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QUESTION: Dear Brenton,

We brought some important statements and question the the Organization of God in Brooklyn , however they never answered or refused to give an answer. For me strange , when you are the Organization of God and we are the members then the Organization should give an answer and confirm at least that they receive the Letter , like nearly all "normal" Governments do.

So then I ask the EXPERTS of this Highly Professional website .

Questions and statements :

01)  Should it be reasonable that before Armageddon is a "Last Farming " who collect the seeds ( Ezekiel 4 : 9 )Like Jesus foretold that it shall be like in the day's of Noah ...and Noah was the last farmer and even first after Deluge.

01A ) How people can come from the Soil when the soils are not in condition like in the time of Adam ?.....

02)  Why we are slaughterer animals for meat production in Brooklyn , is that a good example for children who come there? Jesus never offer meat , only fish .

03)  Where is the " Tree of Life" today ?

04 ) Noah landed near the old Paradise and the dove picked a leave from the " Tree of Life"  ? We believe that and know where is was even.

05) Paradise shall never restored without know ledge of Agriculture that true ?

06) Paradise started from one place like Eden  again and where it should started ?

07) From all kitchen waste you can make a compost

Last question ;   True Worship show True Agriculture today ?
Why JW and  Organization can not make a Farm on the level to give Glory to Jehovah God ? Have they no know ledge ?

Such questions we gave to our Organization and tried to help them, no answer from them.

Brother W.A. van der Weide ( Netherlands )

ANSWER: Hello Willibrordus,

Thank you for your questions.   They are subjects that  I have never  before pondered.

As to why you have not revived an answer from Bethel, I have no idea, and I agree with you that it is only polite and shows respect for a letter to be acknowledged even if they do not know how to answer you.

I must say that your questions are most interesting.  Please take note.  This site id not a professional site (professional indicates payment, and no one here gets paid, it also indicates higher learning, and no one here has higher learning, just experience)

Now because I have never considered such things I can not give  not authoritative answers but I will give you my thoughts and please note these are my thought only

Q1) Should it be reasonable that before Armageddon is a "Last Farming " who collect the seeds ( Ezekiel 4 : 9 )Like Jesus foretold that it shall be like in the day's of Noah ...and Noah was the last farmer and even first after Deluge.

My Thoughts
Looking at Ezekiel, I do not see that as a collecting of seeds for a future use.  When Ezekiel gathered was for him to eat during the 390 days that he lay on his side prophetically illustrated the siege against Jerusalem. This is shown in 4:16, 17 “ and it will be by measure and in horror that they will drink water itself, 17 to the intent that they may be lacking bread and water and they may look astonished at one another and rot away in their error.”

The type of seeds he was to collect and eat was to picture the famine that the nation would have to endure.   Ezekiel 4:10 tells us he was allowed to eat  “twenty shekels a day. From time to time you will eat it..”  A shekel by weight is approximately 11.4 g  so 20 shekels would be 228 grams of food per meal.  Those that were to survive the siege were not asked to collect those seeds. Just Ezekiel. It is not a reference to collection seeds for a future planting.

Yes Jesus used the days of Noah to show that there would be a similarity between the every day activities of the people, of eating and drinking and marrying and their not taking any warning of the coming destruction. It's an interesting idea connection what Noah had to do in collecting food and collecting food (seeds etc.) to be planted after Armageddon.  I see a difference though.  In the days if Noah, Jehovah was to bring destruction on “all the earth” that included the food and animals.  That is why Noah had to collect food and animals and build an Ark..  Armageddon is a destruction against ungodly mankind ONLY . There is no command to collect food stuffs as Noah was commanded to do. The days of trouble will be great and this the warning that applied to Jerusalem's destruction in 70 c.e. Stands as a warning to day  (Luke 21:23 “Woe to the pregnant women and the ones suckling a baby in those days! For there will be great necessity upon the land and wrath on this people”).  

Q1A ) How people can come from the Soil when the soils are not in condition like in the time of Adam ?.....

My Thoughts

I am not sure as to what you are asking, but I will assume you are referring to the resurrection.
Personally, I see no problem with Jehovah being able to resurrect the dead.  HE is doing it and not us.  WE humans are not having to raise the dead.  The very name of God indicates that he will be able to do whatever is necessary to raise the dead.  (Jehovah means  'I will become what I will become”  or “I will be what I will be”  meaning he has the ability to become what ever is needed to accomplish his own will)

Q2) Why we are slaughterer animals for meat production in Brooklyn , is that a good example for children who come there? Jesus never offer meat , only fish .

