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Hello Bro. Grunbaum, I was just looking over the last ediot try to make a point with you about Bro. Russels pyramid teaching, thinking it makes difference to our JWs today. They will never get the point that or see the THINGS UNSEEN that Jesus the head of the congregation was cleaning the FILTHYNESS out of IT for a period 40yrs. Just like from 1925-1928/29 for a period of 40 months if we take a closer look. Its nice to realize how Jesus stumbled the people of his day ON PUREPOSE with a teaching they could not understand or get the meaning of,for the sake of CLEANING OUT THE FILTHY ONES.But today our Governing Body(Faithful and Disceet Slave) has been cleaning out the organezation BY ACCIDENT, not realizing it, that JESUS is the one who really is doing it. Now looking at all the things and old teachings we CLEANED OUT,such as the teaching of the PYRAMID,TRINITY,HELL,IMMORTAL SOUL,RAPTURE,PREDISTINATION,SABBATH,CHRISTMAS,EASTER, NEW YEARS EVE,PUGATORY,BETH SARIM,and you name it! Man are u just so happy to know that our JW organization cleaned out all that filth!!!! LOL!  Hey its very funny how the churches of Christendom STAY SO FILTHY EVER SINCE UP TO NOW with many of these TEACHINGS,AND BELIEFS!!! Can you say UUUHHG DISCUSTING  and filthy STILL???!!!!!! Lol!! Have a good day brother Grunbaum!

Hello again brother Steve and welcome Agape' and love to you and your family.

Its crazy to dig up books from the 20s and attack me with inches being off,it shows how desperate our resident Cult Expert Johan is .

I mean he's been reduced  to  scratching and clawing for inches,how dumb is this.
What do I care how many inches is in the Kings chamber in a pyramid half the world away.

I guess he thought I would defend Prince Russell ,I let him know it was stupid and dumb with this study but I made it clear why.

They are attacking 99 year old teachings and why our Princes drove large  or lived large simply because they have nothing else.

I have no problem with BETH SARIM and I can see why it was believed using the poor King James
to study and interpret scripture.

Your brother  Grünbaum

Jehovah`s Witness

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