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Hi Bro.Grunbaum, thank you for your last reply. I will deeply meditate on what you wrote. Now when I had wrote to you about the 40 subject a while back,I wondered to myself if our Governing Body had the slightest idea of 1975+40 would be 2015 with all the scriptural possible reasons to be 2015 that the End would likely come about. I wasnt too sure back then when I  figured this out,BUT when I saw our 2013 Daily Text,on the FORWARD part of the Booklet,I became more convince about it that our GB does and already probably ever figured this out before alot of us came up with it.Heres what our Governing Body put,"There was a feeling of excitement in the air!Finally,after 40 years of wandering through a succession of wilderness areas,the Israelites were GETTING READY TO ENTER THE LAND THAT JEHOVAH HAD PROMISED their forefather Abraham." "There must also have been  some feeling of fear and anxiety.Why? Because 40years earlier,when under the leadership of Moses,the previous generation of Israelites had been in the same situation and had refused to enter the Promised Land." Then our GB close to the end of the next page says this, "DO YOU SEE ANY PARALLELS BETWEEN THE SITUATION OF THE ISRAELITES BACK THEN AND THAT OF JEHOVAH'S PEOPLE TODAY? WE TOO ARE POISED TO ENTER A LAND THAT JEHOVAH HAS PROMISED--A NEW WORLD WHERE "righteousness is to dwell."(2Pet.3:13) End of quote. I have no doubt our Faithful and Discreet slave has been led already by Jehovahs Holy Spirit regarding the 40 issue.Why not when you think about it,afterall our GB are the ones who Jehovah has chosen to use. Your thoughts Brother ,Agape

If you been following this 40 pattern thing it was mentioned that the 24 elders in heaven in Revelation telling John on earth about the great crowd that meant they are revealing dates,so yes the GB knows about the 40 year pattern and has put two and two together,in fact the Watchtower commented on if it has prophetic meaning already.

If you look at some of the comments they were using the 40 year pattern in the 1800s,for example they said Zions Watchtower for 40 years were pointing to 1914,thats one main reason why they thought it was the end of this system.

They eluded to it indirectly in 1976 when they said time had to be added to when Eve was created as she was created after Adam ,if they would have mentioned this 40 year prophetic pattern and how it could possibly coincide with how long Adam was alone think how that could have affected some who were 70 or 80 knowing they wouldn't be alive in 2015.

There was no reason to mention it as it was far off in future but its become apparent this is being looked at by sharp witness minds as this is it.

So now is the time to get a second wind in this race as the finish line is in sight

Agape' brother Steve

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