My Thoughts

Why did Jesus offer fish? Well they were in a community that had a strong fishing industry.  The available food at the time when Jesus fed the multitudes on those two occasions was fish and “bread”.  Jesus used what was on hand.  There is nothing scripturally wrong with eating meat After the flood Noah was told “Every moving animal that is alive may serve as food for YOU” (Gen 9:3 ).  the only stipulation that applied to Noah and to us to day is eating of meat that has not been bled “Only flesh with its soul—its blood—YOU must not eat”  (Gen 9:3 see also Acts 15:20 )  To serve meat at the Bethel homes (or any other home) does not go against Biblical requirements.

Q3) Where is the " Tree of Life" today ?

My Thoughts

When Adam and Eve were exiled form Eden Angels “guards” stopped them of their offspring from eating of the “tree of life”.  How long they were there the Bible does not say.  So there are three options we could speculate on.  The tree eventually died a natural death (as many fruit trees do) Jehovah removed it as the population grew, or it was destroyed at the time of the flood.  No one knows as the Bible makes no comment on it.  IF it had remained after the flood there would still be angelic guards stopping mankind from partaking of it.  So my assumption is that at some time before or up to the time of the flood the original tree of life ceased to exist.  

Q4 ) Noah landed near the old Paradise and the dove picked a leave from the " Tree of Life"   ? We believe that and know where is was even.

My Thoughts

I am not sure as to why you have that conclusion.  Th Bible gives no clear indication as to where the garden of Eden was located except that there were 4 rivers nearby and we know of only two that existed after the flood that of The Euphrates  and the Tigris. The other two rivers, the Pishon and the Gihon,  are unidentified.     In Genesis 2:8 we note that the garden was in the eastern part of the area known as Eden  “And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden;” (KJV)  The Ark came to rest on Mount Arrant in Turkey. Where that is in relation to Eden no one knows. The dove returned with an olive leaf we are told in Genesis 8:11 . and not from the  " Tree of Life" .  I would be interested in your research that allows you to come to those conclusions.

G5) Paradise shall never restored without know ledge of Agriculture that true ?

My Thoughts

In theory yes I agreer with you that knowledge of agriculture is a very important step in establishing “Paradise” .  Personally I do not see all the earth as a picturesque garden as is used for illustration purposes only in the WTBTS publications.  The word garden as used in Genesis 2:8 literally means a place of plants – usually and enclosed or fenced area... the word Eden means pleasure.  Putting the two together it would seem that where Adam and Eve were was a “garden of pleasure”.   Today a  “garden of pleasure” depends on a persons point of view and or context and or geographic location.  In the tropics a “garden of pleasure” looks quite different from a mild weather area. A well thought out vegetable garden can be a pleasure  just as a garden of cacti in its own way can be as pleasant as a rose garden.   The diversity of ecology demands different approaches to different geographical locations.

Even in today’s world we mankind grows more food than is needed to feed the current population. (man's greed and bad management stops the even distribution of food)  

G6) Paradise started from one place like Eden   again and where it should started ?

My Thoughts

The “paradise” started in one place because there was only one pair of humans.  Will it start from there again?  Possibly.  But I think unlikely.  After Armageddon mankind will be not be limited to one location.  Mankind will still be in every “corner” of the earth.  To me it would make sense for “paradise” to start wherever mankind is.  How much work mankind will do is unknown.  Revelation 21:5 tells us Jehovah is “making all things new”.  This suggests that God will have a major roll in re-establish “paradise”  - to what ever “paradise”might mean.

Q7) From all kitchen waste you can make a compost

My Thoughts
Yes  I agree with that.  My family has been doing that for many years.  We use compost worms to turn food scraps in usable soil for the garden

Last question ;     True Worship show True Agriculture today ?
Why JW and   Organization can not make a Farm on the level to give Glory to Jehovah God ? Have they no know ledge ?

My Thoughts

I do not know what farm practices the WTS uses on their farms.  Here in Australia when they built the new facilities in the 1980s they did so on their farm.  That farm produced all the fresh fruit and vegetables that the facility used as well as milk and meat.  I know on the Australian site they treat their own waste and irrigate the land with it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your "thoughts" !

