, and worshipped a Christmas tree?  Anyone?  Who but a crazy person, would even write something like that?

Also, did you catch his comment at the end of his "question"?  

"After all what does this pagan tree have to with Jesus Christ who hate lies?"

But if Rando really believes that Jesus Christ "hates lies", then....Why does he lie?  Isn't that the question of the day?

And actually, that is the real kicker....Someone who practices intentional lying ALL 12 months of the year, and not just at Christmas, telling us about "pagan practices" and things "Jesus hates".  Now, I have no doubt that Rando has been absolutely faithful, and not committed such an atrocity as to go see any Christmas lights.  I have no doubt that he has no role in a Christmas play...anywhere.  His "integrity" also, no doubt, has kept him from dropping even a dime in the Salvation Army bucket when he enters Wal Mart.  Why, I'll bet he doesn't even eat Snickerdoodle cookies during the entire month of December.  And I am quite certain that his "love for truth", has kept him from singing even one verse of "HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING".  

But the only thing...He's still a liar.  I wonder if he refrains from Christmas activities, if that will get him a free pass on the lying?  I wonder which Jehovah is more upset by....people giving gifts to their loved ones, or Rando's constant bald-faced lies?  

We know for a fact what the Bible says about lying....Good thing Rando doesn't like Christmas, though.

I could go on and on about the ridiculous nature of these "questions to self", but I'll end it for now.  Suffice it to say, you are proof that readers know full well that Rando is desperate in his deception, and is making a fool of himself.  He has nobody fooled, except himself, when he thinks nobody notices.

Thank you for writing with your observations, Sir.  God bless, and take care.  

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