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thank you hepburn for answering me not like that rando bloke that would not reply to the same question I asked you but you did not answer my question on your people being spies in world war 2 you said in your last reply that that your people were neutral but you were banned here because you were spying for the enemy so haw can you claim to be any different to the religions that you claim are causing problems

Hello Bob

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address this issue, and, sorry for not addressing this in the last answer as I had to do some research.

And yes it is true that  JW were  banned in Australia during WW2  partly  because  we were accused of being spies.  There is too much information on this topic to present all the facts and quotes so this is a very short overview.

For a period up to and during part of  WW2 here in Australia we  did have licenses to operate four  radio stations.  2 In south Australia 5KA    5AU  1 in New South Wales  2HD  and 1 in Queensland 4AT.  One of them in particular,  5KA, was accused of sending coded messages to a enemy submarines hiding of the coast given the times of departures of troop and supply ships

Misleading reports from overseas had filtered to Australia about what had taken place between the Watchtower Society of America and Germany in 1933.  Almost as soon as Hitler came to power the German JWs were singled out as a subversive group.  The Nazi regime was anti Jew, and the Nazi leaders were under the impression that the WTS was funded by the Jews in America.  Why did they think that? Because like so many other religious groups Bible prophecies about the restoration of Israel were believed to be literal.  The WTS had been pro Zionist.  After considering just how the Jews returned to their “homeland” under the Balfour declaration as compared to the way things happened in the Bible,  in 1932 in the second volume of the book Vindication  by the WTBTS president J. F Rutherford, it was perceived that the return of the Jews was not in fulfillment of Bible prophecy  -  "Jews [are] no longer important to God. … the Balfour Declaration, sponsored by the heathen governments of Satan's organization, came forth, recognized the Jews, and bestowed upon them great favors. The Jews have received more attention at their hands than they really deserved."  Vindication - Book II  (1932) pp.257,258  -

In Germany, the WTS was also accused of supporting England and America (who were against Hilter's regime) Meanwhile, in America, JWs were under pressure from the American Government for not joining the armed forces , saying the oath of allegiance, not saluting the flag and for their door to door activity. ...  Because of the pressure brought upon the JWs by Hitler's government, an open letter to all Germany was produced and over 2 million copies were distributed to the people of Germany as well as the high oficials.  In part this “Declaration of facts” said that the work of the WTBTS was not supported by the Jews nor was  the WTBTS “supporters” of the British or American governments (being neutral) nor did we support the  League of Nations (now the United Nations) because we understood  from Bible prophecy that the League of Nations was something detestable to God.

Because this letter to the German people, that was in an effort to stop the attacks on JWs, it was seen by other countries that The WTBTS (JWs) did not “support” the British or USA Government, the Australian government, and others, took it we were acting against them and for Germany.

Some points from the “Declaration of facts” that were misunderstood

Partial quotes

“....It is falsely charged by our enemies that we have received financial support for our work from the Jews. Nothing is farther from the truth. Up to this hour there never has been the slightest bit of money contributed to our work by Jews. We are the faithful followers of Christ Jesus and believe upon Him as the Savior of the world, whereas the Jews entirely reject Jesus Christ and emphatically deny that he is the Savior of the world sent of God for man’s good.

….. The language in our books or literature concerning the League of Nations has been seized upon as a reason for prohibiting our work and the distribution of our books [ in the USA]. Let us remind the government and the people of Germany that it was the League of Nations compact that laid upon the shoulders of the German people the great unjust and unbearable burdens

…...In America, Canada and other parts of the British Empire the political clergy, priests and Jesuits have persistently persecuted and continue to persecute those of our organization, and without just cause or excuse”

end partial quotes  (If you want to see all the details send me a private message and I will email it to you)

You can see, that in a time of war, that what was written there would seem as supporting the German regime.  The Declaration was presented to the German JWs on  June 25, 1933.  The day before, June 24 the JWs had officially been declared as an illegal organisation in Germany.  The day after, the German JWs began distributing the “Declaration of Facts” and that is when all the arrests started.   From 1933 to the end of Hitler’s rule, the JWs in Germany were a group that Hitler wanted exterminated.  It was not because of their nationality such as Jews or Gypsies it was because they chose not to support Hitler. It is said Hitler hated the JWs more that any other group because they made a conscientious choice not to be part of his ideology. In the concentration camps they wore a purple triangle on their arms. They were the only ones to have this color arm band. They were the only ones that had a choice to be in the concentration camps, they were free to leave the camps, if they signed a piece of paper denouncing their faith. No other prisoner was given that choice. In is interesting that  Catholic Priests in concentration camps wore red armbands. - Red armbands were for political prisoners.

To show how things in Australia were misunderstood one Melbourne news Paper the Argus of Friday 24 January 1941 reported this  quoting the then Federal Attorney General “ Their leader, Judge Rutherford, when here in 1938 said the Nazis would grab Australia as sure as the sun shone.  "In obedience to his will, young men of  Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to take the  oath or to do military service. They do nothing to help Australia, and so do all in their power to help the Nazis . Neutrals! These people cannot find  shelter under that flag." said Mr. Hughes. “

So even though many JWs were in concentration camps since 1935 and they were hunted in Germany, somehow the Australian Government thought that we were doing “all in their power to help the Nazis” .  We were doing nothing to help any countries war effort

I have not been able to find out how the rummer started that we were sending coded messages about troop ships to “the enemy” but that idea also caused much hysteria among the Australian people.  A number of Australian news papers reported the following

“'A few days ago, said Mr.Hughes, 'four of their radio stations were put off the air after the announcer of one of them had given information of the position of an Australian troopship — an act which might easily have led to fearful loss of life.”

After all the hype in the  couple of years leading up to the ban, on  15 July 1946  there was a very small article in a few news papers that said  “ The  Adelaide Company of Jehovah's Witnesses has been paid £1,950  by the Commonwealth us a result of a High Court action. About £950 was for lent loss during wrongful occupation of Kingdom Hall, and the remainder for costs. Tho action was brought when the ban was imposed in 1941. ln 1943, the High Court ruled that "Jehovah's Witnesses are not seditious or guilty of any seditious Enterprise ." All of their property was then restored .”  The licences to operate the radio stations were taken over by other people

It remains true today “Jehovah's Witnesses are not seditious or guilty of any seditious Enterprise ” as is the case of so many other religious organisations. So no the banning of JWs in various countries have nothing to do with the fall of Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion.

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