Your wrote " Where that is in relation to Eden no one knows " . Why this conclusion brother ? Is it not possible to know it when we really want to know it from Jehovah God ?

Further :
That we not become answers seems that the Organization of Jehovah God ( i am a member ) not have the know ledge or have other issues on the head now. In 2011 we received a letter from Bethel to "stop"(advise) with the website , we refused. Because our website is not against the True Worship , Organization , Bible Principles and we give  our deeply love to Jehovah God in Agriculture.. Further there was no single research or investigation "why" we make this website, it makes us very worry, very phlegmatic it looks and not professional.We gave reasonable deeply questions and no body answer me, then we do it.

Further we believe that the "Tree of Life" is still there , why Jehovah should destroy His creation and key issues , "Tree of Life" can never the "Tree of Dead". The location we know , Eden , where Noah landed. Noah NOT landed on the mountain Ararat but in the Region Urartu . In the Bible is not mention that he landed on the Mountain Ararat, but "mountains" of....that is a big different brother. We not go to explain where it is because we feel more opposition in this Mission then support around us. However the Dove took a leave from the "Tree of Life" so you could think deeper now ( Math 11 : 25 ).This year we hope to go in the area with navigation and fully courage , it is quite dangerous even there ( was before near there ). In 2010 was in the University of Erzurum ( East Turkey ) and find some very interested conclusions to make , the change of in climate by the Deluge and soil change situation before and after.

Ezekiel 4 : 9 means the 6 mean sort seeds what we need for Agriculture , the rest of the story is not interested for me there. Exodus 23 : 10,11 rotation crops .Noah collected them of course ( seeds ) , even it is not mention in the Bible, but our Organization never wrote about that Noah was the "last farmer" and the "first farmer " with exact the same goal as Adam. So we believe that there shall be even now a "last farmer " , logical or not ?? Jesus mention that....

By myself come to many conferences in Sustainable agriculture even in Iran , Turkey or other countries. We was the only in 2008 on BIOFACH who gave the Glory to Jehovah  ( 1 Kor. 10 : 31 ). In a Islam Conference could make the Public Talk direct from the Bible and it was great, people was very interesting and nice. Just Do It !

MEAT to eat , but.......
Further "meat" is allowed , yes , but it is an bad example when you kill direct on our place animals who could live 40 years and now only 3. Jesus never eat meat and so even in the New World we never go to eat meat , then only fish of-course, fruits , grains , vegetables. For example Potatoes was not a food but a feed for animals , now we eat it to. We should be reasonable and not go to kill animals today at our places. For me it is not serious.

For deeply things and secrets we not need to be "scared and phlegmatic" , Charles Taze Russel "digger" out in his time , we do today "digger" out.The Organization make a Big Work , very impressive ! however in Agriculture they failed till today and opposed me even.

About Resurrection it is written in Isaiah 26 : 19 , we not come from the Soil when the Soil has not the condit(ion)like in the time of Adam with 83 elements and 13% humus. It is not professional to tell people on the university level that God sold this for us....It is even not professional that we have no answer,then we do it.We show the Paradise pictures but do not know "how" and "when" .Daniel 12 : 9 . When people stand up from the dead the situation must be there in all condition that they not go to died "Food is Fuel"

Ok Dear Brother , please show me in your country some Faith full brothers and sisters who like to "digger" out so we can help our brothers in Brooklyn, all of us has this responsibility and we not go to Sleep !! AWAKE . The "last farming " shall be done even when we felt so many opposition, nobody show the True Agriculture today so we started this Mission and would like to welcome the Master of Productive Land , Jesus Christ with the most good soil and harvest.

We thank you for your "thoughts" , you tried it, so you show courage my brother.

Willibrordus Augustinus van der Weide
Chairman Association New World Agriculture
Located in the Republic of Georgia

Hello again Willibrordus,

Thank you for your reply.  Australia is particularly interested in sustainable agriculture. The sate where I live is known as the driest state on the driest (inhabited) continent. Our farmers have developed a lot of technology in farming the arid lands of this state. In my state our universities have campuses just to teach farming practice and for developing better ways of agriculture
The main scientific body here is called the CSIRO  their web site is  You may want to contact them

Off hand I do not personally know any farmers, but I do know that there are some JW Wheat Farmers several hundred Kms from whee I live.

I have had a very quick look at your web site.  I want to have time to read it in detail.  The first thing that took my interest was the subject “Soil Electricity”.  That is because I an interested in alternative energy and have read about experiments of the earth being used as a battery to store and retrieve electricity, and of experiments of harvesting electricity from the air around us with the right sort of areal and a simple circuit.  As yet I have not tried any of these experiments due to lack of money.

You asked

Your wrote " Where that is in relation to Eden no one knows " . Why this conclusion brother ? Is it not possible to know it when we really want to know it from Jehovah God ? 

I personally feel that all that Jehovah wants us to know about the Ark and Eden is already in the Bible.  Of the ”garden”  where Adam and Eve were created the Bible does give some indication of the location as it was before the flood  We are told there were 4 rivers nearby only 2 are known The Euphrates  and the Tigris  the other two rivers named are not known (clearly defined) the Pishon and the Gihon.  

HOWEVER in doing some reading since the other day I found a reference  in “The American Tract Society Bible Dictionary – Electronic edition”  to 2 different geographical areas  that some believe may the region.  Note the authors last sentence.
I quote
Such a region exists in the high lands of Armenia, west of Mount Ararat and 5,000 feet above the sea. Here, within a circle but a few miles in diameter, four large rivers rise: the Euphrates, and Tigris, or Hiddekel, flowing south into the Persian Gulf; the Araxes, flowing northeast into the Caspian Sea; and the Phasis, or the Halys, flowing northwest into the Black Sea. This fourth river may have been the Pishon of Eden; and the Araxes may well be the Gihon, since both words mean the same, and describe its dart-like swiftness. This elevated country, still beautiful and fertile, may have been the land of Eden; and in its choicest portion, towards the east, the garden may once have smiled.

Another location of Eden is now preferred by many interpreters-near the spot where the Euphrates and Tigris from a junction after their long wanderings, a hundred and twenty miles north of the Persian gulf, and where the river Ulai flows in from the northeast. This region may have been greatly changed by the lapse of many thousand years, and may now bear little resemblance to the luxuriant and beautiful plain of primeval times. Yet long after the flood the plain of Shinar in the same region attracted the admiration of the sons of Cush, # Ge 10:8-10; 11:2. As two of the rivers of Eden bear the familiar names of the Euphrates and Tigris, it seems probable that it was in one or the other of the regions above named . Wherever it was, it is there no more since the fall and the curse. The first chapters of the Bible show Paradise withdrawn from man’s view, and no pilgrimage can discover it upon earth . “

end quote

Eastern's revised Bible Dictionary gives the following location


It has been placed in Armenia, in the region west of the Caspian Sea, in Media, near Damascus, in Palestine, in Southern Arabia, and in Babylonia. The site must undoubtedly be sought for somewhere along the course of the great streams the Tigris and the Euphrates of Western Asia, in "the land of Shinar" or Babylonia. The region from about lat. 33 degrees 30 to lat. 31 degrees, which is a very rich and fertile tract, has been by the most competent authorities agreed on as the probable site of Eden. "It is a region where streams abound, where they divide and re-unite, where alone in the Mesopotamian tract can be found the phenomenon of a single river parting into four arms, each of which is or has been a river of consequence."
end quote

Genesis 8:4 tells us the Ark came to rest on <b<Mount Ararat</b>.   It is true that Ararat  is province in the centre of Armenia, between the river Araxes and the lakes Van and Ooroomiah. (2Ki 19:37; Isa 37:38), and sometimes used to denote the whole country, (Jer 51:27).  But the Bible says Mount Ararat.

So as far as I see it, there is no way of being 100% certain that the Ark landed any where near the “garden”.   However I would be very interested in knowing why you are so sure.

The Bible tells us that the dove returned with an olive leaf,  so, why do you feel sure that the leaf was from the “tree of life”?

As far as the resurrection goes, personally I do not see it starting fro some time after Armageddon.  The Bible is quiet on such  details when and how the resurrection will occur, how the earth will be cleared after Armageddon, and how the earth will be restored.  How much work mankind will  have to do is unknown.  What I do know , is what John records at Revelation 21:5 where he records Jehovah saying he is “making all things new”.   This suggests  to me   that God will have a major roll in re-establish “paradise” - to what ever “paradise”might mean.  In the mean time Jesus gives us the warning to keep on the watch for 2 things, 1) The crafty acts of Satan and 2) that Jesus coming as executioner will be as a thief – we do not know when – so keep spiritually awake  

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